Biography 03: Mysteries of Africa

Before human beings were created on this planet, there had existed a very wise race of people known as the Imanyukela. These people had come from the constellation known to white people as Orion, and they had inhabited our earth for thousands and thousands of years. And that before they had left our earth to return once more to the sacred Spider constellation, they made a great evacuation under the earth, beneath the Ruwensory Mountains- the Mountains of the Moon. and deep in the bowels of Mother Earth, the Imanyukela built a city of copper buildings. A city with a wall of silver all around it. A city built at the huge mountain of pure crystal. The mountain of knowledge. The mountain from which all knowledge on earth comes. And a mountain to which all knowledge on earth ultimately returns. This old woman told me that her grandmother had told her this story while she was still a virgin of some fifteen years or so and under going initiation into the mysteries and the culture of the Bahutu people. The old woman went on to tell me that many generations ago, there came to the land of the Bahutu, a group of little yellow skinned men, who wore colourful robes and strange brightly coloured hats. These men she said had come in search of the great city of knowledge which they had heard many, many years ago, stands in the earth under the Mountains of the Moon- the Ruwensory Mountains.

This story remained in my mind and was one of the many, many strange stories that I had heard during my long, long travels through Africa. And then much to my amazement, in the year 1975 there arrived at my home in Soweto, a friendly bright priest from Tibet. The priests name was Akyong Rin Poche, whom ever today I still regard as a great friend of mine, is a man who sparkles like a glass of precious champagne. He is a man, unlike most Tibetan monks whom I have met in my life, who looks at life through the mask of humour. He is a man who ever smiling. A man whose ever word is perfumed with humour. A man who laughs readily. A lovely and lively fellow human being. was honoured to talk to this man in one of the huts that formed the museum village that I had built in Soweto, and Akyong Rin Poche nearly knocked me over by asking me a question that caught me totally by surprise, and which brought back memories of bygone years in a green and half forgotten Central African country. “Do you know anything,” he asked,” About the city of copper, which is said to be somewhere in Central Africa?” For a few moments I was stricken dumb by astonishment. And the I replied,” Yes, honourable Rin Poche. In the days I was travelling through the land of the Watutsi and the Bahutu, the land that was then known as Rwanda Urundi, I heard a story about this mysterious city, and I also heard that this city lies deep under ground- under the Mountains of the Moon.” Akyong Rin Poche threw another surprise at my feet. He told me how in olden days a great Lama led a group of fellow monks on an expedition into Central Africa in search of this mysterious city, and that Lama and his followers were never heard from again. I was stunned, here was an African story being confirmed by a man from Tibet. I was totally flabbergasted, and I thanked God that many years ago I had set myself the task of recovering that I had learned through my long journeys through Africa. Today Rwanda and Burundi are countries in grip of death. Tens of thousands of people have been slaughtered. Scores of tribes have been decimated and scattered, never to be reformed again. And great quantities of knowledge have been lost forever. This is the agony of Africa. This is the shame of my motherland.

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  • francis kateganyi

    sir, may the lord almighty give you good health. Why dont you visit colleges and universities around Africa so as to share this knowlege with us? the fact that some one from Tibet endevoured to travell all that distance to meet with you, there was some thing of great concern to him and perharps his group of people?
    Perharps your phisical presence in these institutions of learning will encourage at least one student to deliver this and more knowledge to the rest of africans .
    I thank you very much.

  • Babi Karim

    Wow Baba,
    You are just amazing, a Heaven sent precious gift for Mother Africa that our ignorant so called leaders still refuse to aknowledge.
    May Devine Sacred Oneness vitalize you with Devine Energy and heal you and give you Eternal Health.
    With my sincere respect, honorable One, thank you so much for your authentic wisdom and knowledge that you are sharing with us the younger generation.
    May Devine Sacred Oneness Bless you with Love. Love, Love from me too and…
    I thank you sooo much for all these valuable infos.

  • So few are the keepers of knowledge for the age.

