Gnostic and a South African Shaman’s insights on aliens suggest some aliens may not be trans-dimensional and not Extraterrestrial

Alien Abduction UFOsIn the article with the title “Great Zulu Shaman and Elder Credo Mutwa on Alien Abduction and Reptilians: A Rare, Astonishing Conversation,” by Rick Martin, Credo Mutwa raised the question “If these aliens are from a far away planet, why are they able to impregnate women?” Credo Mutwa indicates that he had been abducted by the same aliens that appear to be consistent with the “Archons” documented by John Lash in Credo Mutwa also indicated in this article that he experienced telepathic transfers of information from these aliens.

Based upon the testimony of his self-represented terrifying telepathic encounter, Credo Mutwa suggested during his interview with Rick Martin, that “these so-called aliens don’t come from far away at all. I believe that they are here with us, and I believe that they need substances from us, just as some of us human beings use certain things from wild animals, such as monkey glands, for certain selfish purposes of our own.”

Shaman Mutwa elaborated to Rick Martin: “Far too many people fall into the temptation of looking upon these “aliens” as supernatural creatures. They are just solid creatures, sir.”

Consider the possibility of a reality in a different “future” time-space-thought continuum on Earth, where the deformed and technologically advanced and essentially barbaric humans who managed to survive nuclear and other devastations, were genetically engineered by a conquering alien race into a cloneable “living computer”, as the only way to survive a totally destroyed biosphere — that in turn could serve the conquering aliens .

Indeed, Gnostics made allusions in their historical documents of an “artificial man”. Their observations suggest the possibility that the beings that they witnessed may not be totally alien to our solar system after all, but instead may be from a “future” dimension of time-space-thought, that has developed technological capabilities to also operate trans-dimensionally.

Gnostic texts seem to be an attempt, in part, to appreciate the nature and origins of this apparent “alien” artificial man in the cosmological context of the universe.

Some humans today, might describe such an entity as some kind of technological advanced robotic-like form of life or “cyborg”, that in the future, has de-evolved into some kind of lower-dimensional entity. Such humanoid “cyborgs”, possibly engineered by an Extraterrestrial race(s), might represent the kind of survival context of a lower dimensional plane of existence of a humanity, that has destroyed its biosphere.

Originally published in the Canadian Newspaper by Peter Trembley.

  • Xander

    This is all speculation. There is such alot of poeple on th enet saying things that either intelink with other’s stories or totally contradicts them. Bottomline is who does one believe also taking into effect that no evidence has been produced to support the poeples encounters. Theres to many stories out on the net, its very confusing.

  • Azania

    pity South Africa does not have access to the great man. Foreigners with fat pockets get to see and speak to him. I urge Baba Credo to see us in sessions and groups. we want to learn and delete ignorance from our lives and history.

  • Titus Curendaro

    The Archons sought to eliminate shamanism and gnosticism. These knowers sought to enlightened people to the evil the Archons/Elohim have wraught on mankind through abrahmic orthodoxy and materialism. Credo Mutwa’s tale is a wake up call to us. Wake up!

  • Jason

    What this man speaks of is not speculation. It is fact backed up by many peoples as follows kogis,taitas,mipuches,toltecs,mixatecs,mayans,zapotecs,sioux,cree,assiniboine,shoshone,shumash,cherokee,blackfoot,cheyanne,crow,iriquois,oneida,creek,choctaw,hopi,apache,iniut,ainu,sami,dogon,abbi, this is just a few believe it or not that speak on this. There over 30,000 texts referring to alien beings.serpents,grays,mantids,andrmedans,arcturians,sirians,lyraens,and many others. The evidence is everywhere. unless you deaf,dumb and blind. credo does not lie. he is a great and courageos man. and he makes me proud to be human being. There are 100 billion stars in our galaxy and half a trillion galaxies in the universe at least. In your hand you can hold 10,000 grains of sand. And yet there are more stars in universe than all the grains of sand in all the beaches and deserts in the world combined. open your eyes the symbols are all over. the oppressors must tell us what they are doing to honor freewill. and they do with their symbolism. serpent symbolism is all across the world from ancient carvings to modern marketing on radio,tv,music,art,poetry,philosophy,science,medical terminology. on and on and on. open you mind your heart your whole being. it is right in front of you !!! when we conquer ourselves and force the darkness into the light these beings will have no power over us. that is the secret they desparately want to hold onto.

  • johanna

    we are all been brain washed,on a daily basis, and we have absoutley no way of controlling,what the powers that be want us to kknow. it is a shame that programs like SAFM,and 702 have never had the great Creo Mutwa, on they stations. we walk around blindly, we must voice that we get this man on to these stations. Are the SABC, and 702, afraid to learn the truth. johanna

  • susan

    i am grateful to mr. mutwa for his diligence, commitment and courage to endure all that he has in order to continue his path of service to others, giving he who has ears to hear some of the keys to the kingdom–the information to make informed decisions based on free well. if we can come to pierce the veil we shall see a whole ‘nuther’ level, a different reality than that which we think we see and therefore that much more opportunity to understand the more esoteric mysteries. i understand what you provide sir is a slice of very ancient, very secret teachings that are transpired traditionally in oral form during the most sacred and secret sessions. is the reason for this breach to accelerate those who are ‘predisposed’ to this information in order to prepare for great changes to come. i am most curious about the link of gnosticism and your teachings. i want to thank you again sir for answering many questions i had about seeing the truth in the gnostic teachings which seem so yet reconciling them to the ancient wisdom if africa.pls write more on the subject…sdm

  • The leaders of “our” nations are not human. We’re slaves.

  • We are all slaves to the serpent race. Our dna has been manipulated and our ability to communicate telepathically has been seriously compromised. Those bastards!

  • Richard

    For more comprehensive overview of Credo’s hypothesis see Laura Knight-Jadczyk’s book: High Strangeness: Hyperdimensions and the Process of Alien Abduction

  • empman

    According to the literature of Eastern.The god created third, angel’s and the jinn and humans.Jinns are 72 different breeds With supernatural powers and in various shapes and sizes.Jinns are made ??of smoke and have the ability to become any form Similar to the types of animals and humans .jinn able to fly and travel in space. jinns created gods.nn are non-human beings referenced in various parts of the Koran (Quran), the Holy Book of Islam. As described in Islamic scripture, the Jinn possess an other worldly quality that suggests an extraterrestrial connection according to some theorists. This section of our guide is devoted to resources that examine the Jinn as well as other possible connections between UFOs, aliens and the Koran (Quran). For resources about possible connections between UFOs