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  • Jack Greenwood

    Does Credo have a book that was written after the Reptillian Agenda interview? I have read Zulu Shaman: Dreams, Prophesies, Mysteries, and even though it says published 2003, it’s info are from before the Icke interview.
    Does he have any books coming up, when is the new project from him and Icke comming out?

  • Hi Jack, as far as I know there is no new books after the Reptilian Agenda interview. There may be books about Credo Mutwa but not by him.

    Ramon, webmaster

  • swapnil


    I wouldlike to know if this great man still exists….and can i get his address, tel no ?


    • Hope Motsieloa

      I am desperately looking for contact details for Mr Credo Mutwa please? Thank you

      • Call me on 081 4399 555 to get his contact details. I need full disclosure on the reason before I’ll give it you.

  • ntombenhle


    I would like to know if Credo still helps people . I would like to meet him or write to him about certain issues that I think he might be able to solve for me.
    If you can please give me an address


  • As a young exchange student in South Africa in 1973, I read a book by Credo Mutwa titled ‘My People’…compelling reading to say the least….
    …..I have since searched 2nd hand bookshops throughout the world to find a copy…to no avail.
    Maybe I have the wrong title???????

  • @swapnil Credo Mutwa is alive and living in Kuruman in the Northern Cape.

    @ntombenhle I doubt he still helps people because he is very sick himself and for the most part just trying to get by. I will add his postal address to the contact form on the website.

    @Helen the title of the book is: Indaba, My Children.

  • Gerard le Sueur

    Hi, I am looking for the Sangoma called Nobela. I saw her picture in the book written about Credo Mutwa’s life by Brad Keeney and once somewhere else. A Sangoma came to me at night and told me I must come home. She looks just like this lady and I am would like to ask her about this? Thank you, Gerard

  • Siphiwe

    Where can i buy Credo Mutwa,s books

  • Difrintz

    I found My People, My Africa at @Helen

  • Olajide

    I think it so sad the the very people that can help us are very hard to fing, I know it’s not their fault it is the risk that they are under. I pray that Vusamazulu live long like my grandfather who is 97 and still going strong may the force of life lift him up.

  • tj

    Please help,someone told me about Credo and about a “controversial” book he wrote which was apparently banned in SA.I am looking for that and would like to know where I could get hold of it.Please help

  • Obadia Nakitla

    Hounour and Atmost Respect to my Greatest Living Legend. I have read and heard on tv about Your undying powers of the Great Credo Mutwa. It is my wish that i meet him and learn from him.

    Most people think of African Divinity and ancestral belief as a myth, but Credo Mutwa, You are the embodiment of a true African Spiritual Leader.

  • kegomoditswe iris Jonathan

    hi Mr Mutwa is it possible if a person like me to visit you for some questions,especial for african cause i also stay in the same village that you stay.

  • yolanda

    Tata U Credo

    Ndicela ukwazi uba xa ndifuna uku register as a sangoma kufanele ndiyenze kuphi ngoba I am an initiate.



  • Fanafikile Lephakha

    Saobona Mhkulu

    I was given a soft copy of the interview you had with Rick Martin from the United States and from that i realised that you are the person i should meet and learn from. My mother is a sangoma and i was introduced to the true african way from the age of 9 and now at 21 years of age i have noticed how african culture and tradition is fading and how black people do not believe in amadlosi anymore. It is sad to see my fellow black people prasing other peoples religions and making it their own and critising their own. i am not gifted in anyway but i believe that i am supposed to carry the same touch that you have been carrying for years. When i think of the problems that face african i feel so sad that i actually want to do something to resolve them, the issue right now is that i need to be tought the right way and i believe you are the only one who can help me. i still have cultural issues of my own to resolve and thereafter i will embark on this journey that has been on my mind for years.
    i hope to meet you some time soon and ngithemba ukuthi amadlosi azokugcina ngize ngikubone.

    Ngiyabonga Mkhulu!

  • cristina

    First of all think we must be grateful that we was blessed with Mr. Mutwa around and read his extraordinary books witch open our heart and mind towards the spiritual issues and the history of this African land where we live. Maybe is too much what some peoples want: to contact him . I personally believe that if there is anything to be said by his side he will come up by himself. Let just respect his ages and privacy and thank to God that we was fortunate to learn from his books what he had to say to us.

