Write to your bank on 11/11/11

Italy is about to fall Ramon! Greece is barely holding on. If we don’t so something about this “money = debt” nonsense, South Africa will follow. Today is 11.11.11 and we must write to our banks and tell them where we stand.

Modify the letter below and make a stand against financial cannibalism. Please put it on Facebook, Twitter, send to all your contacts, etc. If you get a response from your bank, post it on the forum at www.thinkfreesa.com.

–The Johan Joubert Community


Dear <bank name, division name>   [Click here for email addresses of SA banks]

I have recently discovered three extraordinary pieces of information about my [credit card / home loan / vehicle finance / personal loan / business loan / overdraft facility].

1. You did not loan me money

Your advertising led me to believe that you “lend” money in the ordinary and everyday sense of the word. However, it turns out that I have been misled. In actual fact, the money you pretended to loan me was created “out of thin air” using a computer generated accounting system. I honestly believed that you were lending me real money which you had rightfully earned as part of your ordinary course of business. You did not tell me the truth up front and I am disturbed by your lack of disclosure and perpetuating what is clearly a false belief in the market.

2. Securitisation

I have learned that, in all likelihood, my promise to make monthly payments (called a promissory note) was on-sold to a third party in a securitisation scheme. I have also learned that in our law, once a promissory note is sold, the bank who sold it loses all their rights and has no legal standing to the asset thereafter. If this is true, then quite possibly you are unlawfully seizing people’s homes, cars, businesses, furniture, equipment, etc.

I am disturbed by the implications of securitisation, which I have now learned forms part of a secret “shadow banking” and derivatives industry which is 20-30 times larger than the GDP of the entire planet. This is outrageous. I did not ask to be responsible for the pension funds of my fellow working class citizens. I do not want to be the “surety” that supports an industry where bankers make hundreds of trillions of dollars. And I had no idea that I was putting small businesses under huge pressure because they cannot compete with large retailers and corporations who sell shop card debt for an immediate lump sum of money.

3. If you can do it, so can I

Your bank is a limited liability corporation. I am a human being of unlimited potential. If it was not for me, you would have no power. Stephen Goodson is a director of the South African Reserve bank and he confirmed publicly that commercial banks create money “out of nothing.” Therefore, I must have this same power as you do. I am currently learning how to apply the Bills of Exchange Act to settle any bank created “debt” with a negotiable instrument instead of using ordinary “debt-money.” Debt-money is not backed by any natural resource. It can only be created when it is borrowed into existence and the interest that is charged on top of that is called usury which is hugely unfair to the vast majority of people. The interest in our money system cannot, and will not ever be paid back.

Now that I have learned the above three points, it would seem that I have immediate power over your institution. I do not have to wait for the next election, committee decision or majority vote.

However, it is not my intention to enforce my rights and cause chaos. You are doing a wonderful job of creating havoc all by yourselves. In fact, it must be said that your bank and the banking industry in general are conducting yourselves in a way that does not create the kind of society that my family and I wish to live in. We can see this first hand in Italy, Greece, Iceland and the US, as well as Ireland, Portugal, Spain and a host of other countries around the world.

In the interests of a better future for this country, I hereby ask you, on this auspicious day of 11.11.11, to please initiate the following policies:

  1. I ask you to not to forcibly take money out of a person’s bank account ever again.
  2. I ask you to NOT intimidate your customers with threatening or harassing phone calls or SMS messages.
  3. If a customer is struggling to repay what you call a “loan,” I ask that you allow them a fair opportunity to negotiate new terms directly with you.
  4. To ensure long-term food security for the people of this great country, I ask that you immediately begin planting organic food gardens on every property that you own. This food will be handed out freely to your employees and to any hungry or homeless person that is in need. You will not use any artificial fertilizer, chemicals or genetically modified seeds.
  5. [add your own here]

In order to monitor the progress of the above, I ask that you please put up a website that will be updated weekly to publish the following:

  1. A searchable list of all court summons that have been served for that week, ensuring that people have ample notice to defend any legal action against them.
  2. A facility that will disclose to a customer the full details with any securitisation that occurred on their promissory note.
  3. The progress of all changes you have undertaken and implemented to create a better planet and society for mankind and future generations.
  4. [add your own here]

I look forward to a future where banks and people work together instead of fighting each other. I look forward to giving people the opportunity to break free of financial slavery. More importantly, I look forward to a future where new and sustainable thinking is embraced and adopted for a better tomorrow.


