Meetings with an remarkable human being: Credo Mutwa is the highest ranking sangoma in Southern Africa and possibly the world. You have the unique opportunity of meeting him for two days every only. We no longer do set dates every month and plan around your schedule.  The best is for you to organise 3-4 people and share the costs.

This monthly trips includes the following:

  • Travel from Johannesburg to Kuruman on Saturday departing 6am from Rivonia
  • Accommodation in Guesthouse (single or double)
  • Guided tour of Temple of Peace & the Credo Mutwa AIDS hospital
  • Afternoon Group session with mama Virginia & baba Credo
  • Sunday Morning: Private Sessions with baba Credo (9am-1pm)
  • Depart Kuruman back to Johannesburg on Sunday after lunch 3pm latest.

You are welcome to take photos and record videos within limits of being reasonable.

This package is R1,500 per person. It’s easy to book, simple send a request through the contact page and I’ll the banking details for the deposit. International visitors may use Paypal to make payment. To avoid confusion, please note that this fee goes towards the travel and the accommodation and is not a donation to the hospital.

INTERNATIONAL VISITORS should book a return flight arriving on Friday in Johannesburg, departing on Monday evening. You can stay with the


  • February 25-26


  • RJ Thomas, FNB Cheque 62053494515
  • Sandton City code 254605
  • ref. YOUR CELL

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  • Magalane Phoshoko

    This is a gr8 opportunity we’ve been waiting for.It is a gr8 privilidge to meet one of our greatest thinkers, Sanusi, artist, poet.This is highly knowledgeable individual with such a massive information we all ought to know

  • dee

    Once in a lifetime opportunity to meet someone who opened my eyes to the reality of the world we live in. His words of wisdom allowed me to seek further knowledge.

  • andisiwe RAMORAKE

    am interested in the 18th and 19th trip
    much more convinient opposed to the previously
    suggested one during february,due to the
    business womens forum i have in EVATON.

  • This is an opportunity for!!! I will grab it with both hands.

  • James

    Very interesting. June may look promising.

  • Thank you very much for the information.

  • Please be patient. I will do a bulk email to everyone who’v emailed me shortly with updated pricing and costs.

  • meshach

    i have great respect for crewdo and i have not even spoke 2 him myself, a chance 2 meet a person who cares and try soo hard for a change in this world, would be emotional an motivating.

  • fania

    I am wondering how much of the 1500 rand will be donated directly to Baba and the AIDS clinic?


    • Fania it depends on the costs. I rent a vehicle, pay for the guest houses including breakfast. This leaves a small percentage for them. The bigger the group, the more can be allocated to them. The prices for accommodation and fuel change all the time time. Remember this is not a way to raise funds, rather to connect people with them in an organised way. Any other questions?

  • hlulani

    Hi, this is a great opportunity to meet remarkable man, I am I would also like to meet him on a future project, so what I want to know is how can I contact him for future projects that are in a developmental process, can I get an email address or contact details of a relevant person I can contact for any queries I might have?

    It will be highly appreciated

  • hlulani

    That sound good but I tried following the link to your email address it does not allow me to post, can you email me your email address so I can discuss all my intentions. On a more private basis. My email address is


    hi there, is there still space available for the May tour, is the MEsuem in soweto still operating

    • Hi Fortune no, the plans for 1, 2 May has changed because baba Credo is going to Plettenberg Bay. There is still space available for 27, 28 May. Simply send me a booking through the contact page, and I’ll send you the payment details.

  • Mxolisi Zikalala


    Are the private sessions with Baba Credo one on one or the whole group?

    Mxolisi Zikalala

    • Hi Mxolisi the Saturday session is a group session. Sunday morning is 30 minute private sessions with baba Credo. That means you alone.

  • Nkantu Dosi

    Avusheni(Greetings), as a young man born on the 18th of July and also an artist growing up in this world, I feel it would be a priviledge for me and my two guys to come and meet the great baba CREDO on his birthday in July.

