South Africa…Witchcraft suppression – please speak up

To all South African Family and Friends of Africa! This posting is a little late but I’m publishing this information anyway to raise awareness on this issue…Ramon Thomas, webmaster

I do not usually send out petitions but in this case I am sure you will forgive the intrusion:

Mpumalanga are in the process of drafting a Witchcraft suppression bill which will make the practice or admission of witchcraft a criminal act in Mpumalanga !!- you might think it is not your province or not your problem! BUT if Mpumalanga do it, they open the doorway for other provinces to do the same! They also open the doors for innocent people to be incriminated and even killed by mass trial/mobs.

This affects ALL traditional Crafts and most Importantly the SANGOMA’S.

What you can do to help:

The deadline for objections is 13 July so please do not delay. We need all Pagans or persons practising Traditional Crafts (Sangomas) OR who identify themselves as ‘Witches’ (or even those who don’t) to lodge PERSONAL objections against the bill. No group petitions PLEASE. We want a large quantity of individual mail being submitted against the drafting of the bill!

This Bill is in direct contravention with the South African Constitution and Bill of Rights , which allow religious freedom to ALL!!

We need to get as many objections as possible so please take the time to send a mail and also pass this along to all Africans, Traditional healers, Pagans and Witch-friendly folk.

To make it easy for you – BELOW are address details and a template and email address for submission of your Objection (just add your personal details and tweak the wording if you like)

Witches are NOT what the story books claim them to be! Nor are they Christian Hating or evil people! DO the right thing!


Warm Blessings

On Behalf of NDUMA (Sangoma and Traditional healer)


Send your mail to :

Subject: Witchcraft Suppression Act – OBJECTION

E-mail content :

Office of the Premier
Mpumalanga Provincial Government

For attention: Advocates B. Thomas and H.M. Mbatha and L. Pretorius

With reference to: P.15/5/15 Comment as an Interested and Affected Party: Mpumalanga Witchcraft Suppression Bill 2007.

I, INSERT NAME HERE, hereby formally object to the proposed Witchcraft Suppression Bill on the following grounds:

1. Any bill that provides for the suppression of Witchcraft is in direct contravention with the South African Constitution and Bill of rights (which allow religious freedom to all)

2. The proposed bill will criminalise members of a recognised and established religious minority

3. It denies the members of this minority religious community freedom of religion and belief

4. The bill will create a threat to the dignity, and well being and safety of Witch/Wiccan religious communities throughout South Africa

5. The bill will misrepresent a Witches worldview and belief system and will create discrimination and division within communities

I respectfully request that this bill is not passed with the current wording – and that alternate solutions are found to deal with the issues at hand.


aka INSERT : Pagan / Traditional healer Name