Credo Mutwa on Barack Obama, a poem

Barack Obama Deception Fall of the Republic
Zulu shaman, or sanusi, Credo Mutwa, has written a poem to express his thoughts on what he sees as the true nature of Barack Obama and the agenda for Africa and the world that he represents. This poem was sent to me by email and I published it to great criticism.  Today, Wednesday, 25 February 2009, I spoke to him personally on the telephone. He corrected one word, originally written as “deceive” and now changed to “receive.” According to him Barack means blessed one. And he also stated this poem is incomplete. I maintain that it is valid to have published this poem on this blog to raise a discussion.

According to Credo Mutwa in his visions people are plotting to kill Obama. These rumours are not unfounded because they have been reported widely in other sources.

Here is the poem…

An actor walks upon the floodlit stage of lifewearing a mask of an angel beneath a demon’s gown.

Pretence smiles upon the crowded hall of life holding out hope as bright as it is false.

Son of a woman in whose veins flows the blood of ancient Ireland and dark Africa’s plains.

You are Obama, nick-named the standing king You are Barack, oh, son born to receive

The suffering hoards of Africa look up to you, See a black saviour where nought but a Judas strides.

An entrapper of nations, bringer of dismal war Behind the robes and the nylon wings of hope

Oh, may those who look upon you, see you as you are. May those who hope in you behold you as you be

A prince deceitful to bring down Africa’s shrines

A siren who leads Africa’s ships onto rocks of obliteration.

Your rule my lord will not be one of peace

Your reign my king will not be one of smiles

Even as we speak in caves both dark and dank Enraged fanatics plot your dark demise

They will put around your head a bloodwet martyr’s crown.

Oh black Kennedy following the one before May God forgive thee and thy fiery spouse

As you walk in silence from the stage of life Barack Obama, blessed son, Oh standing king.

Vusamazulu Mutwa

Black Lion is… Agu Bu Oji in Igbo, Simba nyeusi in Swahili, the name of a hospital in Addis Adaba the capital of Ethiopia.

source: The BN Village

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  • BlueEgyptian

    I sure wish he would explain this. I was hoping the shaman would provide some kind of solution for all of us to take part in in some way, but for now it seems even he is obsessed with the “we-they” conflict. This is clearly a time where we as a people have to do our part too…not just rely on one man. Does the shaman have anything to say about that?

  • I cannot speak for Credo Mutwa, but I can say this, there is nothing to do, there is no solution. There is no stopping the course of events other than to wake yourself up.

  • David

    My only guess is that you were terribly abused & abandoned as a child….Its obvious..Hurt people, hurt people..That’s all they know to do..The poem was F.I.N.E.: (F–kedup..Insecure..Neurotic..Emotional)
    Borderline ‘demonic’..wish I had never allowed such negative thoughts to show up on my computer screen..

    Let me ask you this..if any of what you say is true, then what are you willing to do help, change, or block the course of events that you predict in your juvenile piece?..Yeah..thats what I thought..The time is over for the ‘armchair revolutionary’..the poet that does nothing but criticize & critique..
    Suggesstion: Turn off Rush Limbaugh & go get help before your condition worsens..Time is of the essence..There’s good psycho-therapy out there..

    Your personal issues are indeed serious & deep-rooted.

    • vicki

      Do you have any idea of who Credo Mutwa is? Are you so ignorant to have an opinion of a man before you know anything about him? Really? Is this a joke? Credo Mutwa is a shaman, an incredibly important african who did more than his part to "change" shit in this place! I can't believe your ignorance!

  • raphael

    Mtate Credo,

    those who ridicule you are those who will wake up one day (and it will probably be too late) and say: “hey, Mtate Credo, you were right”.

    Those who ridicule you still believe that someone who reaches a position such as the “President”(?) of the United Snakes of AmeriKKKa can be an honest, decent individual, driven by feelings of love and respect for humanity.

    Those who ridicule you are those in perpetual search of an icon to idolize and have not understood that “none but ourselves can free our mind” (and, by extension, our species of naturally multitalented individuals and the planet we all live in).

    For them Obama is the lastest fashion Saviour (they always need to buy a new one).

    But don’t worry, Mtate Credo, their words are just opaque, vanishing shadows of minds still living in the world of illusions that Obama and those wuo pull the strings above him have created for them. A world of false promises and lies.

    But soon those who now ridicule you will wake up too, and see the world of the Obamas for exactly what it is. It is inevitable.

    And that day their words will then shine as much as yours do today.

