This website is the UNOFFICIAL website for Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa. Please take your time to read through this website, especially the biography section which is very detailed, and published in baba Credo’s own words. We established this website in 2004 without anyone’s permission. Donations made via this website went directly to his own Paypal account we helped to set-up in 2010 in Plettenberg Bay.

For confirmation of this contact First National Bank in Kuruman on (053) 712-1021.

Credo Mutwa Cultural Village

Type Museums: Ambiance Come as you are.
Address: Ntsane and Majoeng streets in Central Western Jabavu
Phone: 011 930 1813

Venue info: If you ever wondered about the role played by traditional culture within an urban environment. Then visit The Credo Mutwa Cultural Village which has a huge collection of sculptures and traditional buildings. The village offers an outdoor museum of African art, culture and folklore. Entrance is FREE – Open: Daily 6am-6pm

My reason for putting this website together is to consolidate and compile all the information about Credo Mutwa I find from across the Internet into one place. I met baba Mutwa in April 2008 and have spoken to him every few months since 2003 on the telephone. After meeting him, his wife and fellow Sangoma, Sanusi Virginia Mutwa, gave me an autographed copy of their new book, Woman of Four Paths: The Strange Story of a Black Woman in South Africa.

Credo MutwaVusamazulu Credo Mutwa, born on 21 July 1921 in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa is a Zulu Sangoma (traditional healer) and High Sanusi. He is well known and respected for his work in nature conservation, and as an author of ground breaking books on African mythology and spiritual beliefs. Some of his work has led to him being seen as an outcast by fellow Sangoma’s or traditional healers, and even the larger African community in South Africa.

Early life

His father was a widower with three surviving children when he met his mother. His father was a builder and a Christian and his mother was a young Zulu girl. Caught between Catholic missionaries on one hand, and a stubborn old Zulu warrior, Credo’s maternal grandfather, his parents had no choice but to separate. Credo Mutwa was born out of wedlock which caused a great scandal in the village and his mother was thrown out by her father. Later she was taken in by one of her aunts.

He was subsequently raised by his father’s brother and was taken to the South Coast of Natal, near the northern bank of the Umkumazi River. He did not attend school until he was 14 years old. In 1935 his father found a building job in the old Transvaal province and the whole family relocated to where he was building. In 1937 he experienced a great shock and trauma when he was seized and sodomized by a gang of mineworkers outside a mine compound. After this he was ill for a long time.

Where Christian doctors had failed, his grandfather, a man whom his father despised as a heathen and demon worshipper, helped him back to health. At this point Credo began to question many of the things about his people the missionaries would have them believe. “Were we Africans really a race of primitives who possessed no knowledge at all before the white man came to Africa?” he asked himself. His grandfather instilled in him the belief that his illness was a sacred sign that he was to become a shaman, a healer. He underwent initiation from one of his grandfather’s daughters, young sangoma named Myrna.

Quote: Credo Mutwa: “I wish to appeal to the world. First, I am not a quack or a charlatan or a sensationalist. I am an old man who has seen much. I wish the world to know that there is a faint ray of hope that emanates from South Africa.”

This section contains a short autobiography of Credo Mutwa. It was originally published on a website which does not exist any more. As far as I can tell this is true in the sense of his philosophy and his vision.

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  • Supreb topic. I do hope you get to meet Credo Mutwa face to face. In fact I am hoping (in my capacity as journalits) to seek his knowledge on the topic of Isaiah Shembe. Warm Regards from Durban

  • Infinite


    I know about Credo, from davidicke.com
    He is just an amazing person – from the intervwies, I’ve seen.

    I hope he is keeping well, he must be over 90, now

    Peace to All

  • I met Credo In 1991 I was sent by President Lucas Mangope to visit him. I have photos of him on my web site throwing the bones.

    • munch

      ernie boggs the famous martial artist? you are 1 of the last men to see credo throw bones as I read. email me, you r a very interesting person. would love to hear your studies with credo, and stories

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  • cleo dabelstein-vuckovic

    Hello everybody,
    I’m searching for help about two questions I’ve got.
    In 1995 our spiritual healer from Croatia Mr. Ivica Prokic went to South Africa to search for one stone. Ivica was known by that time in Croatia as a spiritual healer and prophet. He went to the St.Lucia wetlands were he drowned in the Indian Ocean. In the video tape and the following book about this tragical event, the Croatians who were present, mention the saying of some South African people, that one “golden man” will come and bring them peace and health.
    Who knows about that?
    As well I would like to find out more about the lake St.Lucia, which is said to be a sacred place in the old days.
    You can contact me by e-mail at abu_cam297@yahoo.com
    I appreciate any kind of help in this matter.
    Cleo Dabelstein-Vuckovic

    PS: the work of Mr Ivica Prokic is carried on by Braco, who’s healing power is today stronger than ever. You can find out more about him at heilungundhilfe.com. Unfortunately is the site in German.

  • andrew monkman

    This may be of interest to you!!

  • Phiwe

    I read Indaba, My Children a few years ago with my sister after lending it from the Johannesburg public library. It was the most astonishing piece I have ever read. As a native who has never really been exposed to an indigenous historical record prior to reading it (history is always written by the victors), it left me completely bewildered, astonished, exhilarated and amazed – for the first time in my life i had a glimpse of Africa and my people in it as an inertactive commuinty rather than the xenophobes us South Africans have become infamous for.

    The way in which he writes and encapsulates perfectly the African oral tradition was superb.

    But prior to my reading that extraordinary volume, I came a cross the story of one Elizabeth Klarer (author of the book, Beyond the Light Barrier) – a Naval Intelligence Officer with the British Navy during WWII who, from the mid-50s, would have interactions with extraterrestrials and later have a child with an alien named Arkon from the solar system of Proxima Centauri.

    I am, though, trying urgently to find Credo Mutwa in conjuction with a spirtual event to be held at UNISA on Sunday April 15. I ahve been trying to get a hold of him for the past two weeks. I would greatly appreciate help in this regard.

