This page has some articles about Credo Mutwa from external sources. I cannot reprint these articles due to respect for those other friends of Credo Mutwa who’ve taken the time and effort to share their experiences and understanding with us.

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  • Elsa Smith

    Please can someone call me urgently on:
    (031) 267 0685 or Sally on the same number.
    regarding a project we may be doing in KZN on Zulu myths for Dept. of Arts & Culture.
    We feel that the great man can be involved and also maybe earn some well deserved income.
    Many thanks

  • Johan Erasmus


    I require Credo Mutwa to contact me urgently. We last had contact in 1984/5 before I left for the Congo/Zaire

    Johan Erasmus

  • matthew craig

    i am awake im not afraid i have a daughter theres no future in the new world order for her all of california crops are gone the axis is tilting survival of the human race is now apone us
    my message is unbelievable
    at the age of 3 i new dinosaure names 10 years before they were found
    at the age of 4 i would rub my hands together and touch people when they had head aches or minor injurys
    my dad tought the devil was helping me and i was becoming demonic
    took i.q. tests scored off the charts took it again and scored 145 but i was bad in school not as in dumb but i didnt like school i never did the pleadge of alliegence but i did like sports i liked basketball i had to learn in school to play basketball so i didnt play forced to go to church i didnt feel spiritual i felt like i was a bad person because of cen but then they told me some died on a cross for my cen i learned more about the bible and less about the church at 18 and stopped going i then studied the qua’ran studied budism henduism jewish traditions catcholic traditions all of them felt wrong or something wasnt write i mentally fought with my spiritual self untill i saw credo mutwa and david icke people like jordan maxwell michael tsarion pointed me in the write direction 5 months ago started listening to coast to coast more in more information then i said fine. i will learn different languages starting with the jewish languages then hewbrew i no a little spanish a little french now what has ecknowledge me the most i’ve learned aramaic egyption and aztec languages i found out were going by the wrong amount of months wrong amount of hours in a day
    WOW how f***** up is that sept is really the 1st moths the sign of virgo that means aug is the last month whats oct, nov and dec 10 11 and 12 its hard to do i no trust me but thats what we are surpose to go by any way thats just 1 of the things i dont care i researched the guy who came up with the 24 hour 12 month calender hes children some who poffed and died with his wife then his mom was about to be killed for whitch craft which she was and he worshiped the reptilliens “lepards of the world” my blood line goes back to zulu tribes and indian tribes

  • santiago aponte

    I just read Mathew Craiges message and it moved me to make this reply. I was born in Colombia brought to America raised in utah. My father being Catholic then converting to mormonism. As a child I never liked to go to church. A little after 8yrs. of age I never went. I grew up very fast and got into some trouble at a young age. I questioned what this country did to Native Americans. I looked at the big buildings in all the major cities and see no 13th. floor and seeing nothing but minority ghettos surrounding them and rich white folk going to work. My father introduced me to The Biggest Secret a book by David Icke wich introduced me to Credo Mutwa and it all made sence. I understand the sickness of the 12:60(12month 60min)–THE PEOPLE OF THE SUN ARE COMING BACK AGAIN–
    The Maya Calender has been much of a motivation and influence in my life.
    It would be AMAZING to be able to meet
    CREDO MUTWA my heart goes out to him


    (with great love and devotion)

    P.S. Thank you for wisdom your message is being touched by many souls in the middle of babylon!

    • Marie

      I just read matthew craigs reply as well as this and I must say I also feel and have felt the same way and have had similar experiences. I am also psychic. I would like to talk to others about their experiences. I guess you can say I am trying to find my way to a higher spiritual realm than whats on earth. To take my soul in a more peaceful existence and to also understand what I am, why I am, and what is my overall purpose for being here.

  • Mthandazo

    i just read all that is above my little 2bob comment and noticed that non reali belonged to them who it pertains to……….. black south africans. it just shows how right Jan van Riebek was, “if u want to hide sumting 4rm a black man, write it in a book. asi fundeni bafowethu. Mthandazo Xhego

  • Dear Credo Mutwa and David Icke, you must know Corrado Malanga, he is an italian psychologist that invented the S.I.M.B.A.D. a way to wipe out parasites forever from the mind of the people. Our allies in this struggle are:

    -The raising of Schumann Resonance
    -the S.I.M.B.A.D. by corrado malanga

    Please read about him, he wrote “alien cicatrix” and know SO MANY THINGS about aliens, even more then Credo Mutwa himself, because he took these information directly by the souls (yes, the souls, the light-point-matrixes, not just the minds) of the abductee he met.
    his email is , before writing anything to him just translate and read alien cicatrix

  • Thank for all the excellent comments on this page. I am updating the content of this website after meeting Credo Mutwa for the first time in April 2008. That meeting has inspired me to continue to spread the world about him and his work.

