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Maybe you can help us track down this Melusine person mentioned below. From Steven, a regular website visitor we received this message to baba Credo Mutwa:

I had a dream about you and have kept it in mind since 1997 and now I have seen you in the flesh. People must follow the birds to honey.They must learn to rise above in their thought so it feels as if they are watching themselves from a great height.I am pink, but I am Bwiti and I have seen the creatures but as they cannot scare me they lose interest. The pure light beings may stop them too. You know what im talking of ? We paint we create we will prevail. Dont look to America though, they puppets in the hands of the British Royal family. Search the web for the legend of the Royal family’s relative Melusine. A lizard woman with a tail she hides. love & luck to you Sir.


David Icke is facing a double legal challenge, can you help?

David Icke legal defence fund David’s stunning Reptilian Agenda videos, now available in DVD, baba Credo has become world renown.

Anyway I ask you now to help him by reading this message, and making a donation by clicking on his photo, or the Paypal link at the bottom.

David Icke is facing a double legal challenge to everything he is now so successfully and incredibly achieving worldwide. Can you help to ensure that his work continues?

While David embarks in his 60th year on the most gruelling speaking tour of his life on the back of spending the entire summer locked away 15 hours a day writing a new book, he is also having to deal with two legal cases which, together, could make it very difficult for him to continue on anything like the scale that he is now achieving, never mind massively expanding his work as he is planning to do.

This comes at precisely the time when he is making such fantastic strides in awakening the world to so many revelations with the promise of so much more to come.

David has been dealing with the first case for a while, but circumstances have now changed dramatically after what would appear to be an external source with considerable funds suddenly paying for very expensive London lawyers to support someone who claims to have no money in a case against David. This makes the case potentially of far greater significance with regard to David’s 21 years of work and where it goes from here.

David cannot reveal the name of the person involved in this case at this time. People, however, are going to be taken aback – indeed shocked – when they eventually know. But that is for another day.

The other legal case is the extraordinary ‘libel’ action brought against David by Canada’s Richard Warman who has a policy of what he calls ‘maximum disruption’ – setting out to cause maximum disruption to the lives of those that he targets. The case began in 2002 – yes, 2002 – and it has been continuing ever since with a final trial date in the process of being decided. The legal bill for preparation and trial has been estimated at a high six-digit figure.

If you cannot easily afford to contribute to David’s double-legal defence fund then please don’t. These are harsh economic times. But if you easily can and you wish to help David meet these challenges, then please click on the this link. Nothing is too little.

Thank-you. We shall overcome, no matter what – and no matter who.


South Africa is a land where people forgive

“South Africa is a land where people forgive.” Dr Credo Mutwa

Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu Forgiveness

South Africa has been fraught with a turbulent history. Following the dictates of the day, much needless suffering was inflicted on people.

Nelson Mandela underwent an enormous transformation, as did millions of South Africa’s citizens. Bishop Desmond Tutu initiated the Truth and Reconciliation Commission where people were given the opportunity to bare their souls.

Certain television programmes have encouraged people with painful histories and broken hearts, to forgive the misunderstandings that have marred their lives. Through these processes many hearts were healed.

When transformation takes place in the hearts of people that transformation ripples through the communities, and one by one, we, the people of this great country, link together to form unbreakable bonds. Never again will those who attempt to steer us in their chosen direction dictate us to.

South Africa is the land of forgiveness and together we are moving forward to embrace the magnificent future that lies before us.

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Message from Credo Mutwa from May 2006

Today I spoke to Credo Mutwa for the first time in over a year. I do not make a habit of calling him and as you may or may not know I’ve never met him. For all the new subscribers I want to welcome you whole heartedly. And I want to encourage you to write your questions to and one of the group members will get back to you with an answer.On a personal note I want to reintroduce myself. I am the webmaster of, and I am a South African born and bread. The purpose of the website is to inform people about Credo. I have put the website together on my own initiative and with no approval, or blessings from Credo. And as it stands I believe I am not violating anything because I try to be as objective as possible. Posting any and all information I can find. What you think of Credo Mutwa is your own opinion.