  • Jae

    To: #5 cleo dabelstein-vuckovic

    I am very much interested in your comment about “Mr. Ivica Prokic going to South Africa to search for one stone.” I live in Arizona and have many Hopi friends. You may find interesting their prophecy involving this stone… you can “search” for it in several ways… Hopi Sacred Tablets – Four Sacred Tablets. These or a combination of these will get you there. The four “stones” one of which went to Africa. Please look this information up. You will be hard pressed to find a picture of the stones but with enough searching you just may. Jae

  • Jae

    To: cleo dabelstein-vuckovic

    I am very much interested in your comment about “Mr. Ivica Prokic going to South Africa to search for one stone.” I live in Arizona and have many Hopi friends. You may find interesting their prophecy involving this stone… you can “search” for it in several ways… Hopi Sacred Tablets – Four Sacred Tablets. These or a combination of these will get you there. The four “stones” one of which went to Africa. Please look this information up. You will be hard pressed to find a picture of the stones but with enough searching you just may. Jae

  • Till the end of my days

    Please tell Credo Mutwa that his poem, “A Pledge” is most beautiful.

    You should have this poem up on his website.

    “When kings are slain, and a pope is sent to hell,
    when on a marble slab..a murdered princess lies,
    a pale sacrifice to the beasts that rule the stars,

    When out of the sky a stricken warplane falls,
    trailing behind it long bridal veils of flame,
    as missiles rage and red hot cannon roar…

    When the battle tank briefly rules the blood drenched plains,
    an iron tyrant on another’s stolen throne…
    and it’s long cannon shatters the trembling skies with sound,

    When nameless soldiers die friendless and unknown,
    in Africa’s valleys or Kosovo’s snow-bound plains,
    and whole tribes perish of hunger, disease and war…

    When money is built into a jail to hold humankind
    and love has died and compassion is unknown…
    and lies become truth… and truth becomes a lie in a nameless city

    When, in streets who have no love,
    numberless children know hunger and abuse…
    In countless homes where brute force rules supreme,

    women have become blood-spattered slaves,
    strangers to love, healing and respect,
    strangers to the gentle and comforting word…

    Whose guilty shoulders must bear
    the heavy beam of crucifixion, all the ill we see?
    Whose quivering back must bear the barbed scourge?

    For all the evil and all the pain we have known friends
    my Earth this on Freemasons are there Weavers of lies, brewers of lies,
    who can strike at people with weapons of the night

    against which no armour and no shield can prevail.
    The written word is their poison-coated sword,
    the tinkeling coin their cull and crop of maize…

    Murderers of nations, Africa’s deadliest foes,
    I curse your footsteps wherever you may go,
    In whichever cave or dungheap you may hide,

    I curse you all…may Heaven blast your eyes.
    Tell Jabulon, the demon you call God,
    Nomabhunu’s son defies him to his face,

    I swear by the stones on my mother’s sacred grave,
    that as from this moment, I will fight you to the end.
    Against your kind, against your Masters too,

    I will not cease to raise the Sword of Light.
    For all you have done and all you have yet to do,
    I will fight you to the ending of my days…..”

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  • Mickael

    I’m a french journalist and I would like to do a report about Sangoma for french TV. Could you tell me how to contact one of them? Or could you help me to contact Credo Mutwa?
    Thanks a lot
    Mickael Penverne

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  • Thandokuhle Ntshangase

    Sanusi Credo Mutwa is very enlightened he predicted the fall of Former President Thabo Mbeki before his time in office and it has happen.
    We need to down load as much as possible information from this man before he goes.

  • Ndodiphela Makiwane

    In a country that boasts its democracy such as RSA it is sad that Vusamazulu is not regarded as a national treasure. In this country that he sees a glimer of hope in, has ousted him. Is this the reality for those who see the truth? This man is a national elder, he deserves better treatment. South Africa needs to listen.

  • Thoks

    Whats fascinates me most about Baba (Father) Credo Mutwa that very few people know of good work that he does and the intelligence that he has.. Apart from the books that he has written and snippets of articles written about him in magazines and newspapers, I so wish that the media will have courage to let the people hear this great man speak and sharing the knowledge he has before he leaves us knowledgeless…

  • I am amazed by this great man. back in 1999 he predicted the political turmoil in our contry. 11 yrs down the line the same things are happening the way he said they would.I have great respect for this man.

  • phumu

    i think Credo is an amazing old man, its very interesting to realize that he predicted some of the things that are happening currently i so wish to see him giving us a speech one day before he goes. i’m wondering why this man is not really know in our country

  • I ‘d like to express my sincire appreciations and greats gratitudes to our great Honourable Credo Mutwa for he has done for AFRICA.Thank you TATA ENKOSI KAKHULU NGEMISEBENZI YAKHO.from XOLANI MRUBATA eGEORGE

  • yonke into owawuyithethile iyenzeka.jonga kwenzeka ntoni ngoku eSouth Africa.Yanga inkosi uThixo akugcine enkosi no-can replace TATA yanga ungahlayela umoya wefuthe kulutsha lasemZantsi Africa.ENKOSI.from masekhe mbolambi eGeorge

  • Vusi Mthambama

    Mr Credo Mutwa is quite credulous with so much credit due to him. I read ‘Indaba my Children’ over three times and it just does not stop to amaze me. How great a book it is. I have kept a copy that will be passed from generation to generation in my family. I am trying to organise funds so I can do a movie on the book mentioned above, It requires millions of dollars but I am positive that it can be done. To u Baba u Mutwa: Ngifisa ukhule ukhokhobe, umdali na ba phansi bahla banawe.

  • Xoli

    i am a young Nguni woman.I am from a lineage of healers &rainmakers ,My mother’s father was a Sangoma and a healer and his wife my grandmother was a decedent of the Matopos rainmakers,i am not sure about my grandfathers lineage or where they were from.On my dad’s side my grandfather was a healer and a teacher and a pastor and his wife was from the balozwi rainmaker and their totem is apparently the great rock rain lizard,
    I am a tormented soul with abilities to feel things and emotion everything i feel by emotion.i say things in jest and get afraid because they happen at times i have never had visions but i can always dream of death’s and i have come to realize the symbolic dreams i have when there is a death ,some things are deja vu in my life.i feel lost i am not sure if i have a calling or not i have always felt i had to get in touch with utata u Credo Mutwa i also understand he went for his training in former Rhodesia and went underwater.
    Who am i ,
    its my everyday lamentation to know me,I have his deep welling of restlessnesses in me at times i think i should go for initiation. my own mother is a Sangoma and foretells things to people and can tell people things about themselves my mother transfers as a medium and i have this connection with the spirits that come through her.
    they refer to me as a GOGO but what is it that i should be.

    iam lost and i am very self destructive and have no peace,i cant find it i cant even have a relationship with a man

    • fbfly

      I understand. I, too, have abilities and know not the direction to take in this life. I have tried to be "normal," but realize that I am not to lead the life that many of my peers do. I have no advice, as I am also looking for guidance and answers. Sometimes it helps to know that you are not alone.

