David Icke interview – Reptilian Agenda

Credo Mutwa Reptillian Agenda interview with David Icke

Credo Mutwa being interviewed by David Icke in 1998

Amazing confirmation that a reptilian extraterrestrial race has controlled the world for thousands of years. David Icke talks with the Zulu Shaman Credo Mutwa.In this fantastic interview, Credo Mutwa reveals the story of the reptilian takeover of Planet Earth and how a shape-shifting Reptilian race (the “Chitauri” to Africans) has controlled humanity for thousands of years and how their bloodlines are in the positions of royal, political and economic power today.

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This program will re-write the UFO/ET story in a way that will blow your mind. Credo Mutwa has endured endless threats and attempts on his life, in an effort to silence him, right up to the recording of this interview. However, as Credo says, “The world must know this – and know it now.”

David Icke writes: “This is the most amazing man it has ever been my honor to meet, a genius, and the importance of these videos is simply beyond words.”

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  • Luntu

    Thank you for your undieing dedication and hard work that you put into sharing with all who are interseted in finding the truth. I have over the passed few months discovered truths that i subconsciuosly knew but were hidden from me by the very teachings that aim to brainwash one out of the reality which a child inherently knows. I have had an opportunity to view David Ickes interview with Baba Vusamazulu and have been following a path that i once knew many years ago. I am currently reading Indaba My Children and my eyes are slowly waking from the dreamless sleep that i have been induced into.

    I have always known certain truths but the logic behind this knowledge i did not have. Having began this journey of self discovery i feel reborn. My aim is to interact more with such information and informitive people so as to evangilise the truth and stop this unnecessary bloodshed.

    Thank you to all who contribute to this cause. May we come together in numbers and share the good news.

  • alex

    a great video cool to learn secrets only the shamans once where only able to learn

  • sipho ka khumalo


    It was the great Creado Mutwa who 15 years ago predicted the demise of the ANC that would lead to its current split and the fact the organisation would, after this split elect South Africa’s first female leader.

    That prophecy has finally come to pass with the re-calling of President thabo Mbeki and the appointment of current speaker of parliament Balekile Mbethe as the potential first black female leader in South africa.

    After years of hibenation in the former bantustan of BophuthaTswana, I was the first journalist to interview baba Credo Muthwa, subsequently bringing him back into the limelight again.

    And when a white speudo white female shaman stole his biography in Port Elizabeth – I pleaded with the woman to return the diary to Credo. She refused (because she was scared) and instead dumped the diary at my door step. I made sure that Credo got it back.

    I am excited that this great man of vision has finally linked up with david Icke and the two are doing a fantastic job to elighten the world.

    Best regards


    • sdima

      is it possible for one to see this Great man(Baba Mutwa) and if yes , how can I see him. I think if we can be a group , visit Him and make a vedio ourselves whilst he is teaching us and distribute it all over the country. We can even agree on an amount of payment we can make on that day as a contribution to His hospital.

  • Ndivha

    Where do i find this video?

  • Good day

    I would love to see this interview between Baba Credo Mutwa and David. Where can i access it?

    Thank you.

  • Matty Hirai

    Indeed, where do I find this video?
    M. Hirai

  • Wonz
  • Itumeleng Mphutlane

    Im a young fellow who’s not allegic to the truth, i was wondering if is possible that i can get some of this great information about uBaba Credo

  • Tshepang Mahlangu

    Ever since I was young, I have always questioned some of the things we people, especially the the blacks believe in ever since the introduction of the Bible in Africa. I never did understand why is it that the isn't even one African name in the Bible like "Themba" or "Sibusiso". I never did understand why is it that blacks still exist today if the was a great flood that wiped out all humanity except for "Noah" and his family. I never did understand why is it that the are no records in the Bible of at least one black person who actually met Jesus.

    But I now understand that some things are just what they are, and that is a bunch of lies…And thanks to the video of uBaba Credo, I now understand the world I live in better than before.

  • Khusela Judgeluv

    The only thing Africa needs is to go back in the days before introduction of the bible and bullet to in order to succesfully deal with the problems of today.I might sound as a racist but whiteman with his greediness did nothing but to kill the environment. i'm not enthusiast about technology if it creates problems to the environment.There are Africans speciffically South Africans who doesn't know Dr Mutwa but everyone knows Newton.

  • Bernadette Nickol

    Is there anyway we could contact Dr. Mutwa as a spritual person told my daughter that Dr. Mutwa had a message for her – thank you

  • Rob

    @Tshepang. If you are going to read the Bible, then read all of it. You can't just read one story and then suddenly you are an expert about what is and isn't in the Bible. If you had read all of it, you would know the story of the tower of babel (which comes some time after the great flood). It should answer your questions regarding different races.
    Also, there were black people mentioned in the bible…
    – Moses' wife Zipporah was from Cush (which is in Africa).
    – It's likely that the Queen of Sheba was black.
    – There are Ethiopians in the Bible as well.

