Quaz praises Credo Mutwa’s poetry

Richard Rodriquez Roodt, 23, commonly known as Quaz, is originally from Potchefstroom. He is part of the Likwid Tongue collective which hosts open mic poetry sessions at Kospotong, next to Sophiatown Restaurant in Newtown every Wednesday night. He published Orange Book, a small collection of English and Afrikaans poems in 2004.

Other poems have been featured in the Reunited Siblings Exodus Anthology 2006 and in Peo Tsa Rona, an anthology published by an international publishing house in 2007. He released a mixtape last year called Immaculate Thoughts of Za`uQ.

What do you think poetry needs in this country?

The writings of people like Zakes Mda, Credo Mutwa and many more should be integrated into our national school syllabus. Not just the poetry, but all their writings should be taught in our schools. That I think is a starting point . We have some great writers on the continent and their work is very relevant to what it is we’re facing.

read the rest of his interview on the Tonight website here.

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