      Serenity to you…

  • tefo moremedi

    i had the previlage to read indaba my children, an d also to interact with ntate Credo Mutwa And after listening to what he had to say it saddens me to learn that we Africans we are failing to protect the intelectual property of our artists. the fact that this book i refered to has been hijacked by the strange ones and that Credo has not received any royalties from his own work.

  • Nono

    This is a great site… I would like to get in touch with Ntate Credo. I have read a lot about him and must say he is an incredible man. I am a firm believer of what’s true and he can certainly assist most of us to learn the truth and spread it. This is in terms of healing… These days it is hard to even recognise who is truthful and who isn’t. It’s a pity really that this great deed is being brought to shame. If anyone can assist me with Ntate Mutwa’s details please do.

  • Milos Leubner

    Xoli,my sister , I feel for you ! Don’t look back so much , we all are your family , and you ours! You dance as if no one is watching and love as if it’s never going to hurt , dance in the rain of your fathers !
    There are beautiful things all around us to see , to feel , suffering will not last for ever , dont feed it by giving it to much importance , laugh and love , there is much to much slavery in us , let the senseless fears go and breathe deeply in and out, and again , it is sweet !! Milos

  • Rain Queen Mother

    Yaani, I am a west african rain queen mother and I have visited credo two times, once after my first initiation but I want to write this message to Xoli, you definitely need initation and I am sure I can help you to open up your healing and rain power…. I will be visiting south africa early next year so you can get in contact with me at ancestorswork@myway.com

  • margaux tenzin hayes

    I feel that I am being called home and soon I will be going to SA mainly Capetown, My friend calls me a Sangoma, and others high priestess,
    I have asked for knowledge to serve my greatess good….I would like an audience with Baba Mutwa…I will be in the motherland the 2nd week of Febuary.

  • nomsa

    Baba Credo Mutwa I respect you so much and your ancestors u really inspired me, I am struggling to get a right teacher for initation if someone can assist me, its very tough know am unemployed and nothing is going right.

  • derek

    plz i need someones help this mane is to name me ..what does this mean plz plz my full name at birth is Derek Shanne Kenoyer-Knauer last is origin of name was changed while my fathers imagrated here from germany . what name could i possably have that would be diffaarant than my birth name ?

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  • amanda

    i’ve heard alot about credo, i think he has a great gift from God. i would like to meet him,how do i g about?

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  • ???

    sry i just know how to write my name in arabic :)) anyway however my english not that good but i think i get the point. thanks

  • Palesa Motlhabane

    I have read about the predictions done by Ntate Credo Mutwa and I think he is a God given miracle to us and I so very much want to meet and talk to him. How do I get hold of him? I have so much that I want to share with him. Your assistance will be highly appreciated.


  • Sifiso Thubane

    I have read a few interviews and predictions by Baba Credo Mutwa, You are a blessing to our generation. Please drop me more of his predictions and interviews on ma e-mail. Live on Baba Credo Mutwa!

  • hello credo.i watched the reptilian agenda dvds and was fascinated with your wealth of knoeledge.thank goodness for people like yourself and david icke.my husband and son have also seen the dvds .

  • 26 year old black man

    May GOD BLESS you MR. Mutwa

    u have helped me put together things that I have been filling my mind and confusing me. I knew of many of the concepts you speak of but You put them in an understandable and clear order. I know I am not alone in the quest to know more. I have seen space craft here in COLORADO on several accounts. Black triangles, gold disks, and even strange clouds that have a mind of their own. I have been followed by craft with other people in my car while its happening. Strange Orbs entering and exiting the clouds would follow us also on more than one account. I have spotted craft in CALIFORNIA, UTAH, and COLORADO. All within the same 30 day period at the end of 2008.

    Now I know I’m not the only one going through this.

    Thank You

  • Valerie

    I am a white woman who lived in SA for over 40 years and loved the country and it’s people passionately. I first read Indaba My Children some 30 odd years ago. It gave me an insight without which I would never have understood the black culture of Africa. I try to read everything he writes and believe that every person living in Africa no matter what their colour, should read this man’s writings and listen to him carefully. Indeed, anyone in politics and dealing with Africa should read his work and perhaps gain a little more understanding of the African cultures. He is to be revered and respected by all.
    It would be an honour to meet such a man and his wife.

  • Antonio Lisboa

    Dear all,

    What a wonderfull place this site. I’ve just heard about Mr. Mutwa and trying to get some of his great humanitarian words to share with the people of my country, Brazil (the biggest country of Africa..:), because people really need to hear and learn that. I live in Amazon, work in a National Park full of living creatures, probably to stay far away from the ZeitGeist, from Imbulo, NWO, NAC, reptilians, vampires, coke-priests, televisions, and all the lie, alienation and hipocrisy.. but they are everywhere.. they are inside us, our loneliness, our ego-ism.

    Just singing, asking trees for falling fruits, feeling connected… that was geat! It’s good for me to meet people who feels the same. Inside us there are animals, we are nature, the planet thinking, making mistakes, choosing, hating, loving.. But that could not explain why so much hate, stupidity and violence in Earth… Our planet, Pacha Mama is much better than that.

    Now I understand… Yes, we are Nature, we are human nature as the planet became rocks, seas, clouds, baobabs, butterflies, frogs, jaguars and man, WE, the naked monkeys, so smilling, so said. WE, the planet learning, hoping, crying, dreaming.

    Thank You, Mr. Mutwa for making this planet more diverse, inteligent, libertarian, cosmic and planetarian!

    Um grande abraço do Brasil e da Amazonia!



    (I live next the boarder with Venezuela, and I’m surprised for what’s hapening there. If Credo come here, Chavez would put him on television live for the whole people for some wonderfull hours of freedom and love expression…)

  • Nicole


    I know of that which Credo Mutra speaks. His poem is a true vison of the future and the truth of the past.

  • Gabalemoge

    Dumela Ntate Mutwa,

    Just wanna wish you a happy birthday, and thank you for the information that you have shared with us.

    Relebogile, Pula!!!

  • delwin

    we are really thankful for all the knowledge
    we wish to meet credo is he still alive and well

  • hi sir how r u? i have read about u. and filled proud. i m also” mutwa” living in bbAnni kutch gujarat India.

