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  1. Great Website Credo is such a gifted kind, compassionate, enlightened Master of light and wisdom.

  2. Hi. Do you have any info about the Tribe of Judah, Israel, and Jesus. Thanks for the info and I really admire you for what you are doing. Keep it up; I love reading the info.

  3. I have “studied” the abductions of other humans by alien lifeform’s and there is one returning factor in al of them. They seem to want DNA. Also in other cases there was love making involved and even a mother wich had to give “motherly love”, because they could not create ity themselves. My conclusion is that there conducting a massive genetic experiment and taking samples and crossbreading where ever they can. Of course they need good specimens so they tend to test or probe the person first. I suspect that not al lifeform you have witnessed are make by them, but maybe they where made to be enslaved. I even have a suspicion that human life is an experiment although it does not explain everything. But there is one question wich still crosses my mind, why do they “return” there samples, maybe for the numbers of missing people or maybe for resampling i dont know.
    I am very wiery of information, i think youd understand but i do wish to share this info, hart in the right place or not šŸ˜‰
    P.S. I could not contact you do to remotly posting

  4. Dear Jochem,

    I am replying to your comment I agree with you that it is true the Aliens seem to want our DNA. The Greys that abducted Credo and two acquantices of mine both women were impregnanated and suppossedly miscarred with no fetus matter just blood like a period. The Greys are the biggest kidnappers of them all. From what I have been told by spiritual people and researchers are they were once like us but they polluted their world and turned there back on our creator (GOD) and technology became their God. They lost their emotional body as you know we humans have physical,etheric,emotional, mental, astral, & casual all connected by a spiritual silver chord to God. The Greys have lost their ability to love, know joy & sorrow, compassion, kindness, respect for all life. The are fascinated by our emotions & have been creating a hybrids so they can live on top of the earth (right now they can’t stay topside for more than 24-48hrs according to one source. I agree with Credo they work for Reptilians or they are in an unholy alliance with them. Reptilians are even worse than Greys they usually about 98% of the time kill humans they love our blood and love our negative emotions (that’s why there is so much war). Now as far as we humans go I agree with Stichen that a group was created in the middle east to be slaves for them or arrogant humans known as the Annakki. However I think other humans come from the Pleiades, Sirius, and so forth. The only group I know of was the Lemurians who were etherical who were so advanced spiritually that they literally talked with God all the time thru time as they started to partake of food (fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains) and the 3d atmosphere they became denser thus humans with a 3d body. I think Credo was referring more to Africa about ancient times. All humans whether they came from the stars or thru 3d atmosphere evolution were very gifted and thus most not all lost their powers. Humans were reffered to as Adamic man (Book of Eurancha,Keys of Enoch). In other words Adam’s transgression was giving up his power to the Reptilian War Lords (their leader is Jabaleon or something like that they live for a long time) that is your Satan and the Hell fire is the fact its too cold for them topside they must be around fires and hot places all the time. They are the evil force in the world they live underground (hell). In the end God is suppose to round them all up with all the evil humans who served them by making normal humans suffer (the Illuminati and their sister groups) it makes perfect sense to me. They will be sent to a planet in a dimension that they cannot escape from to work off their Karma. The thing is for people to know their is a God and our parent is loving not cruel or subjugating. That’s why I blame the Vatican for Bastardizing the Bible it seems that the ones who knew the truth were the Gnostic Christians. Look at all the great Avatars who have come to help us Krisna, Rama, Buddha, Jesus and now Sai Baba and look at Credo he is a Buddha in his own rite. He has given you the truth I know its hard to digest but if you look in your soul and ask its the truth. God Bless people like David Icke and Wes Perne they are freedom fighters. We have a chance to become free God doesn’t want us to be enslaved that’s why you are seeing an excelleration in miracles all over the world. Just do what you can to make it better and share what you feel is the truth with others. If you want to get in touch with me please respond to this message. Leslie









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    And if you want to participate in a discussion please join our Credo Mutwa online discussion group on Yahoo! Groups.

    Ramon, webmaster

  7. Dear Friend,

    my son has been attacked by voodoo black magic and evil spells. his health and memory has gone bad. We are looking for some sincere shaman medicine man who has the ability to cure voodoo or guide us to someone who knows how to cure voodoo and evil spells. we would prefer an african shaman who is serious expert in breaking evil magic spells.

    yours sincerely,


  8. I have Credo’s contact.

    • Hi Dama could you please share with me Baba Credo’s contacts. It is really a life and death situation that involves my whole family and sincerely believe that uBaba will be able to help us, PLEASE.

