Credo Mutwa Has Stroke

baba Credo Mutwa and mama Virgina Mutwa in Plettenberg BayOn Monday, 2 May, David Icke posted this message on his website yesterday:

The great Credo Mutwa, the Zulu shaman now almost 90 years of age, has had the latest in a series of strokes. I spoke with him this morning for some time and he was making jokes and laughing as usual, but he is very ill and has lost feeling in his left side. Even in these circumstances he was thinking of others and asked me to tell people that forgiveness and love are the only answer to the problems of South Africa and the wider world.

Please send him your love. David

We’re very pleased to post this photo after baba Credo recovered from this mild stroke on Friday last week at his home in Kuruman. He’s had a thorough check-up a This photo was taken near the Beacon Island Hotal in Plettenberg Bay where he is on a short holiday and spiritual retreat with the artist Sarah.

We would like to thanks David Icke, Linda Smith and others who responded so quickly on the news of his health condition.