And before I can continue. I cannot help you meet Credo. I try my best to answer all email requests to contact him directly. Where possible I try to advise people on alternatives.

Now onto the message…

Credo Mutwa has moved to Northern Cape from Gauteng province in South Africa. He used to live, I have never visited him, somewhere between Pretoria and Hartebeespoort Dam. Now he lives in Kuruman, and is seeking to move to Kimberly, famous for the discovery of of diamonds in 1866. Anyway he has cancer and diabetes. So his health is not what it used to be for a 85 year old man. He is doing his thing. What I mean by that is that he is creating new sculptures and his is likely continuing in his role as a oral historian. Gathering information about the history of southern African peoples.

What he stressed during the conversation the most is that how can a black African author not receive royalties for his books published over the last 20 to 30 years. When he has employed lawyers to help him track down the sources of his frustrations, nothing has come from it. I don’t fully understand how this could ever have been allowed or happen.

He also told me about some famous African dancer, Simon Mahlathini, who when he died, was worth a few million Rand. And Credo reckons he is worth much more in the royalties owed to him. And again wanted to know how its possible that an African author, maybe because he is black, maybe because he is controversial, is being sucked dry of any possible income from these books. The same goes for his art, his scrlptures, who never get shown in exhibitions because art gallery owners do not promote him, and the media is never told about his exhibitions so people cannot know when or where to buy them.

And what he wants to do mostly with this money is leave a legacy for future generations. It is a privilege for me to speak to Credo Mutwa and to bring this message to him.

I do not know how else to help Credo Mutwa, but spread a positive message. I do not want to accept any communication on his behalf because I have no way of sending to him via email, fax or even postal service.

Maybe once he is settled in Kuruman it will be possible to send him letters. (Note, in 2008 I have finally met Credo Mutwa in person).


Message from Credo Mutwa – February 2004

Today I was blessed to speak with him telephonically and this is what he said…”This is the year of decision and the year of justice where all people who have committed crime will pay for their crimes. And all people who have done wrong are going to know the meaning of God’s anger. No matter how high they are. No matter how powerful they see themselves to be. If you have committed a crime you are going to pay for it. If you have stolen power. If you have taken another man’s throne away from him, you too shall feel the whip of fate.

“A number of great people are going to pass away. And in their passing they change the course of the history of the entire human race. I see I see the shadow of hand of death over the eyes of Osama bin Laden. He will pass away a lonely pilgrim in a dark place. But a much more terrible man will secretly take his place. The man which African prophets call the “Sword of the East”. Also in danger of going away leaving a great emptiness behind him will be the Blessed One, Mubarak of Egypt, the peace maker. This man will die of a secret poison. Administered by an enemy of peace, he will stand over the land of Egypt, an extremist. A very angry man will rule the land of Egypt.

“I see another crisis, centring around President Bush, in the month of October or September 2004. Great trouble will walk into his life. An he will have to use all his ruthlessness and all his cunning to prevent himself from falling. And I call upon the nations of the world to stop the secret war which is being waged against Africa because the so-called wars and Iraq and the coming war in Iran, but everything to do with Africa.

“This secret war against Africa must be stopped because for the last many hundred years each time the Muslim and the Christians fight against each other it is Africa which is bleeds. The real target of the wars in the Middle East is Africa and our people are unaware of this. In the days of The Crusades the production of swords caused the enslavement of thousands of people in East Africa. Africans used to manufacture these swords and weapons from a metal called “Muwisi”, the metal of the Gods. Africa must no longer be the victim of European and Arabian war lords. Africa must be left alone to solve her own problems. And the people who are behind the AIDS epidemic should be exposed and brought to trail. The year 2004 will also see strong steps being in Israel and Palestine to bring Peace to that said country.

Poem by Credo Mutwa:

To an English Man

Be careful Blair
and take each step with dread
For you o’ Fox
a tooth will strap of steel
Wait in dark ambush to sever unwary limbs
Smile not over much
nor play the clown to oft
History shall judge you harshly and unpityingly condemn you
As one of the aids who crucified human kind.

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