  9. Hi Dama, will you please share it with us?(Credo’s contact, I mean).

  10. Dama I am sure you can help us with Credo’s contact number.I am so desperate to get his contacts, I will tell you why. I am a Zulu woman
    in the Eastern Cape Province. I am trying to trace
    my people, aMangwe clan bathi ngoMazibuko,oDladla. My serious problem is that I’ve got the spiritual calling and I’ve been through difficulties in my life, I have to find my people who can give me guidance and the correct direction. Please help me

  11. Bhekithemba Dlamini


    People are starting to lose hope and something needs to be done about it. They are losing hope not only in politics or business but in life itself and now is the time to help everyone before its too late. We all needs to know the true about this, just like they say it in the bible that the lord will come and everyone will see. What if the lord is us by knowing the true about us. By finding who we are. Iā€™m not talking about the Descartes Philosophy. What have we done to our mother earth? Its not too late for everyone to know the about African the land of Kings and Queens.


  12. Hi Dama, please send to me the contact of Baba Credo Mutwa. I am looking forward to your speedy response.Where is South Africa going? I have read Baba’s interview with Dum magazine in January 1999 and I need the way forward.

  13. Hi Dama, please send me the contact details of Baba Credo Mutwa. I have read Baba’s interview with Drum magazine in January 1999. I am anxious to know what will be the results of this in fighting in the ANC, will Zuma’s rule be smooth? will this new Lekota / Shilowa party stand the test of time? Tebo.

  14. Hi Roman
    I’m john and i just spoke with you ealier these afternoon,Can you please send me that book,that you said it is going to help me find my roots


  15. hi Roman I like to know more about my self and ca u pls send me the book

  16. Can someone help me get seeds for sutherlandia fructecens “kankerbos” I have some land to raise it in the sub-tropics. I will distribute it free of charge to those in need. Thank you.

    please contact:

  17. My name is Maria, since very little I know, all these things and more (no one has taught me anything is a gift) my puzzle starts to make sense and a few other pieces start to fit, there are many people like me (you are one us) for the planet, we have come here to this planet to help the human race to evolve (we help our neighbors and take care of our planet.
    A greeting from the other side of the planet, spain.

  18. Is Baba passing on his gift to someone as his grandfather did to Him? We need more of such people.

  19. Hi! can you please send me the interview of Credo Mutwa with druma magazine, on the 19th of July 1999.The one he said Mr Mbeki will not finish his term in the presidence. My email is

  20. Michael Clifton of North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

    Aliens are welcome to have my DNA at anytime I give you this great offer willingly with no Governments MIB’s Shadow Men nor other
    secret organizations in on this. It’s had others wanting it already don’t miss a chance and best of all it’s all free. I’m a free clear zone. Good luck to all Aliens out there. You can get back to me on this at anytime. Thanks.

  21. Michael Clifton of North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

    Seriously, I’m a Believer in UFOs and Aliens. Description: My DNA comes with a spiritual level.
    An IQ of 70%.
    NOT Royal Blood.
    Nor along the bloodlines.

    Clean from Demons and the Devil.

    There’s nothing to fear with me.

    Nothing evil inside my soul.

    Spirit free.

    I’m in good working condition.


    From lower level of planet Earth Colour: Blue.

    The Colour of my Eyes are blue.

    No need for Adapters nor Batteries in me.

    I’m available 24/7.

    You can contact me on here or at


    Don’t abduct me when I’m on the Toilet having a Shit or Piss there’s a good Alien.

  22. Hi! Does anyone there hav Baba Credo’s contacts? Plz help. email

  23. please guys, watch a movie called dark city.. if you are familiar with dr. mutwa talking about the ‘men in black’ (white faces, tall, ‘one ‘leg’) it seems that is what this is about..