    But I would like to know if we will be allowed to
    document our involvement when we come to Kuruman, by using audio-visual equipment(Still pictures and video).

    Our group consists of young theatre practitioners who would like to know more about protest theatre that existed in the old dispensation and also one of our member has taken an oath to attend an ancestral calling. THE REPTALIAN AGENDA raised eyebrows from us.

    We are currently embarking on an expedition to request for donations to attend this historical memoir of the icon, baba Credo Mutwa. Please help us with bookings for July, to make a good impact for the youth of South Africa.

    I would like to chat with you more futher on my

    Wish you the best for what lieas ahead.

    • Yes. Nkatu. You’re welcome to record the trip as long as you share the copies with me for my archives. We’re working on a documentary as well on the history of South Africa. So all material that is available would be of great input into this documentary with baba Credo.

  • Maurice

    I plan on coming with a group to Johannesburg and we would like to meet with Mr Credo Mutwa – however, because of a tight schedule we cannot make it on a weekend, but rather leave JNB on MOnday Nov 21, and return Wednesday Nov 23.
    Is that possible?
    Many thanks

    • Yes, Maurice please send me email through the website contact page. We can arrange a visit during the week as well.

  • Maurice

    Greetings Ramon – I emailed you a few days ago about the November dates. Just making sure you got the email. I need to begin promoting the trip and would be helpful to have your confirmation.

    Many thanks!

  • Ntoko

    Good Day

    Friends of mine and I are interested in going to Kuruman to meet uBab Credo. My one friend is from England and will only be in the country in March 2012. I would like to know if it will be possible for us to come on the weekend of the 31st March 2012.

    I tried the contact page, but it doesn’t allow me to submit my query. Please look into it


    • Dear Ntokozo there is nothing wrong with the Contact Page because I’ve just tested it a few times to ensure it sends a message. You may call Teboho who’s number is listed on the same page and leave your details with him. We can indeed accommodate you on those dates. If you can pay a 50% deposit before month end we can confirm it now.

      • Ntokozo

        Hi Ramon

        I have been trying to contact Teboho, but the times I call the phone is unanswered. Can i go ahead and confirm our trip for the 31st with you? The banking details, do I use the ones on the contact page?

        I will pay the 50% deposit and another 50% at a later stage.

        Thanks and Kind Regards

        • Ntokozo I don’t recall speaking to you. We require the full fee upfront as there is very limited trips to be with Credo Mutwa. We will mostly likely end these trips after his birthday in July.

  • Abigail Nkosi

    Ngikhonze , I would like to find out about the visit, firstly , I need to know if I can come by myself or it is only open to groups ? If it is only for groups , how can i then find out if there is an opening in any group then come thorough then ?

    i am based in johannesburg.

    Thank you kindly …

    • We’ve updates the dates for the next trip in Feb 2012. If you are serious simply call me with your booking.

  • Abongile Swartbooi

    I would like to know when is the next trip to uBaba u Credo Mutwa so that I can join. Furnish details and so on… I would like to see him for personal and spiritual issues for restoration. I don’t want to see him for satisfaction and admiration of a well world renowned sage. [Otherwise, I may as well organise a trip to see Obama just to marvel at him at him as well…] I want to see him for consultations on his workings such as healing and etc…; perhaps see if he can have any recommendations. I see this as an entirely private and confidential issue that should be treated like a ‘doctor-and-patient’ relationship. So pardon me for thinking that this should not be just a weekend issue. Basically, my question is…how do I become a client? A regular client of Mr Credo Mutwa.

  • Abongile Swartbooi

    Being a regular client, I suppose, would mean that: you have the neccessary contact details (usually a mobile number these days) and can contact him any time you should have an issue.

  • Mpho Tshukudu

    Hello. Can we do a self drive to Kuruman?

  • Revelation

    Hi, When is the next trip? Im from the free state. Should I drive to Jozi then back to kuruman for the trip?