    Thanks, Mtate

  • DaisyDooks

    Please have David Icke update the poem on his site. It does not show current revisions.

  • mthunz


  • Dumisani

    I feel very sorry for those who denounce you, because you are Africa. You have a deep eye, Baba I know. The demonic sprit from the west still resides in our people, I do not care if you are white, orange or brown have respect for elders, David is the one that needs help, he must be tought respect!

  • yass

    Abu Bu Oji didn’t say or write this nor did he get the poem in an email from Credo Mutwa, I asked him as soon as I found this. He has no idea what it’s all about and said it looks like somebody just copied the poem from his post at BN Village and put it here.

    David Icke didn’t update it because it’s fake.

  • PlentyCattle

    As a Zulu, I have great pride and faith in Credo. But why is he vilifying Barack in such a way? I don’t understand, if he foresees something dismal in Barack’s future (which doesn’t surprise me, being that he is our first black president) then as a shaman why doesn’t he seek to do something to mitigate what danger lies in the face of Barack?

    If Barack Obama gets assassinated, there are going to be huge riots across America because black people will NOT tolerate that. I mean, like never before seen because Barack is our most beloved figure since MLK or Malcolm X. That’s not a threat, that’s a truthful warning.

    No matter what may happen, I feel that President Obama is going to leave a great and historical legacy behind him. He will go down as one of our greats. Many of the greats face crises and difficulty in the beginning of their Presidency. But he will triumph.

  • Charl

    I met Credo many, many years ago while he was still living in the North West. I found him to be a typical holy man, full of contradictions (acting also as court jester), and speaking words with multiple, sometimes contradictory meanings and ironies. So I wouldn’t take the poem’s words too literal. Mull them over, and then keep what’s useful.

    That he’s a very wise man, and quite similar in nature to Don Juan in Castenada’s books is for sure. He’s certainly got some kind of hotline to God, no doubt. But he’s probably also intended a dozen layers of meaning behind those words – any spiritually intended text has that. For centuries we’ve taken the Bible to be literally true word for word, and look where it’s landed us.

    To connect Credo with that fascist fear-monger David Icke is really unfortunate.

  • Credo should tell us again as we know that whites will rule South Africa gain he knows we hold old 100% accurate prophecies of Seer van Rensburg availabe on ?nternet and Youtube – but the big supprise is to come when the Lion from the tribe of Juda takes out all the ruling Kings and world leaders and kills them all there will soon be riots all over the world those of us holding the key to the sacred Bible story only known to those who truly made a covenand with God about our comming Great Monarch the King of the South to ruie the whole world before the comming of Antichrist this Afrikaner will not be stopped as the Angels from Heaven will fight with him and he will take South Africa in one day and the Angels will kill millions in one day just after the night attck on Johannesburg by blacks kaffers non believers that night of terror will plunge the whole world into race riots black on white all over the word but then you will see the Agengels desend on South Africa and help the tribe of Juda the Afrikaners and they will clean Africa soon only for white man Obama will be shot before end of Sep 09 our Lion soon will rise nothing will stop our Great King and Monarch to come sadly he will be rejected by the Afrikaners thefore they will die with pangas and axes at night just as predicted in the Bible but God will save the one third Afrikaners that know this truth in the Bible and as for Dan Brown he will soon know what he does not know and his book will still be set alight by us all over the world as crap utter crap the truth is in the Bible and in the hearts of all tru believers all over the world we will take up arms and roit all over the world those who do not know what 2 billion of us know and 2 billion mslims will jion us as tru believers will flee nothing will stop us to uplift our King from the most low to the most High He will take the throne in Europe and lay down his septer when he has done his work for God we pray God gives this humble prince all the power and good health to make war and take down all evel in this world today South Africa is juts as predicted the barbarian empire of the world as per Nostrudamus and ruled by a non believer kaffer that has han no schooling what so ever he does not know his face from his ass he will die soon by the hand of a powerfull lady born to us the Afrikaners UFOS will appear all over our divine country and they will let lose the human angels with laser swards to kill and save our nation so divine to God and we will rule over ourself until the end of time and during the comming third world war South Africa will be the safest place on earth to be but only for those who know the story of in the Bible called the covenant story of God of the heavens blacks will die of more than swine flu it will mix with HIV and become something totaly unstoppable and Credo knows far more than most people on this plannes about the angels of the Devil not human at all they are surving the same god as the jews ashem they the jews are just like the reptillians and greys we will still in the war to come kill them the jews all mother England claims the throne of King David itcan never be she the whore sits on ower throne her people will be killed she will have riots in the UK like she has never seen in living history and her army and police will be weak for tru believers they can prepare but they will mean nothing to our power and the power of the angels ?f only they knew what tru God loving people all over the world know even the priest will soon flee from most pf there own flock and be killed the queen whore of the UK will lose everything and she will never rule again her house will be with the rats an insects of this world he will have nothing how dare she claim she is sitting on the throne of King David the word of God warns He has dethroned the house of David until the time of the end then the Lion will rise from the House of the tribe of Juda and only He knows what we know so we are ready to rase our King above all rulers in this world ? may not say more or ? will not enter Heaven Fuck you all and all you small talk from a proud Afrikaner white man haevenly white do you know of a heavenly Queen ????? shame on you if you do not our Elohim may God bless her She is so Powerfull in the name of Jesus we say but most High we say in the name of God Alas Allah Yahwhe Gos has 99 names and one number 100 not known to one but only to one our King to be

