Song of the Stars: The Lore of a Zulu Shaman

Song of the Stars: The Lore of a Zulu Shaman, Stephen Larsen (Editor) 

  • First Published in 1995 (224 pages)

Credo Mutwa once again speaks with power and authority about Mother Africa. Told in his own conversational voice, the Sanusi (High Sangoma) Mutwa reveals much of Africa’s mighty knowledge. See Credo Mutwa’s various prophesies later in the book for living proof of his visionary abilities. eg: He predicts the role of Monica Lewinsky in Bill Clinton’s career. Etcetera! Credo Mutwa is no doubt an authority in his field and we in South Africa look to him as such. Read and learn where-ever you are. This man is talking about the near future lives of us all.

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  • eric lavoie

    j admire beaucoup mr.mutwa et je tiens a m’investir dans ce que je crois etre la bonne vois unis pour vaincre,vaincre les force du mal qui a chaques jour passé gagne du faut s’unir pour arrivé a etre en paix pour les générations a venir .

  • lebohang

    Hi all.
    can anyone help me get Song of the Stars?
    where do they sell it in SA?
    I live in Johannesburg South Africa

  • Ankh

    Its now published as Zulu Shaman…check

  • shawn erasmus

    hi! if u guys are looking to buy the song of the stars book u can find and buy it on!

  • Mister Credo Mutwa. How do I begin to tell you of the great love I feel for you, overflowing from my heart and through my being. To express to you, the profound respect I hold for you. The endless blessings my soul wants bestowed to you and to THANK YOU for… And of my deepest wishes that the necklace of the mysteries be in and remain in your presence for ever more. The world and her humans healing, as we watch the necklace replaced onto your shoulders and seeing your most beautiful face as you smile from your soul. Happy tears of joy are welling from my eyes, as I dream of that precious moment. Many blessings to you, Mister Credo, my heart loves you, forever… Dawn in Oregon.

    • Thank you for your comment Dawn. I will do my best to get this message to him.

      • Ramon Thomas, Thank you for giving my hearts fondest wish to Mister Credo. I am deeply honored to share the breath of life with such exquisite beings such as yourselves. Please could you, respond to me, Does your Health minister know of the true history of western medicine? American medicine is toxic and that it is the VACCINES that are spreading the terrible epidemic of HIV/AIDS that is ravaging the Africian people. There are several Doctors that have discovered the link between HIV/AIDS and VACCINES. Dr. Leonard Horowitz of Idaho, has written a book titled, Emerging viruses, AIDS and Ebola, Nature, accident or intentional. Please, to tell the people, do not take any VACCINES, the medicine is toxic and pollutes your blood with cancers, even time-released bio-agents to destroy and corrupt the blood supply. American medicine has yet to cure a single disease and is not to be trusted. Thank you, for delivering my message to Credo and to the people of Africa. Many blessings and LOVE to you all… Dawn