Biography 08: Hope for South Africa

Hope for South Africa. No matter how dark the night may seem to be, No matter how angry the thunder storm, there is always a ray of light that can pierce those thunder clouds and that can make the night turn into day. No one can deny there is AIDS devouring our people like a dragon in this land. There are the people who say that AIDS does not exist and that it is not the fearful thing that we take it to be. I would like to ask these people most respectfully what? is that what is killing our people out there in the countryside; I have held many AIDS victims in my arms some of them have died in my hands. I know that there is some thing out there killing our people. I know that this thing is as real as you and I. There is an African saying that says the poor woman who refuses to see the rapist, and who shut her eyes to his ugly presents will not however escape his presents and we can not fight AIDS by saying it is not there. It is there. We cannot, we dare not, the reality of this disease, which has such a serious impact on our society, which has a disastrous impact on our families. Although this disease is so evil it can be defeated. Just as other diseases in the past was eventually defeated. May people who do not realize that what we are seeing is actually a repercussion of history. In my younger days diseases such as gonerea/syfeler and TB were as terrible and incurable as AIDS is today and they were eventually defeated. People today complain about anti-aids drugs and in the past I heard people complaining about anti-venereal diseases medicines in the 1930.There was a time when an African with TB all he had to do is go home and die exactly as the case with AIDS today. But people must never forget that the greatest disease people have is there minds and that if we put our minds together we can defeat this ailment. In the darkness today that is South Africa, in the darkness, as death and misery there is however a faint green ray of Hope in a plant called Suterlandia Furtencens. This plant was known for hundred’s of years by the Khoi-Khoi and Khoi Sun as well as African people. It was the plant in older days was the weapon against diseases such as cancer to TB and other diseases. It was also a sedative and a tonic amongst the untold story of Africa.