  • Balani

    Got hold of ‘Indaba My Children; from my rich bookstore(An array of stolen books laid accross the sidewalk of Soweto market in Lusaka!).This sirte seems to be the only informative source of info on the man, unless my internet conection is that bad. Please assist with suggestions of where i can get more info…

  • aubrey

    dear sir

    i am busy reading indaba my children written by this man.
    never in my life have i read such garbage,the time frames,the amount of people ingaged in all these so called wars, it would havebeen logisticlly impossible to undertake any of these so called wars.and the immortals leaves me dead cold.
    small wonder we have so many sick people in our society who beleive this hogwash.

  • blue mcleary

    I have met with Credo and Virgina since Sept. 911. I had the great pleasure and gift from God to be in their home on 911. I am an Africen American women who lives in the states and cares deeply for them. When I can I speak to others about Credo that I call the Dali Lama of Africa. I believe the world would be a better place if the people of Earthknew about Crdeo and Virgina.

  • A Hall

    Credo needs to tell his stories to the world. If there is a reporter out there that actually cares? Time is running out for him.

  • charles tutubala

    my uncle spoke about him everytime when i was young,iam a student at vut, i wud love to spend a day with him

  • Albert Mokopane

    I have always regarded Ntate Credo Mutwa highly. As a journalist and an African child, i would like to meet the old man. My wish is to meet him before he leaves this world. Unfortunately i dont know where he lives in South Africa. I listened to his interview on Motsweding FM two nights a go when he talked about how neglected he was and i was brought to tears!
    I live in Botswana and i hope any of you can lead me to the old. He is our African gift from God!

  • Lady H

    I would like to know what the titles of the other books are(aside from those listed on this website as I already own them)?

    Where can I find them?

    I believe Baba Mutwa has written at least 15.

    Please help

  • Otlotleng Segolabeng

    Hi all! Im a 22 year old Motswana from Libanon, Westonaria in the far west of Gauteng, South Africa, a engineering and related designs student at Vuselele FET College, Carletonville Campus and a researcher for Pioneer Productions, and slam poet from Afrikan Filosophaz.Im on a quest and i need answers to what is the purpose of existance.

    Can Ubaba Mutwa or anyone who has insight on such help me through my quest.

    I’d deeply appreciate it…(open for opinions)

  • Nisa

    Thank you Credo Mutwa for your important insights and experience. I am fascinated with your work. I am excited and angered about the terrible state of the world right now. These are some exciting times we live in. We must avoid tv and much of the media because it is a lie. Truth is stranger than fiction indeed. Thanks you Mr. Mutwa and continue to send out as much energy as you can to aid in our transformation. I hope you are living peacefully somewhere and enjoying your years.

  • mia

    we need to help the earth, the great mother to raise her vibration, thats the only way out. if all the electromagnetic forces of the earth is raised then those low-leveled backwards un-evolved beings will be smoked instantly. they won’t be able to survive it because they can’t ascend.

  • Ernie O

    The first step in the study of Ancient Wisdom is not the quest for knowledge, but the preparation of self to receive knowledge…
    Manly P. Hall

    There is no patent formula for the achievement of wisdom. All things grow and unfold…

    Ernie O has just left the building…

  • Malucci

    I heard from a friend aboput a particular South Africa whom in my search for intelligence in the Negroid race would support my quest. Fortunately this became a true source and a very much appreciated reference.

    Halala to a Biological-library with information documented and undocumented. Halala Shaman Credo Mutwa.

  • Vivian Musukutwa

    Dear Bba Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa please I need your contact details either your telephone phone numbers, mobile phone numbers or email address. I need to get intouch with you as soon as possible. Please responding to my email address thus : vivianmusuku@yahoo.com

    Kind Regards,


  • giuseppe saponara

    Egregio sig. credo mutwua io e mia moglie sentiamo il bisogno di conoscerla personalmente , come possiamo fare ? sono disposto a tutto per incontrarla mi dica come posso fare , grazie e buona vita .

  • Victoriano

    i am just an ordinary man from Angola, and believe to be an open minded person who is now living at england. I just wonder if there’s any way i can get iniciated by his sucessor…..

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  • kya

    I and my friend have just learned of credo from David ickes documentary. We were astounded by Credo and his intelligence. I could feel his enlightenment through the computer. I am completely thankful for credo and how he opened my eyes and answered so many riddles of history. We have so many questions for him and wish to email him. Can you tell me how to get in contact with him?

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  • nte

    i am truely touched by his work it is amazingly incredible.

  • Jan Shook

    We can & will help

  • Teliwe

    I was fortunate to spend an afternoon with Ntate Mutwa and Virginia in 2005. He was at the time recycling and melting aluminium cans and creating wonderous alien statues and other works of art out of them. Being in the couples' presence was enlivening, enlightening and invigorating. So glad to have found this site.

  • Zinzi

    hi, i am very interested in credo's history and the farm Vulindaba of which he speaks. Who is staying there and is it possible to lvisit the farm?

  • DJaho

    Everytime there is a situation in SA ,I refer back to his word.eg The murder of ET , The respond by our politician in SA

  • OfHumanDescent

    Credo, I pray you read this humble plea.

    You need to gather some young ones and teach them immediately the truths you carry within your heart. Not one, or two or three but at least a couple dozen.

    You are an old man and once you pass, much of your knowledge will be lost to all of us.

    Also, write, write, write, every day in every way write, write write, write write write down your knowledge. Please write all your thoughts, everything you were taught.

    Mother Earth needs you to leave us your wisdom.

    Humbly submitted.

  • vstz

    we are awakening, we are evolving, even with all the difficulties and obstacles prevail. Do not give up, please. Frenquentar have dreams about love, peace and spiritually advanced people I see in these dreams, I wake up the dream and this time I can feel free, I can feel the universe and can feel fear, love, pain that exists in this world. My perception and sensitivity is increasing daily. We are evolving!

    Like me, many are wasted.

    you've done good for someone today?

  • Thomas mhlotshane

    i realy dont knw what to say about this amizin think that you did.you know you are the most person we nee in our life coz our generation is realy lost.i saw and heard the amzin think that you have pridicted,it ws the feast time to go to the your cultureal village and i was touched.may god keep you for us



    It is more than the histoty it is more than readings but it is true african spirit, indaba gives the gist of african true meaning. I read the first book that called SONGS OF THE STARS written by ubaba Vusamazulu was inspired me and change my perception about Africa and the Bantu history, it encourages me to participate more in the community social services. I believe that if African child are fed by this kind of history its can be more different than what is happewning today. one day I believe that I myself push the words of baba and acts on it, I wish baba can still live more.

