Are you for love of water?

Flow For the love of WaterMarch 21-27 is National Water Week and March 22 is World Water Day – held annually as a means of focusing attention on the importance of freshwater and the sustainable management of water resources. The UN is coming to Cape Town for the first time to celebrate World Water Day. This year the National Water Week theme is: ‘working together we can save water’. This presents a powerful launch pad to demonstrate how water can unify all sectors of society. For the first time all three tiers of Government, the corporate sector, media, NGOs and other organisations as well as youth and citizens are linking together for love of water.

Water is life. Human beings are made up of over 70% water, and so is the planet. Water is required to sustain basic life – it is also systemic and involved in everything we do, including health care, food and agriculture production, power generation, construction, transport and product development.

There is a clear consensus that there will be a fresh water supply demand gap both globally and in South Africa. Recognition that this impacts us all is an opportunity to engage in collective behaviour change that is respectful of water as a source of life, mindful of water usage and prioritises water conservation. In order to take action, we need to live and act ‘for love of water’. Make the promise here. And get tips on how to conserve and respect water by reducing consumption and reusing where possible, here.

There will be a number of educational and entertainment events and activations (i.e a conference, expos, walks, music, festivals and demonstrations) happening in the lead up to and during National Water Week throughout the country. To find out more about them and how you can participate and share, visit:


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