  24. this man must name me and i dont know what the hell it means something about a blood line and ive been hidden wtf? plz i must finish htis so these f-n dreams go away


  25. When you have knowledge of self, you gain knowledge of everything else. i to have done my research, since the evil white man has done his on us for centuries. this not intended for the caucasian people that has harmed noone but the evil one. the greatest trick ever played on man was not that the deviltried to make the world believe he didn’t exist. however the greatest trich the evil white man ever pulled off was to make the African believe the he was God. if that was not enough he made up the Jesus Christ character by way of the emperor constantine at thecouncil of nicea, to make Ptlomey Soter 1 a.k.a. Sreapis Soter, and made him the international object of worship, and made the African worship him as Jesus Christ. this is what the council was all about. i watched a man named
    Dr Ray Hagins on the youtube network there you will find this video, the council of nicea 325 a.d.

  26. can anyone tell me the origins of the amaXolo who currently occupy southern parts of kzn,are they zulu,xhosa or sotho?


    please send me the interview with CREDO MUTWA
    on drum magazine on january 1999,
    bout the crisis in the ANC thats to come.
    and THABO MBEKIs s fall.

  28. Dear People,
    You are all (no words can describe) “Vast Everything” that– is– was and ever will be– you are the universes and dimensions seen and unseen. Develop your love —Learn to LOVE–hear the trees sing your name.

    • How true. Do you know the method how to develop this LOVE in practical terms?Love is the solution – ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE. But how to learn it in the stormy waters of this planet? Are you yourself a true, living Master who knows the method or perhaps you know one and his/her method?

  29. To the webmaster (because i can’t get the e-mail form to work i do it this way)
    You ask to inform you about interviews with Credo Mutwa that are not mentioned on the website.

    There is an interview with Credo Mutwa published in a book written by Irene van Lippe-Biesterfled and Jessica van Tijn. The book has been published in Dutch (in 2003) and English. I don’t know the exact title. Probably something like “Earth, I love you”.
    It is a collection of 12 interview with people all over the world about their vision on the connection of people to nature and the earth.

    best regards,

  30. Mr. David Icke’s video of Credo Mutwa’s ET knowledge clearly identify’s Christianity’s: “Satin”, as a reptilian alien.

    The “noosphere” then is the true battleground with the human weaponds of agape, compassion and graditude combating the goolish psychic vampire.

    Victory is at hand then with Christ against the father of lies!

  31. 6 leaders( Gods) 60 masters(Angels)600 workers(watchers?) came from a distance ,here earth for resorce,workers revolt,demand justice,equality 6 leaders converge,make man in our likeness,but for one thing,we make them colorless,white to keep them separate ,slaves. dumb,animals,work …one of the 6 ,pity love carrying.defends pleads ,they are worthy of the truth ,knowlege life,one of the 5,beasts,animals slaves, never they are white one of the 6, angry hateing,loveing carrying,truth be told knowlege love art liveing,5 0f 5 demand exile of the 6,and the sow bride he now carrys…whites .slaves hurt hung cattle 400,000 to 200,000 years torture murder hate ,the 6 shows the knowledge of war gathering,there are many against the few conquest ….the suffering stops .these great gods were black..these great familys were black,white were created by the blacks as workers,slaves …pets .given life from the old ones ….black is of born power white is of made power..i am white,,my gods are black. my god is 6, white vows to never fall pray again.and became the gods they feared,,self made self hateing conquest of the 5,but there family returns many will come,gods? return threw the portal they will have no pity in my colorless skin,i bare the mark of the beast,i have no future nor do my blemished kind,the whites man that is the world is rushing to destroy as much as possable ,for it is easy to hide if only a few..these are the vioces i hear…i am ashamed to have been made , the 6 speaks of often,cast out for the love of his cattle…so there you go ..crazy or not …this is law

  32. wow. very interesting stuff. how can someone contact credo mutwa????

  33. I have changed my opinion about who gets to meet or talk to Credo Mutwa. Call me on my personal mobile 074 124 1696 and I will give you his direct contact details. You must give me a valid, honest reason for wanting to make contact. I can detect bullshit a mile away, even via the telephone so stay away if you are a looser or lazy lol.

  34. i was watching the arrival about 52 clips, what is going on with our world, this person who must arrive, is he the anti good god, the evilness, is gonna be the 1 how will rule the world if dont safe our soul

  35. Please ignore The Arrivals, as its more brings you more confusion than clarity. From my experience and all my research it’s clearly trying to convert people to Islam. Does it offer any solutions? No. Instead it’s more fear mongering. And creating doubts.