  • ntsikeleli mbekisa

    Thank you tata Mutwa, I pray that God keeps you for a very very long time.

  • This is a poem from our upcoming publication titled Ankh Chi Tao, which is a collection of 156 poems and 156 author's comments, we seek to share some insights on the word "spirit", do enjoy the read and watch out for the book when it's finish.

    Unholy Breath
    Spiritus… Spirit… Spirituality

    In the dishonors of She hear the sad story brought to you by his patriotic glories Living the imposed lies from the stories of wars the egos of men brilliantly shines Sybils-Sybils, Sybil not many remember thee the Black Doves who lead the blinds They were the ones who read the stars & the dimensional walls their truths is for all Now she fall before the indo-europeans stood tall they eradicated thy mothers of us all To escape her sights in the chambers of delights they changed their breath to anti-life Insight, for them to reach great heights no longer do they appease the natural appetite

    As the fraternities grew evilly strong the de rigueur of men’s religion sweep the lands Abstaining from her lace the priestly order tighten the social brace and extol the fakes The leaders of men the modern Romans gain popularity by ways of the evil germ-men Forgetting divine proportion again the neo europeans explored the hole of no solution Now the global mental thoughts of humans are polluted because the Divine gates of enlightenment is muted, after lootings & shootings the black doves learn three things Her womb no longer belong to she, she is not equal to he & god took the place of We

    Divine Mothers of might the Deities of light & the nights held her as Majestic rights In rites of the land a woman & woman is super-natural while men & men r unnatural Under misdirection’s it’s easy for continual living in errors than changing corrections The straw-man power the society of heavenly fathers contracts of delusional cowards Amengansie on U its intended social genocide as humanity progress in degeneration His objections unlawful defense discharging her wills with predatorial due diligence Adjusting the orifice with mistranslations, notice of understanding and evil intentions

    Dubious papal illegal fiduciary feigned claims to life & bills of exchange demonstrate Tis broken trust of controlling the equities of the plantations & carols of prostitutions Watching the evil eye a magic of the blinds using twisted sigils of the masterminds
    In the beginning there was no god, in the beginning there was only she the supreme Beings of wisdom & hyper-sensitivitie now living the dreams within dreams a scheme Whose reality are we the pleasure of men are dictated by greed so they circumcise she
    Spirituality is dishonor on she the sad stories brought to you by his patriarchal glories

    Spiritus coined for elite social status by ancient criminals living homosexual religious
    Lacking her morals brilliantly he shines living imposed lies with war he kills the mind

    Ashia:- Hotep:-Muri
    By [:Divine-Sovereign Great-Negro Ank Justice SteadySpear EI:]©®™
    contact@dankunlimited.com http://www.dankunlimited.com http://voicesofsovereignty.blip.tv http://www.voeveo.com/member/SteadyRecords http://divinesovereignanksteady.ning.com
    Artist@Large Poetic MC

  • Nicholas Lee

    When I first met Baba Credo Mutwa, we spoke, but on a very superficial level, and I became aware that he was doing what the people of South Africa so often do, which is to size up who they are talking to before anything really meaningful is said. When we were alone, and walking outside in the bush, he suddenly stopped, looked at me, and said 'Tell me doctor, why did you come to see me?' After a moment during which I groped for words, I simply said 'I came to learn'. 'Ah', he said, and suddenly the conversation changed and became very meaningful. Credo is one of those who has bridged the gap between the oral and written cultures by expressing African spiritual truths in the written idiom – an act that put his life in great danger from the traditionalists. All I know is that in spite of his humble surroundings, and the fact that he is greatly misunderstood by many people, I believe that he is one of the greatest spiritual leaders in the world today. Listen carefully to what he has to say, because it is the truth.

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  • William stillings

    wish i would have listen and researched your jan 7th thing… i did listen didnt research. 🙁

  • His Holiness Credo Mutwa, and whatever Shaman-Animist-wisemen of repute, should get together to create Africa’s OWN Holy Book so that African spirituality and spiritual practices will not be subsumed by Aramaic Christianity or Islam.

    Before he or any such people pass on , this could be the one great gift to humanity’s body of spiritual works.

    He and the other great religious men of African spiritual traditions could be the Prophets and Apostles of the African people for a true African religion and African faith and belief system.

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  • Credo Mutwa!!! Your wish for “the world to know that there is a faint ray of hope that emanates from South Africa” will be championed by THE US-AFRICAN HOUSENATION (check us out on: http://www.soulclapp.com)!

  • nontokozo

    ntate credo i also congratulate to for all all your hardwork we need people like you in our lives

  • Thanks for this site, Ramon. Baba Credo is such an asset to our country and to keep his words alive via this site is amazing.

  • emma

    mutwa credo you are such an inspirational man we know here in new zealand how you have been are still are treated by the whitees they are such hateful people those that sit their bums in government house pulling the strings new zealand treasure people of your knowledge we have some negative thinking whites here but they soon realise their hatred is not tolerated by us i hope your young people read about the many wonderful things you have accomplished and follow in your footsteps bless you always

  • God bles Credo 🙂
    Yo just 2 let u all know, Credo is having financial probs, so David Icke states 🙁 he is there right now,apparently they wanna take him out big time, so they have cut all his financial support.Hookup on david ickes website and donate 1pound euro dollar or anything im sure he has touched so many people in the world if we all just send a little he should be up and running, plz dont forget this man is holding it down for a whole family including 2 kids that lost there parents due 2 Aids.PLz help if u can,bank details are on Davids site (whats the risk if u send little huh=? this man must live on!!!! refuse 2 lose people in gods name 🙂 thank you all in advance and god bless

  • lydia

    TO DEAR CREDO MUTWA, I hope you read this message…Thankyou for being brave. Thankyou for being a humanitarian.Thankyou for seeing from your heart.Thankyou for your virtuous morality. Thankyou for your healing, Thankyou for sharing your wisdom.Thankyou for your vision.Thankyou for being a proud African.Thankyou for your suffering.Thankyou for being a guardian keeper.Thankyou for lighting the way through the darkest realms, others would not dare to tread- a brave soul you are! I have never met you, but I will never forget your great words of wisdom and teaching. I feel very sad to hear about your recent experiences, the shamanic path can never be easy. When you lose everything you hold as dear, it becomes even clearer to those around you the greatness you embody. You are truly special.
    You are in my thoughts. Lydia

  • Marianne Winter

    Yes, there is a faint ray of hope that emanates from South Africa still, but the way is getting lost unless there is more truth and honesty. Only the African people have enough love to make it, and they have a great responsibility to the world – greater than they know. It needs deep consciouness, deep truth and deep awareness. Don’t get lost on the way. The price has already been high enough.


