An invitation to support a Kindred Spirit

I was recently sent this invitation and so I am forwarding it to you. Perhaps you will take it up.

Dear Kindred Spirit

Recently, I spent a night in jail in a cell with about 15 black men who had all allegedly committed some crime or another. This is an account of why and how that happened to me and what I learned through this experience, which was certainly one of the most profound of my whole life. So how on earth did I manage to end up in jail, you may be asking yourself? To really understand how and why this happened and to create a context within which you can more fully appreciate what I have written in this article, I would suggest you read the article I wrote that was published in the quarterly ezine I send out a couple of months ago entitled ‘Freedom – the Eternal Call of our Hearts’ in which I outline how and why the vast majority of humanity is currently being controlled through a vast array of mostly arbitrary and senseless statutory laws passed by seemingly democratic legislative bodies in most countries throughout the world, but in fact are controlled by powerful vested interests such as banks and other large corporations.

We may have the illusion we are free, but this is just that – an illusion created to trick us into continuing to comply with these laws that are really enslaving us and humanity as a whole. If we dare to contravene one of these laws, we can be fined or imprisoned, which is what I discovered when I recently dared not to renew my driver’s licence and my car’s vehicle licence and continued to drive on public roads. Both of these acts are offences in terms of the National Road Traffic Act in South Africa, which mandates that we all pay a Government authority for the privilege of driving on public roads that belong to us, the public, and have been financed by our taxes already.

Last month, I was driving sedately along a public road in the town of Mtuba-Mtuba in northern KwaZulu-Natal with my vehicle that had the licence plate ‘I AM FREE’ on the back and drove past a traffic officer’s vehicle, who noticed my number plate and followed me into the parking lot of the Pick ‘n Pay supermarket, where I was stopping to do some shopping for a Dolphin Alchemy retreat I was about to run in Mozambique. The officers parked behind my vehicle and proceeded to demand that I produce my driver’s licence and ask why I had no vehicle registration disk or official number plates on my vehicle. After showing them my own self-created licence and vehicle registration disk and my publicly notarised ‘Claim of Right’ document in which I claimed my common law and constitutional right to travel freely through the land and much discussion, during which they struggled to understand and did not accept my point of view, they called two members of the South African police, which is short for ‘policy enforcement officers’ in case you didn’t know, who forcibly handcuffed me, removed me from my vehicle, put me in the back of a police van and sprayed me with pepper spray, all of which amounts to the common law crime of assault in the name of the enforcement of the State’s policy and is completely opposite to what their true function as peace officers – quite obviously, keeping the peace – should be.

I was held in a holding cell in the police station for a couple of hours while they formulated the charge sheet. Opposite the holding cell on the wall was a picture of a hand gripping the word ‘crime’ that was being squeezed in the middle and bulging out from above and below the hand with a caption beneath this picture that said ‘Squeezing Crime to Zero’. This picture and the slogan, which you can view online by clicking here, is indicative of the prevailing level of consciousness of the police force that creates a polar opposition between the police and crime, thus making both real and simply perpetuating the problem of crime rather than solving it, which of course is necessary otherwise there would be no need for a police force. The truth is that the police need criminals and crime to give them a function and more importantly, an identity, just as criminals need the police and the criminal justice system to catch and punish them for the sinful, guilt- inducing things they think they have done.

Thus, the whole game of people committing crime and being caught, judged and punished for it that has occurred throughout humanity’s history, continues forever. The ego-based thought system behind this game offers only eternal suffering and damnation and no hope of escape from its vicious and insane grip, symbolised well by the picture mentioned above. The hand that grips the crime is as much a slave to and a victim of this thought system as the crime it seeks to crush and so the police officers are not just the perpetrators, but the victims, of attack and the fear of counter- attack that the ego must inevitably engender. After my fingerprints were taken and I was locked up for the night in a cell with a number of convicted or alleged criminals, I’m sure some of whom had probably committed violent crimes. I was protected by the grace of God during this night and nothing untoward happened to me apart from being searched when I first entered the cell by the prisoners for anything of value I might have on me and getting too little sleep because they left the light on all night and the mattress I had to sleep on was very thin and uncomfortable.

The argument for these limits on our common law right to freedom of movement, that is also guaranteed in the South African Bill of Rights forming part of the constitution of South Africa, is that we need to pay for road maintenance through these charges, but this does not hold water, firstly because no Act of parliament can ever supersede the constitution; secondly, because we already pay for road maintenance through substantial income and petrol tax; and thirdly, because it is self-evident that the vast majority of roads in most parts of South Africa, with the exception of a few roads in showcase areas like Sandton, the Western Cape province controlled by the Democratic Alliance and of course, toll roads we pay for when we use, are not being properly maintained. So where is all the money being purportedly collected for road maintenance through the aforementioned taxes and the vehicle and driver’s licence fees going then?

