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Michael Tellinger interview Part 1:

Michael Tellinger interviews Part 2, Part 3

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  • Brandi McClain

    I heard that there was a movie about Credo Mutwa and I was just wondering if you could send me the names so i can purchased them but if not I appreciated you taking the time out to read this

  • Mosiako

    Hi, do you have copy of interviews or predictions of Dr Credo Mutwa on ex President Thabo Mbeki’s leadership?

  • Nkuli

    I would like to know where is South Africa headed, politicaly and economicaly do we have a chance in the world to make it? Thabo Mbeki what is his future?

  • @Brandi McClain, there is no movie about Credo Mutwa that in the making that I have ever heard about. Please double check your source.

    @Mosiako, I have never heard about Credo Mutwa’s predictions on Thabo Mbeki. Therefore I cannot advice you where to find them.

    @Nkuli, to know where South Africa is headed politically and economically, please read the SA Rocks blog otherwise I highly recommend you read everything Terror Lekota is saying including his first major UK Times Online, Lekota on the new Party (audio) and Lekota on ANC split.

  • Mashudu

    Is it possible that I can view the article which appeared in the the Drum Magarize dated 01/July/1999. The article was about the Mbeki’s darkest hour.

    I will be happy if I can get help in this regard.

  • leonard

    what is the future for south africa after mbeki? tell me the future of Mr Lekota and his possable new party

  • Sizwe

    Drum magazine (1st July 1999), the interview there gives on what is to become of Mbeki and the ANC, which is exactly whats happening!Electricity crisis was also predicted.

  • Sidwell

    Good morning Baba,With the current USA celebration.One asks himself when you said One the most populer leader will be kills.I just hope that person is “President Barack Obama”?.taking into account USA history

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  • Mojaki

    Dumela ntate, can we please talk about traditional Healers..I am so much interested as have to go “twasa” and have no idea how its done how they communicate with their ancestors…I truly believe in them as they always tell nothing but the truth…ke ya leboga…

  • leeland james

    hello, i have enjoyed all of the interviews so far on utube, concerning the reptilian race, part 16 of 22 has no audio to be heard, it is the explanation of the symbols on the necklace. If you have a copy with audio or a word doc. of part 16, i would be very humbly grateful.

    peace and love
    Leeland James

    • i can get u a copy but its just audio send me ur email n i get for u but before i do i what is your agenda….

  • Amanda

    What is the future ahead of us after election of 22 April 2009 as a country? Any new predictions from Credo around what is currently happening politically and how it is going to unfold after elections?



    • james

      call me at 0780858223

  • Tsholofelo

    Ntate Credo, please tell us what is happening in South Africa now. Yopu have predicted the fighting between the leaders of the ANC, we see hatred for people we think are working and saving the North West assets. People from outside this province are having vested interest in our wealth especially the mines. WHAT IS HAPPENING?

  • Much love, peace and good health for all of us as we make our way through life. Baba Mutwa, Thank you and the ancestors that guide you for your continued and inspiring work in spreading the awareness of life of the worlds and demensions that are invisible to us humans. That you particularly for helping the Black populations worldwide to open our eyes to the atrocities that are systematically being implemented on a mythaphysical and spiritual level to take away prescious life on the physical/material level. I pray that many people come follow in your footsteps and to be as great and inspiring as you in your work to heal the consciousness of the world. Love for you and what you do, always. Your Sister, Melba

  • Reptillain and Greay are with us on this planet and so to the jews these mentoined groups serve ashem and it to lives on this lanet and the world leaders also serve this thing not human and God in heaven is Great and will take them out soon all jews will be killed for serving this reptilian gray god ashem

    • 3rd Eye

      Come on Adam. Whether you're a believer or not, to advocate the killling of all Jews is pure evil. If you read the literature very carefully, Credo, Icke and other so-called 'conspiracy theorists' you will realise that none of them are blaming ALL Jews. It just so happens that many of those in the highest seats of power are Jews. Clearly, this is no accident – loyalties have a big role to play here. But, be clear, I'm certain no truly knowledgable person with an understanding of the global conspiracy would advocate genocide!