  • J K Mabale

    Hi all, I’m young and when I mean young I mean early 30’s. I’ve recently graduated to become a traditional healer. Believe me when I say it took me years to finally answer the calling. I’m still trying to find my feet at this newly acquired gift. The’s so much to learn and know and I must say Ntate Mutwa’s books put me at ease with what I’m going through. I’m learning so much from him, so Ntate Mutwa thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Thokoza Mkhulu

  • ofhumandescent

    Credo, if you read this – keep writing, every day your thoughts – we the remaining human community need your knowledge. Just keep a journal and everyday write down your thoughts, knowledge and publish it.

    I hunger for your knowledge because I know it to be truth.

    You sadly are 89 and at the end of your earthly journey. Those of us that remain need you to carry on to us your knowledge.

    Your interview with David Icke was most profound. I found you a most intellent, lucid and compassionate shaman.

    May you and your family line be blessed.

  • Michael Taylor

    Credo is one of the last lights When he passes to higher realms another one will go out as we draw to the end of this solar cycle

  • Intuthuko Msomi ka-Mangethe

    I believe every African particularly those from the South should be taking care of their own. People like uMkhulu u-Mutwa are supposed to be the most celebrated people in Africa, especially the youth. uMkhulu u-Mutwa is the custodian of our culture, religion etc. He is the True African and we should be looking up to him for inspiration, guidance and wisdom.

  • Adelbert

    Dear Father Credo Mutwa

    Just a few words to thank you for the books you have written, and “Indaba My Children” that you autographed for me when we visited you at Lotlamareng Dam. The wo stories you told my Family was truly appreciated. My mother thatwas with us has passed on from this world said to me you are a most remarkeble man after she met you and listened to what you told us.

    As I understand that your health is failing I pray that our Heavenly Father will hold you in His hands and lighten your burden.

    Love to you,

  • Boitumelo Gaelejwe

    Dumelang Bagaetsho,if there is any1 hu can help me with Credo Mutwa whr abt please contact me on my cell 076 3950 496 or E Mail me on .Im an upcomng artist/writter & director 4 Drama Produtions & i have a lot of questions 4 him & im curreantly working on scrip about the origin of africans,traditions & culture !!!4rm Boitumelo Gaelejwe