  • I am really interested to know more about Credo Mutwa as I have heard his name spoken by my mother with great respect. I am on my own spiritual journey now and I would like to know more about “reptilians”
    I found this site quite extra-ordinarily! A fellow student is about to meet with Credo Mutwa in the Karoo. I have a place on this stage.

  • Jason

    The above link to corrado malanga’s work is in italian. does anyone know how to access the english version? I cannot find a webpage in a language I can understand. Best wishes. If you like credo check out this alex collier,,,,,

  • Jason

    MONTALK.NET good info on the alien subject and the controllers are not who you think they are. The serpents are subservient to another race of aliens. The rabbit whole keeps getting deeper !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Theresa

      Helpful tip — thanks! I checked out the website … very interesting.

  • -KasaY-

    (blushing)don’t worry all.
    Time and Space are Sorry ass bounty-hunters…

    see you on the next awakening. Cheers;…

  • davies

    kindly email prophesies about rsa & mbeki.
    your site is informative.

  • Meta Andrews

    Hello Credo,
    My road to awareness was filled with so many shops on the roadside, left and right. Passed by at your shop Credo.
    And finally my encounter with the reptillians so far has been more good than unpleasant.

    The illussionay reptillians here on earth, to my understanding, are not representative of the whole complete loving draco-world or those at the Orion command…just like drugs-sex and booze is not representative of the whole of this planet or Mars-equivalent.


  • Randy Lowe

    I first discovered you after reading your interview with Rick martin on Return of The StarGods. You’ve been through a lot. It must be pretty bad how you know so much and many around you are ignorant. People try too much to use science to explain things, because science at the moment is incapable of explaining everything in our world.

  • Jonathan Burgess

    I have really enjoyed reading the comments here! Thanks for being so open-minded friends! I am desperate to meet this extraordinary man and spend some time with him. Im from Johannesburg, South Africa, but I dont have a clue as to how I would go about contacting him. If anybody knows of a way, or wouldnt mind me tagging along if there are plans to see him in the future, please please please let me know. I would really appreciate it, thanks, and Peace!!!

  • dex/england

    a pleasure reading these coments,discovered credo through reading and watching david ikce,these men are real crusaders!!!!!

  • dan hoskins

    My son and I are just learning of the true origins of life. I am 39 , he is 17, we live in so. calif and are witness to goverment, industry and machine guarding their veil of deception. Blood lines run deep, hopefully were not part of it. We’re both caucasion and feel like our race is more part of the problem rather than the solution. Listening to the words of Credo Mutwa and those of David Icke we just want to pack up our stuff, get a 10 year supply of provisions, find a cave , raise our spiritual awareness , and survive the catacalysmic events about to unfold as the planet Nibiru passes thru our solar system in the next three or four years. My God be with you all.

  • Amitakh Stanford at her site,
    also reveals alot about the Anunnaki Remnants, and
    the allegiances amongst the various subordinate groups of Aliens…

  • Michael and Kwitu

    Hello to you all, my girlfriend Kwitu have been observing and listening to Credo Mutwa for just over a year, but have been researching the cloak and dagger deceptions and secret manipulations being inflicted on us all for a few years. Credo Mutwa’s words struck a major chord with us when we watched his interview with David Icke, and, like so many people, we are discovering so many things each and every day. If it were not for people like Credo Mutwa and people throughout history who have passed on these truths, we would be doomed, but, with infinite love and gratitude for these bravest of men and women, we are awakening and remembering so much. Thank you Credo Mutwa

  • Jonathan

    I found your poem on Barack interesting and I have only started opening my mind to the creator more. I found the reference to Judas interesting. I found it interesting because Judas just did his job as he was created and intended for by the creator. Unless of course Judas never existed. Is Barack just doing his job as he was created to do? Is he carrying out the will of the creator? Is he intended to betray? Ah yes Saint Judas. Also embraced and loved by Jesus. Was Jesus the son of the Creator? Was Jesus put here by a loving Creator “God” knowing that only some would find solace in him? While others will find solace in another? Could God be that loving? Or could God the Creator allow this to take place so that billions will be slaughtered throughout time? Is there a Creator? Are we creations of a creator. Where did we the universes and all that is in it come from. Is anyone an authority on anything? Does anyone really know anything? And if they think so how can one be sure? I don’t know.

  • starkid76

    Hello Peoples!

    Two quick questions.

    1. how can I get back to moon time if you know what I mean?