  • Paballo Phetla

    This is indeed incredible, where do I get this video

  • Baba credo mutwa siya bulisa besi cela ukuku bona thina siyi bandla

  • Georgiy

    Greetings, I am from Russia. It is very interesting to me – is there somebody in Russia, who saw and understood these two parts of video called “Reptilian agenda”? I have gotten these video-series from some torrent trackers. It’s so much similarities, but also differencies in methods of taking over the Russia(the greatest continent of the world) and Africa. The same christianity and then reduction of a russian alphabet and very ancient culture, and then hijacking of all lands, resources, etc. The hideous and terrible Civil war near 1917 in couple with Big Hunger in 1933 and German Nazi war in 1941-1945, and the great country is almost completely destroyed. And it’s a true miracle – how is it, that it is still alive. What impressed me, is this – a coincidence of Credo’s explanations about reptilians, chitauri and shapeshifters and fairy tales, from my childhood, of russian writer Bazhov(“The mistress of copper mountain” and others) – he wrote about lizard like shape shifters and their queen and thier relations with people in Ural mountains. It is very old mountains and kind of a sacred place, area of the unknown great civilizations. Now I’m in the end of translating the second part of the video in russian(earlier I made some video-editing operations with video files in order to improve the gaps between them and make these gaps more smooth, and I made subtitles,in English and in Russian for these video series ) but now I have no ability to share this improved video with subtitles somewhere in the internet, because the files are very big(more than 1GB)and I live in a countryside where internet is very slow and expensive.

  • I want to propose that as South Africans we need to come together and share our experiences so that we can be able to spread the word in a much more organized way. Please supply your addresses and contact numbers.

    • Who’s address or contact number are you looking for Thomas? You may contact me directly – I am the webmaster for this website, and organise trips to meet with Credo Mutwa once every 2 months.

      • Honey Makwakwa

        hello, webmaster of website, are you still active here? do you still organise these trips? please let me know how it works ivhangho(at)gmail(dot)com I would really like to meet uBaba Credo

        • thomas

          No we do not organize trips anymore. Baba Credo Mutwa is 96 years old and deserves a good rest.

        • thomas

          No because he is 96 years old and deserves to be left alone during his retirement. Please read his books or watch all his videos online.

    • Mxolisi aka EmeX

      hi my name is Mxolisi Khowane. Currently in Pretoria. Ive been watching many videos and presentations of david. ive also did some more research. theres a lot goin on in this world our ignorant brothers and sisters need to know about. We must share the information. we need to start talkin, making videos. posting them on the net, like youtube and others.

      contact me on: emex@vodamail.co.za or
      sms me on: 084 955 7230.

      Plz try to be safe. these people are watching us all the time.

  • You can give me yours so that I can I also join you to meet Elder Credo.

  • Georgiy

    Hello, as the time was passing, i’m finally ended up the translation of all two parts of video series “Reptilian agenda”. So, now I have a full russian and english subtitles for this video, and of course the video files itself. if somebody have an interest to this video and translation – you may contact with me through this e-mail adress – grazhdaninster(dog)gmail……com, and I will try to transfer the dvd discs or video files to you. The filesize for first part is near 3,2GB and the second part is near 2,4GB tiny text files with subtitles.

  • Angel Munoz

    plz send me the video with english subtitles to dubskates@yahoo.com

  • Diau Likotsi

    knowledge is power, although black people are too arrogant and ignorant, i dont blame them but in this prophecy times, things have been revealing themselves to the few, in God’s will, ill be happy to meet u private, one day, just one day, Credo Mutwa, I want to share something with you, God bless

  • Cindy

    Hoogwash… all of it is just hoogwash…..all these vreatures are are demons…kuphela nje! Just like there have been angel sightings, it should not be suprising that there would be demon sightings…

  • melissa jaffray

    My eyes have been opened- eben though they were never closed.

  • Vana

    Mr Credo Mutwa is an African jewel. I would like to know if there is a follower, who could continue once he passed on. I am urging the South Africans and other people in the world
    who understand and appreciate his work to plan how best to market and preserve his work for future generations.

  • Will G.

    Mr Icke’s interview with Mutwa is one of the most enlightening and entertaining doc. I’ve ever seen. Mutwa is an amazing man. We are lucky to have such a person in our world, in our lifetime. Much peace to you, sir.