Firstly, to a vast and horribly inefficient bureaucracy necessary to run these collection systems, which includes the traffic police and the salaries of all the administration staff necessary for these systems to function, and secondly, to a morass of corruption that is undoubtedly happening throughout the system. The little left for any road maintenance that does happen with this money, which no one outside of a few people working for the appropriate Government department can be certain ever actually does happen due to the total lack in the transparency of the accounts of Government departments, does not justify the limitation on our fundamental right to freedom of movement in which the system inevitably results.

I will be arguing my common law and constitutional right to freedom of movement in a court case on Tuesday next week (the 26th of July) in the Mtuba-Mtuba magistrate’s court by first stating that I am not the legal person Jonathan David Quail, an identity created at my birth when my biological property – my body – was registered and delivered to the State by means of a bill of lading called my birth certificate. This fictional person is the legal entity that is supposedly bound by statutory laws such as the National Road Traffic Act, but which in fact and in common law, the commonly accepted law of the land, does not exist unless I choose to bind myself to it. If I did, I would be accepting that I am under the jurisdiction of statutory law derived from admiralty law, which is the original merchant law that governed trade at sea and in the ports of the world several hundred years ago. But seeing as the case will be decided not on the sea, but rather on land, I am not bound by maritime law unless I consent to be so. The whole body of statutory law based on maritime law is really commercial law designed to extract money from the hard-working people of a country in every and any possible way. All the licence fees, tolls, fines, taxes, rates and other payments we are supposedly obliged to pay to the State are all owing by this legal fiction in terms of statutory law based on this merchant maritime law. But if we are not this legal fiction and refuse to bind ourselves to it by giving our consent to it or any agents of the State claiming to enforce it, it really has no power over us.

Secondly, I will be making the point that in arresting me and putting me in jail for a night, the State’s agents in the form of the police violated my constitutional right to freedom of movement stated in Section 21 of the Bill of Rights, a constitution the State and its agents are bound to uphold and which supersedes all statutes such as the National Road Traffic Act.

I also intend to ask the magistrate to produce his oath of office so I can see to whom he has sworn allegiance, as if he has sworn allegiance to the State, how can I expect to have a fair trial when I am being judged by an agent and employee of the same State accusing me of violating its statutory law, who simply cannot be impartial and unbiased because of this fact? I also want to see if the judge has sworn allegiance to God, because clearly these laws are not in accordance with God’s Law, which is perfect love that is expressed in this world as freedom to do what you want to do provided it harms no one else, and true justice, which the courts certainly do not provide in general, but rather a sick parody of real justice.

There are likely to be over a hundred people from the nearby community in Khula Village at the Mtuba-Mtuba magistrate’s court on Tuesday next week to support me, support largely due to the work of a friend of mine who has been running a successful permaculture project for the last 7 months in this community. This is an invitation to join us for what will be a momentous day in South African legal history – a day that will be remembered as the day the people won a victory over a cruel and unjust system that seeks to enslave us all to its mad will and the start of a revolution that will restore truth and real justice based on divine, unconditional love and the forgiveness this entails to their rightful place as guiding principles of our society and world rather than being nice spiritual concepts reserved for esoteric books, sermons and discussions on philosophy, but not to be applied in the so-called ‘real’ world.

This may all sound a bit over-the-top for a relatively minor offence like driving without a driver’s licence and driving an unregistered vehicle, but it is the principle of the case that is important. The issue really is this: are we bound by all the statutes imposed on us by a Government elected by the poorest and most uneducated part of society and which we did not consent to, a Government that has become increasingly corrupt and criminal in nature, or not? This will become an increasingly pressing issue that everyone must decide for themselves, as the trend of more and more laws designed to impose ever more control and of course, taxes, penalties, fines and any other way of extorting money from us in future will continue unless we collectively say an emphatic ‘No!’ to this extortion and oppression. At what point does one take a stand against a clearly unjust system? When it’s too late and the country is being ruled by the force of an army and police that our taxes finance, and we have all literally paid for our own enslavement for fear of taking a stand and potentially suffering personal consequences such as fines or even imprisonment as a result?

The truth is that the powers in and behind Government do not really want to empower and free people, as their whole existence depends on keeping people in a fearful, victim mode in which they can be easily swayed to vote for politicians by the empty promises they make to uplift and help them, when in fact their intention is to do nothing but enslave, manipulate and abuse them for their own selfish purposes, being chiefly the exercising of power over others and the accumulation of wealth. So anything that truly empowers people and frees them from the control of the State will be opposed by the authorities in the name of what they call law and order, which is really just control and enslavement.

