Biography 06: Children of Mars

Africa is a land full of surprises, and they who travel through her forests and upon the banks of her great rivers, and over her eternal plains must always be prepared to meet surprises. One day I was travelling along the Zambezi river, when I came to a home stead which people in villages that I had passed had told me about. I had been told that in this small village I would find some of the wisest people in the land, people who claim ancestry from creatures who are said to have come from the red star know as Liitolafisi, the red star whose name means the eye of the brown hyena is the star, or rather the planet that white people call Mars. I wanted to meet these wise people, and when I came to the home stead, a collection of grass and wooden huts, protected by a wooden fence, I saw a number of women and children standing inside the fence near the gate. These people were smiling at me and their smiles grew even wider as I drew near the gate, the woman standing nearest to the gate, moved slightly to her left, coming to stand right in the centre of the open gate. My eyes went to her feet, and all courage left me, and like the coward that I often am, I turned around and ran away, followed by loud peals of feminine laughter. I had dropped all my property, my bag and my walking stick upon the dusty path that led to the gate, and there I was running away like a fat ape seeking the safety of the green bush. The women laughed and laughed again, and when I threw a glance over my shoulder, I saw them come out and pick up my property and take it into the village. I had never seen anything like what I saw on that day, the thing that caused me to run away like an idiot fleeing a bush fire. The woman who had stood in the centre of the gate facing me had only two large toes on either of her feet. It was as if I was staring at the feet of not a human being, but of a monstrous bird from the valleys of folklore and legend.Shame faced I walked towards a tree and stood under it trembling with fear and as I stood there a group of men came out of the village and walked laughing and smiling towards me. Nearly all of them had only two toes on each foot. They wore no shoes, and in the African dust their feet really looked frightening. They came around me and surrounded me and said, Do not be afraid of us, we are people just like you. What is it about us that frightens you? Unable to answer, my face hot with shame and embarrassment, I glanced toward their feet and then they roared with laughter. This is how I met a tribe of people know as the Bantwana, which means children. A tribe of people who claim that their remote ancestors were bird like people who came from the stars and who mated with earthly woman and produced these two toed human beings. The Bantwana people welcomed me into their small village and for three months at the feet of two of their elders, I learned about things that left me numb with amazement. The Bantwana are shy people who in ancient times suffered persecution at the hands of people of other tribes, but when they like you and trust you, and feel pity for you, they tell you things that fill you with great amazement. They tell you that there are twenty four inhabited planets within the area of space in …

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  • Kay Buring

    The story of The children from Mars ends abruptly. Does it continue somewhere?

  • Grainger

    Yes it does. This link seems to be the full story. I haven’t read it all yet. But it looks quite interesting. If you like this sort of thing I can recomend a good book. “The slave species of god.” by Michael Tellinger. It’s quite hard reading at the start but when you get to the last couple of chapters it all makes for a lot of food for thought.

    Hope this helps.

  • mntruthseeker

    I am shocked and ready to go to the next page. I will follow the link to finish the story

    Thanks so much for posting these for us to read. I just cant afford to buy all the books

    Thanks again.

  • These people are also known as VaDoma, and are a very small, isolated community. I have heard allusions to their supposed extra-terrestial origins. A documentary was done about them years back, but they are usually off the national radar even during the days when the rest of Zimbabwe did not have other things to worry about.

  • Baba Credo only tells it like it is…we love him and always discuss his teachings and shamanism in New York, where I live. We have even formed groups that specialize in this area of life, and I must say, we very dedicated to his work and the contribution he has brought about as a result.

    U-baba Credo belongs to all of us, not just South Africans, but rather the whole world.

    Long Live Mutwa

  • Robert Rakke

    From David Icke since 1999 / 2000 a learned about Credo Mutwa. According to me, there are various reasons to detect, that this Earth has evidence, scattered through all cultures, that what in the western societies is officially called “science-fiction”, regarding “Aliens”.
    Science is about preciese research-methodes, so I have a question – hopefully it is for everyone, who has also searched a lot, for any reason, it must be more and more amazing for many people, who ask me like “why do you believe in this nonsense”. I have no beliefs, only incoplete information and based on that my comment on the “Children of Mars”, is the same comment I would make, based on “national identity” and “regional identity”. How about this, to consider as possibility: why not “interstellair identity?” Because, if we do – we humans are no longer just envolved from Earth, but perhaps a mixup of several “alien-species”…. for a very long time ago……
    The Zulu’s are right: the “Mzungi” has according to me Pleadian features )pale skins, white hair, the hightech space realities and virtual realities travellers) and interesting, I learned about these Polairians, who seem to have only three fingers, instead of five, we are used to.
    And the Chi-Tauri – according to me (very preliminairy) – degenerated Draconians, who started to look more “humanoide”, because reptoids are not human.

    So, space-colonisation and migration might happen in the same kind of scenario’s, like disasters etc., in order to survive, if worlds have become inhabitable……

    I’ll Write soon more…

  • sonofthedestroyer

    There is a reason that the western establishment ridiculed tribal stories as fantasy.
    It is because of the reptilian illuminati which owns the West (and much of the world) and wants to hide the true knowledge of the universe by ridiculing tribal people across the globe.
    But the illuminati knows very well the value of the teachings and uses it secretly for their own evil needs.

  • Robert Rakke

    The fundaments of stories we learn from, and add to our knowledge oftenly is dubbed as ‘weird, strange’ and further more: phantasy. There is a grey zone, which I call science-friction and science fraction. First, I like to introduce myself on the internet as Dreamscaper. Nobody knows – I think – the whole picture, but just imagine that in a far past, there must be some kind of a war, between the humanoids and the reptoids. Can we imagine this: the whole science-fction is full with that, with many variations on the same common theme: humans in war with non-humans. This is not described in the official canon of history and ofcourse, on this Earth and beyond the humans somehow lost the war. In other parallel Earths and same with space: history looks different. If Credo Mutwa tells this story in “The Reptillian Agenda” it reminds me about this funny phrase that sums up a lot. Hopefully Mr. Mutwa reads this, if he has the time.

    It goes as follows, from a comedian, playing the role of a adapted-advanced “reptillian”:

    “I think, that the political-economical chaos has an underlying biological course. And it is from the human mind. From all species, from conception to bcome individuals, evolution taken a strange course into the human form. Fellow reptiles, I have to hesitate tell you, we facing great doubts. And what are the answers: SIZE is the answer, increase size! But there are those, who do not believe in increasing size. There are those, who believe in interbreeding with these human-mammals, to become leader of their nations. If I could survive, by mating with egg eating rats, then I choose not to do it.”

    In this not from myself, but a comedian. Anyway, I have some life-experiences in such a way, that I can cope with “strange information.” But, humanity in it’s different colours, cultures, believesystems and so on, has surely delt with “science-fiction-like” events, and that’s why, I call it science friction with as result, science fraction. The next follow-up text, for supporting Credo and David in their work has to do with “Enemy Mine”
    and turn those two faces 90 degrees, only the eyes: “Children of the Matrix” and look a bit further how the mixup works: “ALIENS” and “Dulce Factories”. Things are not, what they seem to be. But roughly I can say, nobody can tell anybody what’s real: I say that some science-fiction writters have more knowledge, then scientists today.

    Okay, I stop here for a while: next time, there is more…..


  • ruud rakke

    I was searching the web with my familyname and tripped on this site. I got really bored but was surprised with some refreshing views and stories.
    Hi Robert, How’s life treating you now?


  • Seve

    I saw something like those feet he described on "Ripley's Believe it or not". It's some kind of birth defect..