[Your name]


An invitation to support a Kindred Spirit

I was recently sent this invitation and so I am forwarding it to you. Perhaps you will take it up.

Dear Kindred Spirit

Recently, I spent a night in jail in a cell with about 15 black men who had all allegedly committed some crime or another. This is an account of why and how that happened to me and what I learned through this experience, which was certainly one of the most profound of my whole life. So how on earth did I manage to end up in jail, you may be asking yourself? To really understand how and why this happened and to create a context within which you can more fully appreciate what I have written in this article, I would suggest you read the article I wrote that was published in the quarterly ezine I send out a couple of months ago entitled ‘Freedom – the Eternal Call of our Hearts’ in which I outline how and why the vast majority of humanity is currently being controlled through a vast array of mostly arbitrary and senseless statutory laws passed by seemingly democratic legislative bodies in most countries throughout the world, but in fact are controlled by powerful vested interests such as banks and other large corporations.

We may have the illusion we are free, but this is just that – an illusion created to trick us into continuing to comply with these laws that are really enslaving us and humanity as a whole. If we dare to contravene one of these laws, we can be fined or imprisoned, which is what I discovered when I recently dared not to renew my driver’s licence and my car’s vehicle licence and continued to drive on public roads. Both of these acts are offences in terms of the National Road Traffic Act in South Africa, which mandates that we all pay a Government authority for the privilege of driving on public roads that belong to us, the public, and have been financed by our taxes already.

Last month, I was driving sedately along a public road in the town of Mtuba-Mtuba in northern KwaZulu-Natal with my vehicle that had the licence plate ‘I AM FREE’ on the back and drove past a traffic officer’s vehicle, who noticed my number plate and followed me into the parking lot of the Pick ‘n Pay supermarket, where I was stopping to do some shopping for a Dolphin Alchemy retreat I was about to run in Mozambique. The officers parked behind my vehicle and proceeded to demand that I produce my driver’s licence and ask why I had no vehicle registration disk or official number plates on my vehicle. After showing them my own self-created licence and vehicle registration disk and my publicly notarised ‘Claim of Right’ document in which I claimed my common law and constitutional right to travel freely through the land and much discussion, during which they struggled to understand and did not accept my point of view, they called two members of the South African police, which is short for ‘policy enforcement officers’ in case you didn’t know, who forcibly handcuffed me, removed me from my vehicle, put me in the back of a police van and sprayed me with pepper spray, all of which amounts to the common law crime of assault in the name of the enforcement of the State’s policy and is completely opposite to what their true function as peace officers – quite obviously, keeping the peace – should be.

I was held in a holding cell in the police station for a couple of hours while they formulated the charge sheet. Opposite the holding cell on the wall was a picture of a hand gripping the word ‘crime’ that was being squeezed in the middle and bulging out from above and below the hand with a caption beneath this picture that said ‘Squeezing Crime to Zero’. This picture and the slogan, which you can view online by clicking here, is indicative of the prevailing level of consciousness of the police force that creates a polar opposition between the police and crime, thus making both real and simply perpetuating the problem of crime rather than solving it, which of course is necessary otherwise there would be no need for a police force. The truth is that the police need criminals and crime to give them a function and more importantly, an identity, just as criminals need the police and the criminal justice system to catch and punish them for the sinful, guilt- inducing things they think they have done.

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