  • Ndabambi

    Ase! Siyathokoza kubendlu yomz’onsundu. I also spoke with uBaba uCredo Vusamazulu Credo kaMutwa over the phone some two months ago. I even cried when He told me how much He was suffering. I agree that we should help our universal Master Teacher but let’s do it ourselves as South Africans, Africans and not wait for the west to do it through the likes of David Ickeses. This is my plea to the Black Nation. Namaste! Thokoza!

  • diony

    he came to this earth not to prove himself, not for fame or fortune but to carry on a legacy. A typical saint that is regarded with scepticism, and crucified for his intentions to do good. why is it that we turn deaf ears to the fables of africa – the cradle of mankind. his stories carry the wisdom of the ages that need to be documented and need ever so urgently, to be carried forward. if we cannot listen now, perhaps we can open our ears and eyes in the future? Yet we act so ignorantly until it is too late. I feel a depserate sense of the coming of the end for Natate Credo Mutwa and along with him all the treasures of the guardian of Africa. what are we to do?

  • It's very strange, but over the past few days I have been having thoughts about Credo Mutwa, his name kept poppin up in my mind.

    Anyway, I do hope he is alright.

  • mariam

    hullo,ive read so much about credo mutwa and his work with David icke.i salute you people for the bravery to expose and giving the world what it has been denied of.keep up.

  • Mandla Cindi

    Dumelang ma-Afrika.

    Ntate Credo I’m hournered to know the truth most especcially from a black African. We deserve to know the truth. I’m from a christian family and always been inquisitve since from childhood, we’ve been fooled by the system.people think i’m crazy when i tell them about the so called system but i know that one day they’ll get the message through their thick skulls. I may be not strong and powerful like Ntate Credo but I will fight with him to the end.

  • china moela

    ntate i really apreciate the khowledge that you share with the people,i also wish you long life

  • mpiyakhe nkomo

    my comment is that l need details contact of baba credit mutwa

  • jonathan charles smith

    To Credo
    I would appreciate an audience with you at a time that is good for you?
    When we meet I am sure you would know my soul!
    I am Jonathan Charles Smith son of Edward Charles Smith and Patricia Helen Stannard is my mother!
    In the concern for all life I thought you would be able to impart with myself and my father that which we are !
    With the blessings of the Most High we trust this to be acomplished!
    Yours sincerely
    Jonathan Charles Smith
    Our life is our work.
    We await your call to meet.
    Love peace and happiness for all life!

  • Elijah

    It has been very enlightening to hear the words of the Great Elder. There are questions that I would very much like to ask of him, any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

  • zweli

    all i want to know is, are we ruled by the Americans, and their power of techno? is our president taking orders from the kings and queens of the state of America? is South Africa been taken by rich and evil people, is SA GOING DOWN THE ROUTE OF EVIL MONEY, SOLD TO REPTILES

  • Pebble208

    Does anybody know what Credo Mutwa’s spiritual path is?

    • Please explain your question better and I will try my best to answer. What I know is that he was raised Christian. And at some point embraced African traditional beliefs and practises as a sangoma. It does not seem compatible to be both Christian and Sangoma as the belief in Ancestors and their influence in our lives conflicts with a fanatical belief in Jesus Christ.

  • EnKI

    Is there a point in fighting The Superpower? Todays humanity makes me ashamed to be Human! Even the animals have a look of pity towards us.

  • I am working on a township lifestyle community magazine and would like to reflect a lot on the issues on religion and spirituality in particular from the African persepective. Recent studies show that 70% of South Africans consult traditional healers or witch doctors.I would like to interview the Zulu Shaman, where do I find him?

  • sizwesamantshali mtshali

    thokoza baba thokoza dlozi .baba credo’s verbal lictrcure shud be documented by our a nc lead gov if they know whats good 4 them as our mdlozi protected them in lusaka ,london .swaziland and every where in exile thokoza baba 0727431871

  • nomsa

    Baba Sawubons i know you very well ,my granny worked with you very closely Ms Dorah Phooko,Ngikuphuphe unginika imali Two R5 coins what was that Baba

  • siphokazi

    hi guys you all talk nice about Baba Credo but no one has his contact details i think it will be good if we can all get his contact number for us who have problems to contact him please im tired of these Sangomas that are playing with people i need a real thing from Baba Credo please help while God is still keeping him in this earth.

    • Gift Serero

      Baba Credo Mutwa, you’re a true son of the soil, enlightened African. Thank you for preserving the knowledge of our people and continuing to share and to lead us out of darkness, ignorance to enlightenment. Long Live! Ntate Mutwa Long Live!

    • portia

      I love the wisdom baba Credo is having, i have gone the process of becoming a healer but sometimes life can be difficult as if i done something wrong yet i have not but i like helping people instead

  • ntaoleng

    thokoza baba credo. i really your contact details so that you can help me through this confusion.
    god bless you

  • patric moetlhoa

    ke a dumedisa ntate mutwa. i followed durin gyour days im north west/mafikeng when at some point you were lamenting they way the homeland leaders were not taking care of nature. how sad of them. in you i see the calabash of wisdom.pity some of us do not have a collection of your literature and daily updates on your wonderful activities. wew really need that. is there any foundation ya ntate/institute or something? although you are placed somewhere( i dont even know how do we ensure taht everybody benefits from your wealth of knowledge. maybe provincial structures could help keep the home fires burning. any suggestions of the literature about you and related stuff. From desparate.

  • kele

    I found this inpiring indeed. God bless credo for his work and relentless and uwavering strenght and spirit. I think he live somewhere i Kuruman. Regards and be all blessed

  • Joshua

    Humanity wont get another human as angelic as mutwa. Certainly has had alot of trouble with curious people.
    I am not permitted to speak of his great knowledge. But when he is gone humanity would have suffered a very great loss. It upset’s me greatly to see uneducated peoplemake remark’s about him. When they know nothing about him.
    Mkulu i will always love you forever.

  • Tuningknowledge

    Sir. Credo Mutwa, thank you oh so very kindly for being brave and putting this information together for us. I pray that you are blessed with good health, people who what to learn all that you know. I will do my part and pass this along to as many people who are ready (minds elevated enough to receive and comprehend) to receive the knowledge.