    2. Where can I get a copy of the creation story told by Credo Mutwa. I watched his reptilian agenda interview with david icke and listened to him on coast to coast, but would like to know the story in full. It blows my mind, but believe it i do… The fact that the reptilians were cast out of earth etc strikes a cord with me and not the fact that they are ebe’s as most people think.

    What pains my heart the most is that credo has not yet found a successor to pass his knowledge on to and that it is in danger of being lost. What a noble mission in life it would be to be his understudy.

    Thank you for your time and comments in advance and god bless!

  • eric


  • Dimmenico

    Just a question,

    Is there any posibility that one can find the event listing for Baba Mutwa, public appeances, radio talk shows or any other event. Where one can go to in the posibility of meeting him?

    Thank you,

  • Geraldo

    Sir Credo Mutwa, A very Brave man… I must say. I have read and studied this subject for over twenty years now, have seen many ufo's and many strange things happen on this earth, mostly in churches, those which many religions on earth would say that Revelations has come into being, Christians and Muslims would call this spiritual, but I tell you, that this is real flesh and blood, we are up against, we all need to warn the people of this earth, that they are in the flesh, and not as ghosts as they so believe it to be.

  • Kenny

    What will happen to the World in 2012

  • Mosebo

    May you kindly E-MAIL me predictions and prophesies made by Ntate Mutwa aswell as names of books he has written and where to find them.Ke a leboga!

  • Benjamin Kwame

    Something happened to me in 1996 that I would love for it to be explained to me by Baba Mutwa.I was staying in my grandmother’s house in Ashanti New Town/Kumasi,
    a city in Ghana/West Africa with my daughter,who was almost five years.One afternoon,
    I was sleeping when I heard my daughter crying and calling to me.There were so many empty rooms in my grandmother’s house so I woke up and rushed through the rooms
    searching for her.When I came to the last room,I saw her with a being,smallish and all yellow.Its eyes were dark,glass like and oval shaped. It had four small fingers and no hair.There was nothing to show of its gender whether male or female and this thing was holding my daughter’s hand.I was afraid at first but when my daughter started crying,I became very angry and I rushed at the thing.It drew back pulling my daughter with it.I could see that my daughter was very scared so I asked the thing”what are doing with her?”.It had a small nose but it was sort of pressed down
    and the mouth was a small slit.Then it spoke, not with the mouth but into my head.
    It said”i am just playing with her”.Wow,I became more afraid but I wanted my daughter to know that I was there for her so I rushed again at the thing and this time,
    I wanted to hold it and smash it against the wall.But it did something that I will never forget.It just went through the wall and was gone.I went to my daughter and the thing began to laugh in my head haha haha.I shouted,”if you want to play with her,give
    me money to look after her”.There was a mouse hole in the room and it told me to
    put my hand in the hole.It was a small hole so I forced my hand into it and something fell into my hand.It was very yellow,the size of a golf ball but it was so hot that I dropped it.When it fell to the ground,it vanished and the thing again laughed in my head.I took my daughter back to my room and I later told a friend about it.last year,
    I saw at youtube David Icke’s interview with Baba Credo Mutwa and in the videos,he was holding a sculptor of the yellow thing that I saw.I would like to know where it came from.There were some strange things that happened to my daughter when she
    was growing up.In school,she was always first in her class.She is grown up now but I still want what happened that day explained to me.

  • mdakonu

    Nuk paa mdakonu I am mdakonu 90% of ancient egyptian and kemetic coptic-greeco-roman or turkish translations I use twa and luo languages to translate to medtu-neter (mdotointl) metu or medu or meda or meta means language and means best I will producing a book explaining (mdotointl) math biology chemistry and physics on my next message I wil give count and time

  • matthew craig

    I am teaching medtu neter not using e a walis budges translation but using luo and twa the language and meaning that have been produced are false egyptology

  • Mdakonu

    Nuk paa Mdakonu egyptology is false in translation and false about there neter neteru neter or netcher is where the word nature came from medu means word neter nature and medu neter was created by tehuti or thoth medu or medtu is mdotoi ntl and tehuti is very long jchozoueaatoi more important what it means people say amen ra is the sun god then aten ra is the sun god how could this be when abydos is the city of the sun and we call it abdu and that means sun god is ntr or ntl abduntr or abduntrt sun god sun goddess now aten or etn sounds like eaten etn is the hands coming from the sun but it is not the sun you will not see etn with ntr next to it etnra meanssingle cell of that which is infront of it

  • Lauden Kirk

    What fastenates me the most is every one seems to have the great need to voice there opinion. What will be will be. There is no rush.