Human oversight of self-awareness reveals Manipulative Extraterrestrial presence

Alien shadown paintingIndigenous peoples who sought to embrace a spiritual ethic of participatory democracy, like the Gnostics, were also able to similarly perceive archonic Manipulative Extraterrestrials. Zulu Elder Credo Mutwa in an interview with Rick Martin, indicated that over 500 tribes that he has consulted with, for example, have historical accounts of having witnessed Archonic alien shape-shifters that periodically can take human form. Perhaps the on-going persecution of indigenous communities, in Canada, to the Americas in general, to Africa, and also to Australia, might be linked in part, to the operation of alien shadows of various elite-guiders of human institutions, seeking to repress vital indigenous knowledge.

Perhaps humanity saving itself from an alien agenda might be linked, in part, to re-embracing as a species, indigenous knowledge that is linked to our essence as human beings.

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