  • efie

    I started to research more about about Credo Mutwa after reading this website: http://www.ayahuascaceremony.com and meeting an amazing African Healer called Rain Queen Mother, who literally saved my life.

    I wish the best of health to this esteemed Elder.

    • Tlhapi

      Is it you Xoli?

  • nthabiseng

    pls help me get in contact with the old man as my life is spiraling out of control and im being told that i need to be a traditional healer and yet there are some unanswered questions. Pls help

  • zinhle

    I also need contact details for Baba Credo Muthwa.I have a terrible pain in my right leg, went to fortune tellers and they told me that it is my grandmother who wants me to be a Sangoma. Guys this is so frustrating…. Please Credo help me, i need to get some clarity.
    If anyone has his contact details please post it on this site.

    Love you all,

  • lenka

    Hi all
    Can someone please provide me with contact details to order vulindaba medicine.

  • Ntokozo

    Sanibonani. Ngidinga ulwazi mayelana nendaba yesibongo. My Parents never got mkarried, both of them have passed away, I grew up using my mother’s surname together with my sister. I’m awarethat there was a traditional ceremony celebrated for me and my sister called (imbeleko)apparantly to introduce us to my father’s family and ancerstor, but still we continued to use my mothes surname, later on my younger broter was born, and he used my Father’s surname. Now i am preparing to get married, and confused with the issue of the surname, whether i should continue to use my mother’ssurname or use my father’s surname. what does culture dictate, does it affect my ancestors, will it affect my children. Can someone offer me sound advice, and share some clarity on this matter???

  • Ntokozo Shandu

    Sanibonani. Ngidinga ulwazi mayelana nendaba yesibongo. My Parents never got mkarried, both of them have passed away, I grew up using my mother’s surname together with my sister. I’m awarethat there was a traditional ceremony celebrated for me and my sister called (imbeleko)apparantly to introduce us to my father’s family and ancerstor, but still we continued to use my mothes surname, later on my younger broter was born, and he used my Father’s surname. Now i am preparing to get married, and confused with the issue of the surname, whether i should continue to use my mother’ssurname or use my father’s surname. what does culture dictate, does it affect my ancestors, will it affect my children. Can someone offer me sound advice, and share some clarity on this matter???

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  • chuck flood

    You can feel credos truth deep within the soul there are many in our world who would do anything to keep all truths hidden. May he be blessed for carrying the truth and trying to enlighten a world where money power and every evil vice has taken over the thought processes of man. The evil powers are trying to gain total control over everyting in the world. The light will win out and evil darkness will not prevail. There are light bearers who are willing to fight and win..

  • Dear Credo Mutwa, thankyou for sharing your life’s experience into the hidden world and history history of Africa, your knowledge has been learned and earned the hard way.
    With respect and love to you, l hope you do get better too.

  • That is = hidden history, l always stuff up a word or two in a comment, sorry.

  • Maureen

    Sir, I would like very much to meet you. Your knowledge is amazing and I would love a chance to hear you speak in person. I wish you a speedy recovery so you can continue your important work.

  • I am a white South African,and i like millions of other white South Africans,have nothing but love and utter respect for Credo Mutwa.I cannot understand how some people in other countries can come to the conclusion that white South Africans do not love and respect our treasure Credo Mutwa.I hope you get out of hospital soon and my love thoughts and spirit are with you allways.

  • What hapend to the coment i pasted on 19 may 2011

    • It was only approved today Gary. See below and let me know.

  • Armin P Czernilofsky

    Thanks you for the book; I truly hope Mutawas activities and books will help many white people, often too arrogant to bother, for a better understandig of the black people – I wish you the very best and congratulate you

  • I just want to thank Mister Credo Mutwa for his wisdom and wonderful revelation of the hidden mysteries of our world. A beautiful peaceful and wise aura surrounds this man.

  • Gary Cooper

    To all the people that dont believe what David Icke says about uderground sacrifices,please read national geographic february 2011 page 104. If you do not have a copy,you can easily get a back copy from any reputable book shop.I asure you it is real and horyfying.The walls consist of sculls and other bones under paris.

  • Michael Klemm

    Best wishes, dear Credo Mutwa,
    and thanks for all you did, to awake the human race.
    Time is now !


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  • Dear Mutwa and Michael,

    I have a vague feeling that …it’s all about the money. Sorry if I am wrong. Definitely, in case of David Icke, that is true, he’s selling fantasies for money.

    Now, about Sumerian and Sitchin, perhaps we should read a little more at:

    Nothing bad about deads…..But, he is wrong!!!

    • mashack

      we are all entitled to opinions but do not come with your weak unfound comments to discredit honorable men who dedicated their lives into freeing people from a mental prison. who sent you? Sitchin gained a lot of ridicule for revealing the significance of South africa in the Genesis of man.Uzoncama, sana, if you came here to push unfound eurocentric propaganda that has been shoved down our brains by force. weel it is not surprising that some of you have turned into its obedient and adamant coves who reject the truth if it comes from Africa.

      • Thank you for being vigilant Mashack. I’m not always around as the Webmaster.

  • mashack

    all races of earth resemble various space beings is it true that Mzungu made chinese by mating with black women and Apollo made whites.? is it true that there are very loving Mzungus and Apollos who treasure mankind and aid us day and night from the renegade ones.
    was it some African occultists who actually petitioned psychicly for the white race to rise from dormancy so that the evil cult could be sustained. we know in all races there are good and bad people so is the white race. Is it lizard who wants blacks to hate their own children through the affliction they experienced at their confused hands? If so then unconditional love will mostly cure them from their vexation. Hate is a weapon of Zilawuli, ma-Africa and fellow planetorians and love is from the Almighty Umbaba ,Nkulunkulu so let us lov one and ones in this house called earth.
    It is my belief that Africans could not be beat by anyone not even with guns or nuclear, it was, Umbaba who gave us over. Something within Ubuntu went wrong.
    In your Video talking about how the Zilawuli’s gave men speach and problems ensued, that is so in line with the bible. I think Moses got the knowledge of Genesis from the Bantus in Egypt who got it from a Shamanic source much less like yours. It is Just that with christianity brainwashing compels people to deny information from people labeled as nonchristians, these would even deny christ, I am sure if their trusted white priests command them so. The old testament where the whole bible is based was not written by any of the christians in fact, Christ was not even one. Moses was a ‘Shaman’ High priest and hgraduate in Bantu magic hence the knowledge of the Bantus aqbout creation he copied. maybe when I say Bantu people will be confused. The word Kemit, meaning ‘Black” is by no coincidence the same as ‘Kamotho’. Moses was from the waters and his name related to that, is Manzisi or Manzini far from even the sound.
    Is the spell so terrible that we africans not hear that the word India is Isintu, especially Indus. Is it part of the plan that our children rebel and we disown them just like that. Will Umbaba the creator of all not ask the black ones first of what went wrong with the earth? All blacka can feel the aura of Indians that it is closer to Africans more than any race but because psychic things are discouraged it is hard to read the vibrations for many. Their goaty hair is the sign of the separation but all earthlings are linked to Africa. the word India is Inya for Nyama meaning black. These races in south Afrika should revealtheir languages to us as Zulu is a perfection of Nguni an international Bantu linguawe will be able to pierce the veil of the Nimrodic tongue that was spoken by all on earth.

