Birthday Wishes

On July 21, 2012 Credo Mutwa turns 91 years old. Please post your messages here. I will do my best to send it to him or read it to him over the phone on his birthday.

Incoming search terms:

  • Happy earthday We would need to see you elder, great works await us, also thanks for being an inspiration to helping me wakeup from deep sleep

  • Happy Earthday Bright One

  • Happy birthday to My African Father.

    Baba Mutwa, I love you. I send my prayers to you often from here in the US. I have listened to your prophecies and read Indaba My Children. Thank you for having the courage to tell the rest of the world the wisdom of your forefathers.

    Thank you for the red poppy flower. Thank you for the Necklace of Mysteries. I have much respect for you, dear One.



  • Philip lam chun hung

    Happy birthday !!! i am a chinese man ! i totally believe in what you saying ! you are such a vert smart and amazing person ! i wish the best health for you !

  • Sune Saunders

    May countless blessings be bestowed upon you on your Birthday and upon your precious life on earth dearest Great One.
    May you dwell amongst us in health and abundance, for our sake and the sake of our beloved Africa.
    May I be granted the opportunity to sit at your feet before this year is out Oh Keeper of The Mysteries.
    Blessings Blessings Blessings.

  • Vigela (as Credo named me)

    Dearest Baba, I might live up to the name you have given me. You are always in my thoughts and I will learn to levitate!!! With all my love to you and Virginia, Sonja Vigela

  • Angelina

    Happy birthday and be blessed! May you have a cheerful, healthy and a loving year!

  • Very big fan of your work, Sir. Just wanted to wish you happy, happy birthday and wish you many more. I am not a big believer in the supernatural but I do send my bestest “good vibes” out to you, I hope you can recover the Necklace of the Mysteries.

  • Nomthandazo Krawe

    Thank you tata for being an inspiration. It has been a long time since i heard anything about thanks to this website so that i can read more about you. I so wish that most of our superiors could come to you for help because most of the teachings that you thought are now realistic.

    Keep shinning and Let your ancestors continue guiding you.

  • Andile

    Baba Credo
    i’m having difficulties in my Life, and with all the so called spiritual Healer out there. Its not helping.
    Happy Be lated Birthday. my Birthday is Today.

  • Mogau

    Happy Belated Dear Vusamazulu.. I hope the Lord may bless you with many more years to come!! I have so much respect for you,even thought you may never see this message I hope you already know that your message is being heard and being acknowledged all over the world even from teenagers here in south africa .. I wish we had more people like you in this world!! Well wishes!!

  • Marc

    Happy Belated Birthday from Florida, USA
    I learned about you from David Icke’s Interview with you “Secret Agenda”

    You are a VERY SPECIAL Human Being!

    Long Life to You!

  • Gabriel Serlenga

    I am thankful I have discovered you and to have found men like you still exist in this world of evil. I am an American citizen, living deep in the belly of the beast devouring the matter and souls of this planet. You have helped to awake me to the reality of our plight, the common enemy every human being faces whether we know it or not. All I can say in my meager words is that I truly wish you well in the remainder of this life, and if there is any true justice in this Universe, you will find the eternal peace you deserve when you leave this vale of tears. ????, in Cherokee … I love you.

  • Kia Ora Credo
    Thank you for your guidence wisdom and message of love and forgiveness, and thank you for being here amongst us.

    Kiri Key
    Maori (NZ)

    • Kiaora Credo, with a heavy heart i read of your Africa thru your words and experience, please see our kohangareo (pre school language nests) and Kura Kaupapa Maori (fully immersed in Maori language primary schools) as an example of rebirthing language and tradition. with much much humble love Kiri