Credo Mutwa healed by Andreas and Mike

This message has been long overdue. It’s so important for you to know baba Credo’s health has improved dramatically. There are many things that have happened behind the scenes not worth discussing right now. All I want to do is share this amazing news about his recovered. It’s best described by Regine Merideth on her blog reprinted below also mentioned on the David Icke website.

Many of you may know Credo Mutwa. Several months ago he suffered a stroke which left his whole left side paralyzed.

His long time friend, David Icke, met a healer called Andreas and his friend Mike while he was speaking in Germany this year, who helped him heal certain conditions he had been experiencing since his childhood – conditions many of you know from his interviews and books.

David arranged for Andreas and Mike to visit Credo for a week and for Andreas to perform his magical (the real laws of physics) healing on the great man. Here are the videos that show him recovering and regaining full use of his body.

The change is remarkable and Credo is now painting again with his left hand, as you will see in the second video. The third video is a message from Credo about his wife Virginia.

source: Conscious Media Network

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    ngiyabonga. umdali anibusise ahole izinhliziyo zenu ngothando.

  • He seems such a happy man and really funny “stupid thing to do”

  • The whole human race are descended from the Barawa people, they are an ancient people. Credo is very wise and his wife incredibly talented. I will be buying his books on Amazon before any of my fellow Europeans remove them. Has he got his necklace back yet?

  • Credo these were very heart warming videos of your miraculous recovery. How wonderful to see you can more fully function again, it was truly joyousand innocent to see you be able to paint and create art again.

    Credo I sent you a poem a little over a month ago through David Icke who then sent it to Linda Smith who then sent it along to you.

    I hope you felt the beauty and honour with which it was written.

    I have felt for some time that our higher awareness of who we really are as Spirit was somehow spliced out of our mind, removing awareness of our true nature from our conscious mind as pure Oneness . I have been a spiritual seeker for many years and feel compelled to awaken and share the way with others eventually. This is what my offering on my web site will be…..a kind of spiritual mentoring.

    I have received strong inner messages in recent years to offer this service through illumined art forms of expression, it is this I am endeavouring to do, and prose poetry being one of the forms.

    Credo could you please comment on this direction I feel instinctually to go in, and pass along any wisdom or insight that would better assist me in my path of wanting to contribute to the global awakening of our true nature and birthright so that this planet and its’ inhabitants can use this earthlty realm for purposes of enlightenment and liberation, and return to our full conscious awareness as Divine Spirit in human form.

    I only want the highest for my self and others, and feel I have been being polished like a stone through adversities that have sculpted my wisdom to date,all so that I may assist others in their awakening at this important time in our evolution.

    With great respect and blessings to you Baba Credo.

    Thanking you with appreciation….


  • Wanda

    Thank you for bringing these videos to us. I have been enlightened by the wisdom this man speaks and it has been an absolute joy watching him as well as learning from him. Thank you so much! Also, I just want to voice my opinion on the necklace situation. This is a very wise old man. Never would he put such a valuable necklace in harms way. I believe all of this attention made him and his people a bit paranoid and nervous and so he came up with that story…perhaps made up a fake necklace and allowed for it to be taken by those men whom he was aware of that wanted it…Now they have run off believing they have the real thing but to their surprise more than likely they dont!!

  • Julie Davis

    Credo has impacted my life, from the first time I saw & heard him speak with David Icke in 2007. He is an awe-inspiring man filled with great truth and compassion. I love him.

  • Kristian Mitev

    I was impressed by the video and the way Credo Mutwa was healed. I have a close relative who suffers in a similar way. Is it possible that we get the contact information of Andreas please?


  • Katarina olli

    Does any one know Andreas and Mike(the healers) last names and telephonenumbers?
    Please end it to me.


  • Elizabeth

    Thank you, deeply, David, Andreas and Mike!
    It is wonderful to see Baba Mutwa so recovered.