  • Trevor Barrett

    South Africa needs your support to combat the Rhino poaching problem, we heard you last on SA TV 20 years ago describing the nonsesce responce from taking Rhino horn.

    Please contact me if you can help us at OSCAP

    Kind regards


  • Locus

    Please help me get in contact with Credo Mutwa as my life is out of control and i desperetly need his help iv been told that i need a traditional healer and yet there are some unanswered questions. I need to come and visit him…….Pls help

  • Tshehla Lephuthing

    Ntate Motwa ke motho wa bohlokwa, sechaba se ya mohloka. Ntate Modimo ke rapela ho a mmoloke.

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  • your a fraud

    get this website off you fraud its nothing to do with credo!

  • Die a painful death

    Shut it down!

  • Jonoo1

    official website???? are you sure!!!

  • TheoCcupier

    This website is against the wishes of Credo himself and there is no contract between you, Credo and David Icke. SHUT THIS WEBSITE DOWN IMMEDIATELY!

  • machinegunkelly

    I dont understand why the creator of this web site does not contact credo mutwa to discuss or resolve the problem at hand. If no contact made then this site has malicious intentions.

  • thommo

    You are a fraud. You have nothing to do with Credo.

  • A

    taking 10 dollars from each person when you are an unofficial page is very dishonest!!!!!

  • bardome

    You are a fraud!!!

    You are soliciting money under false pretenses,

    What goes around comes around and you will recieve in full that which you have put out.

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  • You Have Bad Intentions

    What are you trying to achieve with this? Make your money else where. Credo said to shut it down so shut it down now. Respect his instructions.

  • me

    If Credo does not want this website and since it’s about him then have some respect and take it down!

  • bardome

    Motivational speaker?

    How about you motivate youself to make your own money and not grubbing pennies on the back of a 90 year old man, you creep.

  • one-voice

    This site is not supported by Credo and you have been asked to take it down. You are no better than a con artist preying on a much loved and vulnerable old man to make money. I can only see an overwhelming support for you to take this site down.

  • Shaman 1

    You know, people like you make this world challenging. I mean, really? You run a dishonest site, of a man who never, ever, intended to have you run this site. Davd icke has emailed you to stop in Creado’s behalf and yet you go on anyways, and you expect people to pay you? GTFO

  • interdimensional relocater

    i like it guys and girls i’m with you.. … Ramon take down this page .you are dishonest liar. Credo does not want anything to do with this page… so its not official and he does not want it… That makes you a liar

  • NrKy

    Shame on you, using Credo Mutwa as a way to earn advertising revenue and claiming to keep it open due to ‘popular demand’… pfft, popular demand for your sweet phat google advertising cheques!

  • bardome

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  • cherry

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  • Edgar

    Credo does not agree with what is happening with this website; you are a fraud and you are taking money from people to fund this fraudulent website. This is a disgrace.

  • Dibbler3

    Just where did the “‘overwhelming request to keep the website open” come from then, aye???

  • Stop causing pain dude karma will make u suffer STOP

  • You will lose your speech

  • PJ

    Your a crook,and you know it, a bad one at that! I’ll be telling everyone I know about you and spreading the news via blogs.

  • Jan-Åke Jönsson

    Ramon Thomas, please take your site down as it is Credo Mutwas specified request.

    • Credo Mutwa has not called me. Every single time I was in his house in Kuruman he asked me to ensure nobody turns me into his enemy.

  • TheHunter

    A message for you Ramon…imagine the public humiliation when people stand up and confront you in one of your speaking engagements. Think on that a while my friend. Your day is coming. You have been exposed and you will be exposed further to your utmost humiliation. You are a crook. Your time will come.

  • joshua

    1Jn 4:1 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.
    1Jn 4:2 Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God:
    1Jn 4:3 And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.

  • Ramon – You suck!

  • Bill Hest

    If this was approved by Credo it would be fine , but you were asked to take it down because he didn’t . How hard is it to understand ? You are a real fucking dick , and a fraud .

  • hugh G Rexion

    if you were requested to take it down politely, the proper thing to do would be to take it down. Be a man and respect others wishes..

    • Dear Hugh please read the numerous comments of people who never would have known Credo Mutwa exists and tell me whether I must still close it down?

  • k.a’

    if it wasnt for this site i would have no knowlege of credo…im glad i found this site and its not the only one so get off his back !!!

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  • Scott sofi

    It wouldn’t be such a bad idea to listen to these people and have some self respect!

    Why suffer


    how can i contact Credo privately

    • Dudu you can drive to Kuruman and speak to him there where he lives.

  • It is wonderful to know that some people out there are interestested in conserving our identity and what god has created us to be Africans. Sons and daughters of the soil let us take our positions to stand up and start knowing who we are.


  • everzwijn

    Dear Sangoma How are you today Respect !

    I am happy to read you are proud of your Zulu Backround I am touched by your life story . I am So happy to get to know more of you. I believe in your healer gifts
    Kind regards

    Amsterdam – the Netherlands.

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  • Miki2X33

    Does anyone know who is actually running this website & then soliciting funds?

  • Ismael Ogando

    It is shameful how people keep on milking profit out of this man.

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  • Katherine McChesney

    This asshole ate a human hand to get supernatural powers. He is a son of satan himself.

  • Katherine McChesney

    Credo is a satanist.

  • Katherine McChesney

    Yes it is. Credo is a cannibal who ate a human hand you jackass.

  • Katherine McChesney

    Credo IS malicious. He ate a human hand for supernatural powers. He’s a cannibal.

  • Katherine McChesney

    troll….troll. troll.

  • Katherine McChesney

    Credo wants to eat you because he is a cannibal.