A permaculturist named Callum Coates once said: “The state of the natural environment is a function of the spiritual tone of humanity.” If this statement is true, and the quantum theory of science and all the major spiritual traditions humanity has created, indicate that it is, it is little wonder that the planet’s natural environment is being destroyed by a species that is governed by such insane laws. The environment will only improve and we will only be able to live sustainably on this planet when we truly start living up to the name of our species, homo sapiens, which means ‘wise man’. What we are doing to ourselves and other life on this planet is anything but wise, and it is only when enough people have the courage to take a stand against the madness of the ego that we will collectively turn away from the path of chaos, death and destruction the ego always leads to and find a way to live in harmony with each other and the natural environment on this planet based on the true wisdom of love and its expression as mutual respect, caring and co-operation.

All true power comes from love, and all the ego can do in response is to try and suppress this with brute force, such as the oppressive laws and the violence and intimidation that always characterize oppressive control systems. This keeps humanity rooted in the baser part of our collective mind that believes in the insane reality the ego has created on this planet based on guilt, fear and attack and prevents us from ever finding the Divine Light and Love that is who we truly are as One.

To use an analogy, the ego, expressed through the institutions in society such as the State, parastatal organisations and big corporations, is like the top ‘Earth’ pin in a 3-pin plug that is here as a security mechanism to send the current back to Earth in case of a short circuit or power surge. Its sole purpose is to remind us that fear is real and the institutions we have created as some kind of security against our fear are very necessary. But these institutions have become oppressive through the inordinate power we have given them to control our free will and they seek to be more important than individuals and communities of individuals that give these institutions all the power they really have and are the only mechanism of true power flow in society, in much the same way as the live and the neutral pin situated beneath the bigger ‘Earth’ pin are the pins through which the electric current that it is the purpose of the plug to transmit flow. Individuals and communities are the primary ways that the Spirit of Divine Love coming from deep within our collective Soul, the electricity of the Divine if you like, seeks to express itself in this world in miraculous ways, but the institutions we have allowed to control us in our fear are trying to stop that flow and usurp all power for themselves and the few insane individuals who control them, which is really impossible because it is impossible that love can flow through these institutions in their current form.

The truth is that these institutions are not really necessary at all for true power to flow into our society and transform it into something that expresses the Divine far more than it currently does, in much the same way as the Earth plug is not really necessary at all for the electricity to flow into the device it is powering, as you will be aware of if you have ever used an electric device with a two-pin plug successfully. And since it is the purpose of individual and collective human life to fully express unconditional love that is Divine, it is now necessary for us as a species to let go of the need for the ‘Earth’ plug that offers us only a fear-based illusion of security, when in fact it is destroying us and life on this planet and stopping the Divine Love that wants to flow into the hearts and minds of human beings and their communities to transform this world from the desert bereft of the living water of Love into an oasis of abundant life that it can and will become.

If you would like to support my taking a positive stand against the insane egoic ‘system’, embodied in institutions such as the State, that enslaves humanity and is destroying the natural environment we depend on for our survival (and that is completely insane!) and witness the birth of a new movement based on the power of love that will sweep away this archaic system in the next few years, come to the Mtuba-Mtuba magistrate’s court, which is about two-and-a-half hour’s drive from Durban if you drive on the N2 up the North Coast of KwaZulu-Natal, on Tuesday morning next week at 9 a.m. If you would like to be there – and if you are a journalist, I can assure you will get a good story that may just go down in the history books in years to come – please contact me using any of the contact details listed below my signature. I am also happy to do a telephonic interview about the case and the ‘Freeman’ principles and worldwide movement that is propagating them around the world.

I will leave you with a quote by Nelson Mandela, who dedicated his life to serving the principle of freedom and spent 26 years of his life in jail as the price of his convictions, but ultimately freed his people from the oppression of an the unjust system of Apartheid: “There is no easy walk to freedom anywhere, and many of us will have to pass through the valley of the shadow of death again and again before we reach the mountaintop of our desires.”

I hope you will join me on Tuesday or at least support this walk to the mountain top of freedom from subjection to laws that currently enslave the human race, but will not do so forever, as this is the time for the spiritual rebirth of humanity predicted by the people of ancient times, including the Mayans, whose long-count calendar ends after 16.4 billion years on the 28th of October this year. See you at the top of the mountain!

Namaste (which means ‘the Divine in me honours the Divine in you’)

Jonathan Quail CEO, Lifebuild and Change Agent

P.S. If you live in Gauteng and can’t come all the way to Mtuba-Mtuba, you can support a friend of mine, Scott Cundill, who has a case in the Johannesburg High Court against Standard Bank on the same day, Tuesday the 26th of July, where he will be challenging the validity of Standard Bank’s claim that he owes them for bond payments on a property he bought through a mortgage bond they gave him. Needless to say, the whole financial system based on debt is an integral part of the ‘system’ I mentioned that is enslaving humanity, a subject that it is beyond the scope of this article to address. If you are interested in finding out more about this fascinating subject, please contact me using any of the contact details below, or you can sign up to the Johan Joubert community mailing list to find out more.
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