The Real Reason Hillary Clinton Killed Gaddafi


Hillary Clinton on Gaddafi: “We came, we saw, he died.” Brother Leader Gaddafi was a close friend and ally of Nelson Mandela.

It’s unfortunate that a former United States government official and president(Hillary & Obama) in particular are actually EVIL,CONNIVING, and DISGUSTING people. They have no RESPECT for countries that want to be independent and sovereign, including their own. They have no respect for HUMAN LIFE, and have INSULTED me and every fellow American citizen who trusted them. They are so arrogant they continue to show their ugly face in public believing they won’t be punished for their many CRIMES and ATROCITIES. If man won’t punish them GOD will. Don’t assume all Americans are BAD because of a few “EVIL” ones. I’ts VERY OFFENSIVE. America is a diverse country made up of many ethnic groups, cultures, and religions. We don’t all agree with every elected official’s policies and we have the freedom and the right to express our disapproval without fear of retribution. That’s the beauty of America and just one of the reasons the United States is loved and hated by many. People from all over the world risk their lives to come here for the opportunity to make a better life. Make no mistake, the United States is not perfect and isn’t an angel. However, I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN AND I LOVE MY COUNTRY. I sincerely hope that all who see this video wake up to the awful terrible truth. It takes courage and moral decency to call out evil and wrong doing no matter who or where it goes on. Stay strong and pray for your country and the world.

Zuma Master Class in Military Strategy


The following makes very interesting reading, read, understand and pass it on South Africans need to wake up. This is a good description of what is happening right in front of our eyes…

Zuma’s master class in military strategy via MyNews24

People don’t realise this but Zuma is a master military strategist who has been responsible for intelligence in Umkhonto we Sizwe for a long time. He has essentially used basic military strategy to firstly be elected as President and secondly to wage and win the war in Parliament in spite of a robust constitution and judiciary.

Jacob Zumu umkhonto we sizwe


  1. Propaganda (using populism) – eg get groundswell support of uneducated mass to give a voter base
  2. Diversion (using deception) – eg Nenegate was to test market sentiment and institutional response / acknowledgment to pay Nkandla
  3. Scorched Earth (looting, breaking down state machinery, state capture) – eg policy to support looting, placing own people in power and using treasury for own gain

In this latest action, Zuma has implemented phase 1 of his scorched earth tactic.

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‘Senzeni Na?’ – Treasury staff sing as Pravin Gordhan arrive for final meeting


What have we done?”– Treasury staff burst into song as Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan and his deputy arrived for their final meeting after the Cabinet reshuffle.

“Senzeni Na?” (also spelled Senzenina, English: What Have We Done?) is a South African anti‐apartheid folk song. The Xhosa/Zulu language song is commonly sung at funerals, demonstrations and in churches. Activist Duma Ndlovu compared the influence of “Senzeni Na?” to that of the American protest song, “We Shall Overcome.”

The song has been around at least since the 1950s, and it reached the height of its popularity during the 1980s. The origins of the song are unclear. Zimbabwean poet Albert Nyathi claims to have written “Senzeni Na?” on the day that activist Chris Hani died. However, Nyathi’s “Senzeni Na?” uses a different melody and altered lyrics. Either way, Hani was assassinated on April 10, 1993, by which time the song had already been sung for decades.

Face to Face with Thabo Mbeki


In 2014 Peter Bruce, editor in Chief of Financial Mail magazine and Business Day newspaper, in South Africa sat down with former president Thabo Mbeki. He completed a Masters degree in economics at Sussex University in 1966 and was the 2nd democratically elected president after Nelson Mandela.

Here’s some comments from Youtube users:

Trevor CaptainEvo Mathebula, “President Mbeki was and still is an economist. Listening to him was very insightful and held a lot of answers to some of the things that were happening at some point and are still happening on some level in this country, South Africa is still being Looted and not only by Government. If you listened carefully to what this man said at 51:51-End. He said some real shit in that piece and that’s what people should be talking about because its still happening today on a Massive scale because we never resolved that question the last time it came up. South Africa has been bled dry an its not just the government that was doing it. South Africa wasn’t just looted of its resources and money but also of its peoples dignity. And Everyone was in on it, its like when they realized looting was already happening and still continues and there’s nothing they can do about it so they all went about doing what they had too to get a step ahead cause the deal they got was so raw to start with, hence why youths are still having to fight for free education. But even when times are at their worst, their’s always a fat cat eating… Everywhere, every country has them. They all have their own swing or agenda and sometimes you never know who’s riding the wave, but when Zuma and his “cronies” do it, oh that’s the perfect distraction, the people eat it up, its all they can talk about, till everyone agrees Zuma must fall, funny enough lol but serious shit, shit like what Mbeki Just dropped. Everyday I see the whole nation distracted by this mirage that sometimes takes a very dramatic turn, even with real life fatalities as collateral while all the while there’s always something just a little deeper, but the masses just move right past it.”

