Megalithomania Comes To South Africa in 2011

Michael Tellinger author Slave Species of the GodsAuthor and scientist Michael Tellinger is proud to announce that the world’s premier megalithic conference is coming to South Africa in March 2011 with a panel of the most recognised speakers in the field.

Megalithomania is an annual event that has been taking place since 2006 in Glastonbury. The object of the event has always been to explore theories and findings around the origins and meanings *or* functions of the various megalithic sites around the world. It has grown into a considerable event, attracting the top thinkers in the field from all over the planet and an enthusiastically growing audience.

Michael Tellinger was invited to attend Megalithomania 2010 in Glastonbury this year and as a result, will be bringing the event to South Africa in March 2011.

Megalithomania South Africa will be taking place at the Linder Auditorium in Parktown, Johannesburg on the 12th and 13th of March 2011. The 2 day event features a star studded line-up of speakers from the field on alternative investigations into the ancient history and origins of humans.

This event is massive in recognising the importance of South Africa in the origins of the human race,” says Michael Tellinger, “These speakers are all coming here because they are beginning to understand the significance of the archaeological discoveries of the region. There is a good chance that we are sitting in the missing link of the chain of thought that many of these individuals have been pursuing for decades.”

The authors and speakers that will feature in this line-up are Graham Hancock (Fingerprints Of The Gods), Robert Temple (The Sirius Mystery), Andrew Collins (Gateway To Atlantis), Hugh Newman (Earth Grids), Wayne Hershel (Hidden Records), Antoine Gigal, Klaus Dona and of course, Michael Tellinger (Temples of The African Gods and Slave Species of God).

Each speaker will present a separate presentation on each of the two days mailing Megalithomania the most intense, up to date and exhaustive event of its kind ever to take place in South Africa.

Tickets are R600.00 per person per day and must be booked in advance online from . Books by all of the authors present will be on sale at the event.

Megalithomania South Africa
12th and 13th March 2011
9:30am – 8pm each day
The Linder Auditorium, JCE Campus, St Andrew Road, Parktown,  Johannesburg – Now part of WITS University
Tickets: R600 per person per day

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