  • To all those looking for the interview go to and i think you might wanna look into Nostradumas aswel his documentary is called A Man Who Saw Tommorow. One Love

  • Reptile Man.

    You are all insane. Get a life!!!

    • jeanna

      ok if you shead your skin & show abit of heart!

  • lerato


    Thanks for your inspiration and love. wish you all the best. I hope people can see agenda by politicians (reptilians) and wake up. they are the course of what is happening in the whole wide world. they are all businessmen selling nothing but pain and suffering.

  • bongiwe

    no comment

  • Message from David Icke to Project Avalon forward to me & I’m merely sharing with all.
    @nnie46664 ~ Durban ~ SA

    Hi everyone,
    I read this message on Bill’ Project Avalon regarding a friend of David Icke and his family that are in a very difficult situation at the moment, and our help is needed.
    This is a life and death situation, please read below.
    “3 April 2010
    I’m still working on the appearance, feel and planned content of the new website, and have a lot of work piling up to post. Please be patient! There’s quite a lot coming soon.
    Of immediate concern is this personal message about Credo Mutwa, the South African Zulu Shaman who’s a close friend of David Icke, which I received from David yesterday. It reads:
    Bill … I just talked with Credo Mutwa and he and his family, including children they have taken in who have lost both parents to Aids, do not have enough money even to eat.
    ‘We are starving, Mr David’, he just told me. I talked with him yesterday, but today I realised even more just how they are struggling.
    He is being attacked from many angles that are too complicated to detail here, but they want rid of him for sure.
    He was given a monthly income for life by a trust in America, but it suddenly stopped in December and since then he has, at the age of 84, been trying a scrape a living for his family selling paintings to tourists. I knew none of this until the last 24 hours.
    I am wiring him £1,000 first thing in the morning (quite a sum in SA) so they can start buying food, but I need to find a way that they can pay their bills ongoing.
    Any help or ideas would be much appreciated. Maybe a Credo appeal. I have to do something urgently, that’s for sure.
    best wishes,

    Please help this exceptional man. His bank details are:
    Name – C. M. Mutwa
    International Account Number – 014652048
    Bank – Standard Bank, Lyttleton, Johannesburg, South Africa
    Receiving Bank SWIFTBIC – SBZAZAJJ

    Thank you all in advance for your generosity – every small amount will help him.”
    Original message by David Icke, relayed by Bill Ryan.
    I hope to co-ordinate with Bill to find new ways to help out in this effort.
    Please help these friends in need in any way you can think of, spread the message and donate to the cause if you can.
    In unity,

  • Sabstance

    Ramon recommends Terror Lekota if someone wants to know what is happening…WOW how can a politician be used as a reference for the news???

  • Jegz

    is this true? some confirmation from this site would be nice so as to be able to send some thing

  • Adrian

    I first saw Credo Mutwa on the documentary about the battle of Isandlwana and the muti they gave the warriors before battle. I was struck by the wisdom and extraordinary aura that he projects which is powerfuI .Iwas therefore deeply saddened to learn that he has associated himself with David Ike who is regrettably either a con man or totally insane or perhaps both! Mr Mutwa is a good and spiritual man,please Sir distance yourself from Ike he is your one big mistake.

    • Kevin

      Adrian – could you elaborate on your comment of David 'Icke' being either a con man or totally insane…? I only ask because on one hand you are conveying agreement with the teachings and wisdom of Credo Mutwa (and rightly so) and on the other hand you are conveying total dislike and distrust of David Icke – a man who has said nothing whatsoever that Credo Mutwa has been teaching for many years before David Icke came on the scene! You have the right to hold opinions of people – but don't disrespect Credo Mutwa in this way. (Yes, you are!) The Zulu nation hold their teachings close to them – it just coincides that their beliefs align with those of David Icke's. I'm a level headed man – there are things that David Icke says that I do not agree with – but fundamentally they're both saying the same things.

  • guest

    From this link, in January, Credo Mutwa apparently foretold a crisis related to OIL.

    It was posted 1/7/2010. Anyone know more about this?