    I pray for more to be released by our purpose. Spirit is bigger and far greater than the body.

    May we live to see it by the youth of South Africa raising to their highest state.

    God bless

  • Hlompho

    I am still kicking my self, when I think that Rre MuTwa use to stay in our village Magogoe village, actually one of his yongest son’s Langa used to date my cousin sister Nomsa. We used not to taking him serious and actually redicule him as President Mangope’s sangoma, Today I have this intense need to see him and his not there, I am made to believe that he is not longer in Gauteng, He some where in Durban. This is great man ever to rise in Africa and because his wisdoms challenges othordox western teachings, he is being silenced and worst of all, We Africans are demonizing our own prophets.

  • I’m so lost for words or whatsoever; Credo Mutwa is one of the most idolised amongst those who are forever seeking knowledge on indegenous based outlook / perspective, cause clearly looking at how the world structure are built, only this man is able to speak more clearer than the conventional way of putting a bible between a man and his life. This is the man who speaks directly to ones own background and the information that come thereof, is so much of great potential to people. Information that help one realise the world properly from the view that they can understand better and more comprehensively.

  • These truths defy ‘logic’, they lack explanatory concepts, far beyond our comprehension,
    definetly not poultry who do poetry, mind blowing,
    as it should be, when one pierces the state of things you could almost punch Pallo Jordan in the mouth for not playing a part in conserving this knowledge, it’s a pity, i’m 24 yrs of age, i have not begun to comprehend such eloquence in the truths taht Baba Mutwa speaks, funny thing is how do am i expain it to my children…

  • Cornelius

    My heart burns for mother country Africa. Although I am of caribbean heritage and educated on the remnants of British colonialisim, I can feel my african roots going deep. My eyes tear up when I hear of the treatment that my brothers and sisters, both then and now, have endured through the accounts of history (sometimes not always truthful) of dear Africa. Is there any relief? Have we as Africans fallen so far from grace that our homeland, history, RESOURCES, religions, and culture is being demonized, denied, erased by outsiders and sympatheziers from within? My dear Baba Mutwa, you have been gracious in sharing your knowledge with the wider community and we are grateful. I’m a little afriad that not many will appreciate that sought of knowledge because it seems too far from what we may percieve as being normal. Not I. My eyes are beginning to open and I sincerely want to know my purpose. I am espcially curious about my own heritage now because you resemble my long departed granny. May you live long days and peaceful nights.

  • Mosebo

    I have always been facinated by the Great Predictor U BABA Vusamazulu as my High School teacher used to call this Great Son of the soil.
    I personally did not know him,I only knew his name and his amazingly accurate predictions.I only had an opportunity to see and listen to him for the first time in an SABC programme by Ms Filicia Mabuza-Suttle. I always wonder why a Man of such knowledge and insight is not allocated approgramme on the SABC as a platform to share his knowledge.Like other believes African traditional believe system is important.I AM OF A VIEW THAT PEOPLE LIKE NTATE MUTWA A PLATFORM TO EDUCATE AND LEAD.MAY GOD AND ANCESTORS OF AFRICA GIVE PAPA MUTWA A LONG LIFE.

  • namulema b

    Am really amazed by your story, it is very inspiring,i cannot believe i have read about the city of cooper which is actually in my country UGANDA because mountains of the moon which we know as mountain Rwenzori sits on that Ancient city, and to prove that you are so right they used to mine copper in that area of KASESE in the early days. thank you endlessly for sharing your immense knowledge with us. may GOD bless you abundantly.

  • Bev Holder

    Greetings to all enlightened or those seeking enlightment. I am thirsty very thirsty for this knowledge that our precious and blessed Father Credo has. I hope and pray that our collective positive energies and beleive in our highly esteemed father Credo may contribute to the elevation of Baba Credo and the world to know this sacred knowledge. I agree and applaude all the positive comments on here. Oh Heavenly Father Bless and keep our brother Credo. ONE LOVE LOVE IS THE KEY