Hans Franz, “The fact that someone like Zuma could become more popular than Mbeki actually tells alot about the “political-literacy” of the South African electorate. Not saying that Mbeki is perfect in any sense, but he seems so much more reasonable and knowledgeable than Zuma. Still, people preferred the rather simpleminded and populist style of Zuma. So they should not be surprised about the current state of the nation.

Thabo Mbeki becomes new UNISA Chancellor


Mr Thabo Mvuyelwa Mbeki was born on June 18, 1942 in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. He joined the ANC Youth League in 1956 at the age of 13 and left South Africa for exile in 1962.

Mr. Mbeki read Economics at Sussex University in England up to masters’ level. He has been a member of the ANC National Executive Committee (NEC) since 1975.

He was appointed Deputy President of South Africa in 1994 and twice elected President in 1999 and 2004.

On September 23, 2008, Mr. Mbeki resigned as President of South Africa after being asked to do so by the ANC NEC.

He is currently Chair of the AU High Level Implementation Panel for Sudan which is assisting the democratisation process in Sudan and the AU-UN High Level Panel on Illicit Financial Outflows from Africa.

Mr Mbeki has previously facilitated peace negotiations in various African countries, including Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Burundi, the Comoros, Côte d’Ivoire and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

He is the patron of the Thabo Mbeki Foundation and Thabo Mbeki African Leadership Institute in partnership with the University of South Africa. Mr. Mbeki is married to Mrs. Zanele Mbeki.

Unisa will officially conduct the inauguration of Mr Mbeki as the newly-appointed chancellor of the university on Monday 27 February 2017.

source: UNISA

Premier Supra Mahumapelo Visits Credo Mutwa in Kuruman


The Premier of the North West Province Supra Mahumapelo will today, Tuesday 5 July at 14h00 pay a special visit to Mr Credo Mutwa, a well-known traditional healer, story teller and author of cultural books.

Credo Mutwa Lotlamoreng DamCentral to Premier Mahumapelo’s engagement with Mutwa will be to look at the possibility of persuading him to come back to Lotlamoreng Dam in Mahikeng, where he used to stay.

This visit is viewed as part of the Provincial Leadership’s continuous effort to strengthen relations with key stakeholders such as the elderly, churches, traditional leaders and healers, this in the context of the Reconciliation, Healing and Renewal programme as well as the Saamtrek Saamwerk philosophy.

Issued by: North West Office of the Premier, South Africa

Brenda Fassie vs Madonna


Brenda Fassie vs MadonnaInterviewer: “So Brenda, I hear that you are the Madonna of the townships.”

Brenda Fassie: “No, no, no sweety, Madonna is the Brenda of America…” ????

Be inspired, give peace and share your smile with everyone. Have a nice weekend! Long live the spirit of Brenda Fassie, long live!

source: Neo Ntsoma, photographer

Brenda Nokuzola Fassie was born in 1964 in Langa, a township near Cape Town. She was named after the American country singer Brenda Lee. The daughter of a pianist, Brenda began singing to her mother’s accompaniment at a very young age, and already at the age of five, she had tourists paying to hear her sing. She already had her first band at this stage, the Tiny Tots. When she was about 16 years old, renowned producer Koloi Lebona came from Johannesburg to visit the Fassie’s Langa home after a number of Cape Town musicians had told him about Brenda. Lebona confirmed their high regard for the young Brenda, saying that her voice was very mature for her age and was ‘the voice of the future.’

Read her full bio on South African History website here

Brenda Fassie on Wikipedia:

Brenda Nokuzola Fassie (3 November 1964 – 9 May 2004) was a South African anti-apartheid Afropop singer. Affectionately called MaBrrr by her fans, she was sometimes described as the “Queen of African Pop” or the “Madonna of The Townships” or simply as The Black Madonna. Her bold stage antics earned a reputation for “outrageousness”. More on Wikipedia…

Why Black Millionaires are never pro-Black


This is a scene from the 1972 Film, Trick Baby, based on a novel of the same name written by Iceberg Slim. It is one of the most pertinent movie scenes you will ever watch, explaining exactly why Black Millionaires are never Pro-Black 99.9% of the time.

The character who is a liberal, explains to the conservative man why it is important for white supremacy to take the cream of the crop of blacks and give them access to the white world. Because leaving the brilliant blacks in the ghetto will cause them to lead uprisings against white supremacy and revolt; however when they are given access to white supremacy’s nectar, they turn their backs against their people, who in turn also hate them as sellouts, and the differences don’t reconcile. These blacks effectively become white in everything but their skin colour, they are manifestations of Fanon’s diagnosis in Black Skins, White Masks of what happens to a Negro when he comes into contact with white supremacy. In so doing, black millionaires affirm that the system works, and all the other blacks are lazy. So what black millionaires then become preoccupied with is doing everything to emulate whiteness, in all that they do; effectively amputated from the reality of their people.