  • Mike

    I have a friend travelling from California (USA) to South Africa in next week and I suggested he seek out Credo to meet with him in person during his visit; any suggestions or directives are warmly welcomed.

  • Raymond Mahloko

    Baba Credo long live…………….!!

  • I greet you in the name of love!

    I have just watched the complete footage interview of Ntate Mutwa and David Icke on the raptalian agenda and i would recommend any individual partucularly in africa to watch this.Humanrace is lost and seeking the truth through religion – instead of seeking who they are in the first place – G.O.D(Gaining One’s Definition)—The answer is presented right in front of your eyes!!!WAKE UP!

  • Mmasie

    Dumela Ntate,
    I honour you Baba Mutwa,I wish to meet you and learn the wisdom and share the experiences,is it possible to get your contact detail please.


  • Phoenix

    We are all prophets!

  • Nondu

    Baba Credo Mutwa is one of the wisest Isanusi’s that has ever walked this earth. We once had a traditional healer (Sosobala – R.I.P.) who was the first traditional healer to own a private jet and that was in the early eighties. Now the soil of Africa has been blessed by Credo Mutwa. Africa has a lot of mysteries to share with the world.

    By the way the same man (Credo) predicted the South African electricity crisis and the fact that former President Thabo Mbeki will not finish his term in office. He even said that the ANC will split and another party will be formed (now we have COPE) and that there will be yet another split in that party (COPE is talking about splitting)That was in 1999 . . . the rest is history!

  • masego pooe

    Hi mr mutwa

    i read Some of your books, and also read about you
    on david lockes book, i had listened to some of
    your lectures at the former university of Bophuthatswana,but never had a priviledge To talk
    to you, i know you are always busy but i would love to make an appointment to see you,How do i do that?

  • tw

    greetings to you all,
    I was deeply impressed by the words of mr mutwa
    when I first saw him on the reptilian agenda interview.
    truth and love resonate from his words
    and i´d be happy to support his work
    in any way i can.
    truth is that im currently in no position
    to give any financial help,
    i can hardly feed myself these days..

    I´m from europe and if i could,
    i´d take the trip and try to meet this man
    in person and sincerely ask what i can do to help.

    may the great oneness protect and care for you,

    Love & Laughter
    to the african people
    and credo
    and any other living beeing
    on this planet.


  • Thembekile Kebeni

    Can u send me the videos of tatu Vusamazulu to my email adddress

  • zinhle Mcanyana

    Hi Baba,
    i would like to know about HIV/AIDS. There would be a cure or not? if yes when, seriously we are dying.

    • Contact Tine van der Maas on 071 515 8643. She can help you with AIDS. After you go on her basic wellness program for 3-4 months depending on how severe your case is, you may be able to test negative afterwards.

  • kholekile

    A great man indeed…was blessed to have spent time with i promised children now know about you..
    i so wish south africans can learn 2 apreciate you whilst u stil alive..
    to the person managing this site..the site looks dull..can you keep it real by answering ppls questions and isnt here a way we can post our fotos with TATA?

  • Tebza

    Can someone send me a link to a 2010 predictions Credo spoke about.

  • adelaide

    i am a girl from kuruman and i am prod and gratefull to say that when i was 17years of age i had the oppertunity of meeting mr Credo Mutwa and mam Virginia. it was such an honour to be in his presence and truly learned a lot as at that time there was a guy from europe doing a video on him. that man is truly powerfull and when you are with him you can feel his presence and the power that he posses. God bless


    bayetheee,,,, wena wezulu. you work is amaizing credo mutwa, may god our lord jesus christ makes you to foresee more and more things which is hidden to the people of this world. and i would love to say this to you credo, even if people seem to disagree on what you are saying about the future. just leave them, because they do not know what they doing

    GOD BLESS YOU………………..

  • Zoe

    Good evening Baba Credo Muthwa.I wish to get your help.I’m having problems financially.I’m renting a room with 2 kids.I need to build a house it seems impossible

    • thomas

      Please contact the father of your children for help. Baba Credo Mutwa is 96 years old and retired.