The Underground River, Lulungwa Mangakatsi

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Mystery of the White Lions - Children of the Sun God by Linda TuckerI was reading through the book, the mystery of the white lions : Children of the Sun God, by Linda Tucker, when I found this interesting piece of info about the so called underground river of Africa, the Lulungwa Mangakatsi.

But first let me start where tucker starts in her chapter entitled, underground river of gold.

The region she studies is the Timbavati region in northern South Africa, the home of the white lions of timbavati. The name timbavati means both ‘river of the stars’ and ‘the river that never runs dry. This draws a parallel between the Egyptian ‘duat’, which meant ‘river in the sky’ and subterranean river’. whereas the nile flows all year round, the timbavati region is quite dry, the rivers seldom flow.

When she spoke to Credo Mutwa about the connection between the Egyptian belief that the Nile is to the earth what the milky way is to the skies, he said that the African belief is that the Milky Way is the ‘spinal fluid’ of the universe. He goes on to say that ‘a lot of water is carried between the stars, and is distributed across space this way’. Now Amarava, Mutwa’s spirit guide, the last of the first people, told him that water is not native to earth, and that it was brought to earth from sirius, make of that what you will.

Lulngwa mangakatsi is also called the underground river that holds Africa together. the nilotic meridian, which is 31 degrees 14 minutes longitude, starts at the nile delta, and one can follow the nile down and it’s source is also found on this line. follow the line further down and you will find great Zimbabwe, follow it down even further you find Timbavati and finally at the end of this line, the city of Durban in Zululand, originally given to the British by the notorious Zulu chief Shaka.

Now according to Mutwa, beneath rivers, the Nile in particular, are underground rivers, rivers of energy. I think it may be safe to assume that we are talking about ley lines. Credo gives her some advice, ” the next time you find a flowing river in the veld (bush), go at night, with leather soles to that river. the nearer you get to the river, the more you will feel this thing, this vibration.”

He goes on to say that fresh water rivers are living things, and they contain a memory. sanusis (the highest degree of african shamanism) are trained to see these memories, where these rivers intersect with underground rivers, they form great pipes of invisible power. When asked whether there was a ‘power line’, an underground river of energy linking timbavati with giza, his reply was simple. Yes. also remember that included in this line is great zimbabwe, another ancient african site. this line, like zima-mbje, has something to do with gold, something mutwa does not want to elaborate on.

He does speak about the ‘sacred blacksmiths’, whose knowledge of herbs and molten matter enables them to ‘recreate objects which god gave us many centuries ago’, which have to do with ‘the soul of the earth, butalso the universe beyond.’ This is obviously not only concerned with metals, but something of a more alchemical nature.

“Gold has been the cause of great civilizations, and of deadly wars on earth. by mining gold, human beings are enslaved to forces of which they are not even aware,” says mutwa. i find this a very interesting statement.

He goes on to say that gold’s natural existence in the bowels of the planet is essential to life on earth. specifically, i controls the flow and existence of fresh water. gold and copper (rather than gravity) supplies the energy that cause rivers to flow and be cleansed, since gold is not just a physical metal, but a spiritual metal with a profound metaphysical purpose. gold is an entity, just as we have minerals in us, so has our earth, “it is not here to be mined by humankind.”

Apparently all along the nilotic meridian gold is found, mainly alluvial, leading tucker to believe that there may be a vein of gold running form Giza to Durban, i don’t know if this is true, but the amount of gold mining in the Johannesburg, great Zimbabwe, Timbabvati region, all near or on the nilotic meridian, in both modern and ancient times does make this quite compelling. take also into account the fact that gold is a good conducter of energy, so is water, the nile may indeed be a very charged river indeed.

Anyway, food for thought, i thought it was interesting.

source: David Icke Forums

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