    • Shakong

      Adam you need help urgently… your daughters will denounce you to be with their black husbands.
      Do you not know that, that which you detest so much becomes part of your family..?

  • Tia

    To the blinded racist piece of trash above, I can’t believe that you can associate God and the bible with your blatant vile and evil hate-filled rant. You are a pathetic and lost fool!

  • Kenneth Elder

    I campaigned in the last 2 Democratic presidential primaries for Dennis Kucinich for President. He is a uncorrupted peace oriented spiritual politician who does meditation. We Kucinich folk knew of Obama’s history of doing the bidding of the dark economic political elite of the white western world. Obama keeps sending people to be “rendered” with torture in other countries, keeps the laws abrogating the bill of rights, keeps wars going, favored the corrupt Wall Street investment firms and big banks over the people. Obama has not really fought for the public option of a cheaper health plan ending the big business monopoly on our health. He is an Uncle Tom kissing the boots of evil overlords. Like Clinton when he veers just a little away from his hidden master’s commands he will be hit hard. But in a more physical way than President Clinton. Credo speaks truth about the Reptilian ET threat. I talked to Congressman Kucinich, Kucinich is on the House Intelligence Committee and when I talked about some of the things I know about Area 51 and ET technology his eyes lit up with great energy of a look of “I really wish I could talk about that, its important.” Members of his committee are sworn to secrecy and the dark elite will kill to keep the ET secret and the virtually free energy technology they have given us that has been suppressed for decades. But the ET will reveal themselves soon, the good ET and bad ET for politics is dark and bright in the galaxy as well. Then Credo’s message may finally get out to a wider public.

  • if or not the poem was written by Credo himself but the moral here watch out for Obama and he is Bush’s succesor. The ritual is just handed over to a black president and now everyone thinks its a safe-zone hahahaha think again!

    Guys if you havnt then start google(ing) a documentary called OBAMAS DECEPTION and watch it.

    Mnumzane Vusamazulu Mutwa one-love my king!

  • Thabi.K

    I think it is right for me to make my judgments based on a collection of research and your above comments:

    1) That poem about obama aligns itself so well with the theory of globalisation and specifically the new wordl order, run by the financial elite and ex-colonising nations. It also aligns itself with many biblical prophecies across all religions (under christianity, specifically revelations 13). It also aligns itself with propecies from earlier, extinct civilizations (like the Mayans)

    Why you ask?: it is in human nature, it is in their (the elite’s nature). If you do some research you shall see that secret societies have been behind infamous leaders and communist ruling, some of them date as far back as the religious wars and the deceit of the church to civilization (post BC). Humans enjoy ultimate power and exclusivity and at some level or another we all seek that. I know I want to be the best at what I do, and with that comes power and control in some form or another.

    An Answer: what I do know it that the order of the future is inevitable as one of you mentioned above, but it does not have to be the only way. if anything, this whole labyrinth has taugth me to not follow blindly, question things and figth or the most stable and uncorrupt form of governance. America is rotten, Britain and the UK is written, China is not as bad but has immense flwas and South Africa as small scale as it is, is corrupt. However its citizens show more intellectual insight into the reality of things and i hope that by this fact, more of us can be responsible for shaping the future correctly.

    Words of warning: there is enough evidence out there to prove that the era of life as we know is close (as in our lifetime), those who choose not to use all this information will suffer perpetually and those who react and think, shall suvive. That,people, is the most common linkage amongst all the prophecies and conpsiracies surrounding this myriad of complexities.

  • karl Samson

    This poem is true pagan foolishness. This man knows nothing but what the demons he serves tell him to speak.