CODESA was the invitation of intelligent blacks, as viewed by the system, to the white round table; offering them a stake in white supremacy and in exchange the blacks had to curtail the mass emancipation project that threatened to topple their hegemonic power.

Things that came out of CODESA were things like BEE – first conceptualised by Sanlam through its now defunct industrial division called Sankor – was set up by white monopoly capital to bring a few black individuals with political clout as a buffering class that protects the interests of big business in exchange for marginal assets of big business as BEE partners. Overnight we had multimillionaires and billionaires who were beneficiaries of BEE, but in contrast the nervous conditions in which blacks live in deteriorated even further, the gap between white and black in per capita spend, household income, individual income continued to widen. We had blacks whose millionaire and billionaire status was aesthetic, and they were just a bargaining chip of big business to say there are beneficiaries to “transformation” (a loose, misleading term that should be replaced with decolonisation), effectively safeguarding their interests from repression. Take how Lonmin protected itself by Co-opting Cyril Ramaphosa, making Shanduka-owned Incwala Resources their BEE partner. Lonmin effectively bought stake by giving them £200 million (approx. R4 billion today) as a loan for acquiring 9% equity. Incwala Resources got a pay check of R80 million per annum, and that was the only transaction in their books, no expense, no nothing.

Most of our black wealthy individuals are in mining, serving as board members of white capital companies and benefiting from government tenders. No other industry has been apprehended and dominated by them, except as part of co-option through BEE partnership. Therein lies the flaw because white supremacy creates billionaires who advance agendas of the whole group, not ornaments. Nathan Rothschild funded Cecil John Rhodes to create De Beers and conquer Africa for British imperialism, Cecil John Rhodes brought Ernest Oppenheimer, succeeded by his son Harry, and Nicky the grandson, and multiple millionaires and billionaires who spawned off the hands of the mining industry held by Anglo American. We can draw parallels with how the Afrikaner Broerdebond also amassed untold wealth and power by this transfer of wealth. Today we have a squad of billionaires from Stellenbosch called the Mafia, with hands in about every industry and listed in European stock exchanges; and plenty millionaires under them. The question we should now ask is how many other billionaires and millionaires have our billionaires created, how many black industries have they spawned off? How the millionaires in our midst empowering young brains who have the ideas but not the money? A model silicon valley is based on actually – a partnership between fresh ideas and big money to make more big money (and control through monopoly).

Group economics is everything, every nation that has succeeded in anything has practiced group economics. How many of your own people does every Rand empower before it leaves the Ccommunity. You can speak all the political terminology you want, it boils down to this at the end of the day – land and economic power.

source: Yamkela Fortune Spengane

Brands vs Plants


I didn’t that I don’t know anything about plants until I saw this picture! The few plants I know, I know them in my mother tongue but compounded by the fact that I spend a lot of time speaking in English that means my kids won’t know even those few plants I know in my mother tongue as well.
Brands vs Plants

(Lomunye utobuta kutsi uligedla yini uze ufune kwati ngetihlahla nemitsi)

And/but that’s how a language dies and that’s how a nation dies.

Hash tag, there are only about 3 million Swati speakers in the world of over 7 Billion people!

Nothing good about Apartheid in South Africa


by Bobby Shabangu

There was absolutely nothing good about the apartheid system in South Africa at all.

I’m sitting here listening to a conversation between these old folks having apartheid nostalgia, praising the apartheid system for providing job opportunities to everyone. And literally arresting you if you are found to be not employed.

I’m sitting here thinking these old people are talking complete rubbish. Don’t they know that we, the younger generation read, and we have other old emancipated uncles who tell us detailed accounts of what was going on there.

I’m sitting here thinking, when are they going to mention that these jobs paid pittance! or that black people were not even allowed to study and do descent jobs like Engineering, Medicine, Aviation etc.

I’m sitting here thinking and anticipating if they will ever mention that before the National(ist) Party ( which I believe is known as DA these days, but that’s a topic for another day) gave you that degrading job, they had to humiliate you by stripping you naked. And as if you are a prisoner in your own country ( which you were), you had to squat and expose your genitalia to some fat white guy sitting behind a desk with a round face looking like an owl.

That owl would pull and fiddle with your penis, turn it around then look at you and say “it’s fine you are fit to work”. He probably used the same hand gloves to perform this sexual harassment on thousands of men desperate for menial jobs to support their families.

All this happened in corner Delvers and Albert str until the mid 80’s. That’s why I don’t use Delvers or Albert street anymore.

I’m sitting here thinking, all of a sudden these old people have amnesia, they have forgotten about what took place in the “Good old days of apartheid”.

God forbids, I didn’t live at that time, I would have been one of those killed and my body not found.

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