  • FighterForTheGood

    I’ve watched Mutwa’s Reptilians interview with David Icke, though very few people seem to have done it, too. I know now, from extensive research, that there’s in deed a secret war of dark alien forces (Satan’s troops as in the bible – the conformities are too obvious)and their human footmen (our traitors) conducted against mankind. They want to overtake this planet. But most people immediately dismiss this as a crazy fantasy. It’s beyond their imaginative power because it sounds like the darkest horror science fiction story, and they can’t even imagine this could be true, and they can’t accept because it’s seemingly totally against their experiences or conception of the world, and, above all, their (manipulated) knowledge.
    I was very discouraged temporarily. But now I’ve found out there could really be hope for us. Wilhelm Reich proved the effects of a (just not directly measurable) dual energy form that he called orgone. There apparently is a form hostile to (constructive) life, DOR (this is obviously good for the destructive parasites), and the opposite, POR, which is good for mankind and the other positive (constructive) life forms on earth. Call this one the divine life energy.
    Wilhelm Reich reported about a real war of him against hostile UFOs during his researches (sounds unbelievable!) that he won with his orgonite cloudbusters. But he was imprisoned and killed, his books nearly all annihilated (why? clearly because this was a threat to someone – the evil). But his colleagues managed to save precious records. These orgonites obviously convert negative DOR into positive POR, and there seems to be no way vice versa. Please study the Sherry Shriner orgonite (battle) website (and perhaps other orgonite websites) ! There are guidances on that website to make orgonites on your own, if you can’t afford them or have no source to get them. If possible, download and store that website completely on your computers, before it’s taken down from the internet.
    I’ve read also about electromagnetic influences on man’s body, there are more proven ones than narrow-minded persons can imagine. This leads to the influences of cell phone masts, W-LAN and so on. This radiation is told to be neutralized/harmonized by these orgonites (numerous people of course dismiss this as ‘esoteric’) [and by pyramids?]. But it seems that these transmitters, as well as, e.g., nuclear power stations, send out the deadly DOR, too, what makes people sick, ill with cancer etc. The wit with these orgonites, if you use them correctly, seems to be that you not only can neutralize the negative effects of the DOR and other radiation (or how you want it to call) but convert it into life power POR.
    And, unbelievably, with the cloudbusters you can apparently even destroy the chemtrails (noone can explain how the filth vanishes).
    Put these orgonite devices for example in spring-waters, or get some cloudbusters hidden near to the alien underground base mountains (it seems these UFOs and their personnel are both driven with this DOR energy), put them into your own water (probably the result is the same as the holy water of church being blessed with god’s help – that seems to really work what I doubted for many many years as I also had lost my faith in God because of this evil world a long time ago. This thing seems to be the same as ‘The Satan shies the holy water’.) The (grey) aliens (I hope also the Nephilim fallen angel human-reptilian hybrids) can’t tolerate this POR-saturated water (I hope it really IS so). So it is possibly a better defence weapon than your teak spears.
    Also there is help to survive the bioweapons (so-called pandemies), and possibly it helps against your own sickness, like the orgonites: Take colloidal silver, it helps against all malevolent microorganisms (and viruses!). It is proven to only act on harmful microorganisms/viruses, noone knows why (I presume it also acts through the orgone). The best quality seems to be available on (in German), I don’t know if you can get it in your countries. In USA the FDA and other Illuminati-controlled organizations spread lies about this remedy to sell their antibiotics and vaccines (which are often [I’m convinced deliberately] contaminated with very evil ingredients that even can kill people – squalene in the swine flu vaccines what caused prob. the gulf-war syndrome,and does cause deadly autoimmune illness etc.). They obviously want to kill us, they are not human(s) but nephilim hybrids, and satanic human traitors.
    So I’m convinced we do not need to resign, there is still hope, but we must line up as God’s warriors for the good, even if only few people are ready to move their butts we can succeed. Please talk it to your followers, at least a few could believe you and do something. It’s really woth it. In the USA there are already people distributing these orgonites over the whole land, and have e.g. reduced the chemtrails and smog drastically (of course some people don’t believe them, but that shouldn’t impress you). Even UFOs are said to have crashed.
    I hope now, Mr. Mutwa, it’s also not too late for your personal health, and you can overcome your sickness. I wish you the best.
    And, at the end, for those who don’t believe in the Reptilians: Then you of course can easily explain to me the reason for that logo at the top of the website !

  • Sibongile

    i would like to send a special message to Dr Credo Mutwa he is what we need in the country. His predictions were all true from the politics to the economy. May God bless you and your family and these vultures will one day answer for all they have done. May you leave long.

  • NoName;)

    WEll done fighter! it makes alot of sense! CRedo is a man of high honour but it takes a clearer mind to understand him. he can describe things in a discreet manner which leaves the trained ear with a world of information and it floods in like :”A Terrrible Wind” for example . He means something other than this. Those who know they KNOW what i mean. Such are the people whom are posting comments. Down with DOR…..down we say!

  • TheMindChemist

    My friend has this book by Credo Mutwa that doesn’t seem to be on his book list, for purchasing. According to my friend, its a ‘ rare book ‘ and it cost him i think $120 dollars. I’ve been trying to find the name of the book, because i can’t get ahold of my friend at the moment… so instead, i’ll describe it, in hopes that someone can help me locate the title. First, it’s a hardback cover, in all black, and from what i remember… goldish-yellow title. Even the paper used in the book was different than the rest, and i believe it was written in 1964… that’s all i can remember.

  • Aka Bianca

    Ubaba Credo is so wise and genuinely want the people to know the truth. I am in search of the truth myself. I dont know why it’s so important to me now. I think I’m tired of pleading ignorance. I want to free myself from fear, be enlightened and to know the One and True God. Where can I get ubaba’s books cause Im struggling.

  • Mbali


    May I please get the link or assistance to get the book titled ” The missing link “

    • I ever heard of this book. Search for it on please.

  • Bongani

    am looking to buy books by Credo Mutwa. how do I go about it

    • thomas

      Hi Bongani, send a list of the books you want to buy via our Contact page and we will reply with a quote.