  • I cant believe some people are so brain-washed to a point that they cant tell fiction from fact, others so inlove with the glory image of Obama to a point they cant see the Wolf in Sheep's clothing, my brotha Thabi K, We should take ALL these people for a Revelation Seminar, maybe it'll shed some light on the matter. What people see (with the naked eye) is only a fragment of what is actually there (in the world today). We're living in Revelation Times!

  • Tony

    Anyone “selected” to be president of the USA must be on the side of the Secret Empire either knowingly or unknowingly.
    He’s either chosen because he’s in on the secret agenda of the NWO OR he may be the sacrificial lamb whose assassination could cause mass civil unrest playing into the hands of the Fourth Reich and justifying their introduction of Martial Law.

  • Roland

    MTATE CREDO MUTWA, Roland from Alcyon sends love blessings and all that is good. na mas te

  • Lebo M

    No one ever really liked what prophets had tto say so I’m hardly surprised at some of the comments above. And yet here we are two years later, watching the most loved African American president veiled by the damning darkness of 2 May 2011. There is more to this prophecy but only those who seek to be enlightened will receive the whole truth.

  • Emily Kerubo

    Lets leave everything to God.

  • Heru Maat

    To Credo I would take comments from America with a grain of salt,most of the American people are sleepwalkers. They do not do any research for themselves, they are the people who have been experimented on the most and it is difficult for the to think for themselves.

  • ZAMO

    Well thomas i do believe credo has a point but dam the world is cruel i am not phased very true

  • Art

    Why is everybody call Obama black? He is neither black or white – he is human and that is how I look at him. When people stop looking at each other by color, religion, nationality or race that is when humanity will rise up-above and will enter into the first stage of awakening to a higher self.
    Love doesn’t cost anything but yet we are unwilling to give it to our neighbors. We humans are a disgrace to this universe as long as we can’t find it in our hearts to love one another.

  • Paul

    Obama is black because his roots are in Africa, Kenya..!! And he’s a muslim…….. neither white nor black !! Lets leave everything to God. Says Emily, I believe that evil will prevail when good men do nothing!!!!

  • sarum

    Thank you for this site. I am American. My spiritual eye is like most here I suppose. Americans are thoroughly ruled, owned. They do not have time to do the research and the whole way of life conspires against learning truths. unrequited intelligence thwarted at every quest – almost.

  • Tara

    Love this site- I also am American. Not all Americans are asleep. I will say that our Government does spend alot of time keeping people focused on other things or “trying to” On the one point you have people saying- where is the proof or where are those who will step up and point out the wrong doing – When that happens- Then steps up the Debunkers that say and accuse them of being conspiricy theorists. So then most Americans are also railroaded into this “politically correct” conundrum and they finally just shut up about it and never know what to believe. That is unless they’ve learned to filter out the intelligent idiots – debunkers and all the other brainwashing scams that go on.

  • Oscar

    Credo Mutwa is a greath person, who spoke with out fraid, facing the current dark politics and economical group.
    there very few people who explaint and teachs the truth, regarding who are we and rhe real truth of the humanity.
    God bless to Mutwa.

    Oscar, from Tijuana Mexico.

  • eddie

    the world is ruled by evil dauble breads individuals, only JESUS can give true freedom, baba credo mutua my u pleas acsept JESUS as yo LORD and pesonal saviur,

  • Setshaba

    Wow That David dude at the top is such a turd. Wish he knew who Baba Creso is. One thing though we as the young people of this globe who are awake and concsious of reality, need to get off our arse and do something. The first step is to unlearn the lie we have been taught and learn the truth.
    We can do something even if we die before the fight for the light has been won but the time will come when we bare free minded and soul free children Stay awake and build your mind and open your inner eyes.

  • ads

    So today, with the murder of Gadaffi, the occupation, butchering and desecration of LIbya and her resources by the Obama led Nato coalition, I would say that Sangoma Credo Mutwas was absolutely spot on. Through the assassination of the of the panafricanist Gadaffi ,the second wave of african colonization has well and truly begun. We have the eviction/land grabs in Uganda, US meddling in Somalia/Sudan troops entering chad and African nations being bullied into having US bases via africom, all on Obama the peace nobel recipient’s watch. This is a very sad day for my continent, the traitor Obama has served his masters well, and when they have finished with him, when his approval ratings finally start to slide, they will wipe the fool out and throw his body aside., and the sheep will believe everything that will be fed to them in this ultimate great lie. Credo Mutwa was right.