South Africa is a land where people forgive

“South Africa is a land where people forgive.” Dr Credo Mutwa

Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu Forgiveness

South Africa has been fraught with a turbulent history. Following the dictates of the day, much needless suffering was inflicted on people.

Nelson Mandela underwent an enormous transformation, as did millions of South Africa’s citizens. Bishop Desmond Tutu initiated the Truth and Reconciliation Commission where people were given the opportunity to bare their souls.

Certain television programmes have encouraged people with painful histories and broken hearts, to forgive the misunderstandings that have marred their lives. Through these processes many hearts were healed.

When transformation takes place in the hearts of people that transformation ripples through the communities, and one by one, we, the people of this great country, link together to form unbreakable bonds. Never again will those who attempt to steer us in their chosen direction dictate us to.

South Africa is the land of forgiveness and together we are moving forward to embrace the magnificent future that lies before us.

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  • There has been a misunderstanding. The quote was by Dr Credo Mutwa, the entire article is mine.
    Linda Smith

  • Ismay Gestine

    I am AFRICAN American and i love my native AFRICA and hope to see it before i die, and FATHER (MUTWA) is a icon of Mother AFRICA that will live on in the hearts and minds of our future children, thank you for sharing my home with me even though i am removed by many generation but not by the blood the inhabit my veins, blessings be to FATHER (MUTWA) and his family and staff, THANK YOU AGAIN.

  • asia

    thank you for this!!
    I came by this site once before asking from some information having to do with the african reptilian creatures I wanted to contact credo mutwa about that unfortuantly I never got to do that.

  • You can send me another message about contacting Credo Mutwa using our contact form and I’ll respond with 2 days. We receive many requests for contact, however, due to his health we have to limited direct conversations. So if you don’t mind, add some details about why and what you need to know about the Reptilians. Many of the questions are answered in David Icke’s new book, Human Race Get Off Your Feet – The Lion Sleeps No More. So read that for more information on what, why, when where, and what you can do about it.

  • ZAMO

    Firstly id like to add that i do believe that due to all ive learnt from the legendary credo mutwa i do believe he is one of the most informed and developed mind s of the 21st century ive seen the documentary that focuses on certain raptillian species that actually exist within our land and world. Im a very well spoken young african man and this is not by chance but by constant struggle by my mother to ensure the best was supplied and my undying love to read and learn more. I know that this request may probably not materialise however i would do anything in my power to meet with the legendary credo mutwa the father of realisations point and hard hitting theories even 10 minutes of his time i believe could teach me more than i have learnt in years, he is really an inspiration to many aspiring theologins please tell the great mr mutwa that his work has not gone unnoticed and that he is trully a remarkable human bieng