    Ramon, webmaster

  36. I really don’t know where to comment i need to meet with Baba Credo Mutwa, I need him to guide me, interpreting my dreams which are messages from ancestor, Please help me meet him.
    All i can say is that we Africans are so intelligent but are blinded, when we can go back and research about our history its where we can learn that we are the first Philosophers in the world, we need to connect with our roots in order to go forward.

  37. Dear Mr. Mutra,

    I am sorry for you for the loss of your wife. I hope you have children, grandchildren, and good friends to comfort you.

    If you will, Sir, please tell me what you know of the coming of the Pahana, the True-White Brother, as prophesized by the Hopi people, of the “American” southwest. I’ve read somewhere there is an Africa prophecy, which talks about the Pahana.

    Can you elaborate, because this is of great importance to many people and there is limited information and even less time remaining.

    I hope you are feeling better. I understand the oil from the Indica plant works wonders for curing many ills. Peace

    Dennis Warner

  38. Greetings Mr Mutwa and Mr Ramon Thomas,

    I am from Singapore. I am very interested in donating a sum of US$100 to the Credo Mutwa Hospital at the end of the month. I know its not a big sum because I am not rich myself. But it represents my determination and sincerity to help.

    I would like to know if there’s anyway I can donate the money via paypal?


    Yuan Hua

  39. Mxolisi Zikalala

    Dear Baba Mutwa

    I understand an HIV positive person can test HIV negative after one of the wellness programmes with one of your colleagues. I need help, how do I go about it?

    Kind regards

    Mxolisi Zikalala

  40. I have a mantra being delivered to me in my is ‘ Sacred blessings of the heart to you my lord, sacred blessings of the heart to you my lord ‘ and on and on. It involves a blue light or hue and a ceremonial circle of beings, very beautiful beings with projected totems arising from their heads as the chant grows. Wondering if any similar experiences are being held? and ‘Sacred blessings of the heart to you Credo, Sacred blessings of the heart to you all’…Eternal Love

  41. Hello Mr Mutwa,

    Love and peace from England. I read on your good friend David Icke’s site, of your recent stroke, and that you are now back in hospital.

  42. Greetings and Love to Dada Credo Mutwa, I have just learnt of your illness and would like to reccomend my Blood cleanser roots, that have cleanses the blood of all inpurities so that the blood maintains its natural viscosity whereby making it harder for the blood to thicken, hence the reduction of strokes,I would be happy to send you a bag of this remedy for your health improvement, i have numerous testimonials of people who have got a new lease of life by merely cleansing the life force, the blood, link me any time. Dada Mutwa I have been trying to find you for years with a view to come link you and possibly work with you on the mission of saving lives, I am a herbalist residing in the U.K.and have been promoting Kankerboos for many years, it has not been an easy road many many people doubt the power of this wonderful gift the creator has placed on the planet for the healing of the nation, and so I continue the work come what may. when you are recovered I would like to do a live radio interview with you as the UK needs to hear you live and direct, I broadcast on every tuesday evening 7 till 9pm – by the POWERS of the almighty you will be well. looking forward to hearing from you FUTURE – Kinglion…

  43. Greetings Credo Mutwa, My husband and I are from California, USA and we saw your interview with David Icke and were just blown away by this knowledge you are imparting. It only strengthened our faith in the One True God whom, we believe, is the very One that cast these ‘elder brothers’, as you say, away. We would be most honored if you would watch our show on youtube at the website above. We are trying to contact you to see if you would honor us with an interview..We are by no means going to stand by and watch these THINGS continue to eradicate the care and faith in the TRUE God out of people, because that’s exactly what they are doing..Please, sir, can you please contact us at least, if that would suit you better..If you watch our little show on the Youtube, you can leave us a private message from there..I wouldn’t want my personal contact information to be public either, in this day and age of technology.. I just have a very strong feeling that we must eventually meet somehow..I don’t know how but I wouldn’t put anything past my God’s power to make anything happen..That be His Will..So we look forward to hearing from you, sir..My family is praying for your health and prosperity..Shalom

  44. Pls send me directions of baba credo’s. I’m a nyanga, I need directions pls.
    I’m in pretoria,mabopane

    • Kgaogelo I only give directions to people who call me. Do you really want me to publish the directions on this webpage? Do you have any concern for Credo Mutwa’s privacy and safety at all?


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