Biography 02: Africa My People

There are many shameful things that are being done to Africa and her people by Western nations these days. These shameful things are also being done to African people by Western researchers as well as ordinary writers, who deliberately by pass my Motherland, driving her into isolation, and treating her as though she was not part and parcel of humankind. These writers and these researchers deliberately over look many important facts about our people, and some time go out of their way to deliberately merely skim the surface of African knowledge, over looking the rest, and passing on to nations and races which they favour. There was a time when I wondered, why this was being done? But now I know, too late, the cold blooded satanic purpose behind all this.

The black man of South Africa must be denied his identity to make it easier for people with sinister agenda’s to turn him into a puppet, spiritually and physically dependent on the west and its rapacious and exploitive ways. The black man must be made to look down upon himself and the other nations too, must be made to look down upon him in contempt. I know as a keeper of my peoples oldest traditions, that sometimes when an animal, be it a goat or an ox, is about to be sacrificed to the ancestral spirits, it must be driven into isolation, kept apart from the other animals, before it is slaughtered. And Africa today is being slaughtered. The wars that are tearing her apart, the thing that is called Aids, that is raging like wild fire though the plains and valleys though my motherland, are all part of the arsenal of murder that is being employed by certain organizations and nations, in order to bring about Africa’s destruction as a race. When I say this, I am not paranoid; I am a man who has studied a number of terrible facts that are to be seen in Africa for some years now. Africa is being destroyed. There are those in whose interests it is that this, the Mother Continent of humankind must be depopulated though war famine and disease and sent into oblivion along with the great knowledge that it’s people possessed. I have taken an oath that even if Africa is ultimately destroyed, as the great prophets once for saw that it would be, the shiny fruits of its children’s mind would not perish. Hundreds of books and magazines have been written and published about Native American people and their undeniably great cultures that they once possessed. Hundreds of books have been written and published in the west about the Hindu people of India, their religion, their sciences and their great philosophies. But nobody ever wants to write anything worthwhile and in depth about Africa.

For example it is a well-known fact that Native American people in Central and South America possessed deep knowledge about the universe, about the constellations, about solar as well as lunar eclipses. It is also well known that these people possessed great calendars of great sophistication and great accuracy. But the fact that African people of various tribes of Eastern, Central, Western, and Southern Africa possess the same knowledge has been overlooked. One particularly atrocious crime for which I cannot forgive people of Europe is that whenever they write about the people of Africa they deliberately separate them. They treat the ones they talk about as if they were not part and parcel of the African continent at all. Nowhere is this more evident than when European scientists talk about Egypt. They deal with the Egyptians as if Egyptians were a totally separate race from the rest of Africa, and yet anyone that knows Africa well will tell you that Africa is interconnected. That the various people of our Mother land are inter connected as are the gears and flywheels of a clock, and to see the people of Egypt apart from the rest of Africa is a fraud, a delusion, a crime. The people of Egypt were an African people, not at all removed from those in Nubia, in Ethiopia and in those African regions far to the South of Egypt.

For example anyone that knows Africa well will tell you that the many half-human, and half-animal gods that the Egyptians worshipped had their origins deep in Central as well as Southern Africa and that these gods are still being worshipped by the people of Africa even now. Here is yet another example of how the western investigator deliberately distort facts about Africa. There are writer that write about the khoi San people in Southern Africa- the Bushman people. These writers deliberately view the Khoi san as if they were an entity completely isolated from the rest of the African people, and yet I can tell you, I who have Khoi san blood in me, that the cultures of many black nations in Southern Africa were intimately interconnected with the Khoi san cultures. The same thing is done when writers write about people such as the pygmies in Central Africa, the Wat-wu. One writer even went as far as to say that the Wat-wa were not an African race and I ask myself, where the thundering hell this white fool thinks the Wat-wa comes from? On which far island does he find them? Anyone that knows the culture and the language of the Wat-wa will tell you that this culture and language are interconnected with the cultures of other people in that part of Africa, where the Wat-wa, or Twa are to be found. This deliberate separation of Africa, the creation of some of the separate races and tribes has resulted in great disaster for the people of Africa as a whole.

For example, for many years, Belgium’s committed the crime of dividing up the people of the Burundi and Rwanda into two separate races. The Watutsi were believed to belong to the Nileotics, and the Bahutu were seen to be Bantu. But anyone who knows the history of these people will tell you that the Watutsi and the Bahutu are not so separate a people, they are simply two divisions of exactly the same people, and these two divisions had lived in peace for hundreds of years until animosity was stirred up between them by the Belgium colonists to suit their own sinister agenda. Before Africa vanishes under the clouds of endemic civil wars, before my motherland disappears under the fog of Aids and other man-made diseases, designed for the extermination of my people, I Credo Mutwa, want to correct these blatant injustices. I Credo Mutwa want to expose these crimes, shameful crimes of the intellect. And as a first step towards correcting this injustice, I want to tell you that it was not only the Mayas, the Incas, the Aztecs and other people of Central and South America who possessed amazing knowledge about the mysteries of the Universe. It was not only these people that possessed knowledge about solar as well as lunar eclipses, as well as the Earth’s movement through space. Our people of many tribes in Southern, Eastern and Central Africa possessed this knowledge. And they passed it on from generation to generation in various ways, but mostly orally.

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