Before I Close My Eyes


This wonderful and inspiring short speech – a heartfelt and passionate appeal for Africa by the great Zulu shaman, author, historian and philosopher Credo Mutwa – was recorded while David Icke and I (Bill Ryan) were visiting him at his South African home in August 2010 to record his life’s story – and more.

Here’s the story of how this remarkable clip was captured. I had just that minute switched on the microphone, and had asked Credo to say a word or two as a routine audio test. I thought he might say “1-2-3”, or “Hello, hello”.

What he said instead was worthy of an appeal to the United Nations by one of the great statesmen of the world. It was quite unplanned, and I was fortunate to be able to record it all.

This moving speech is MUST WATCH essential viewing for anyone who knows Credo Mutwa’s life and work, and for anyone who cares about the fate of Africa.

Bill Ryan
August 2010


Message from David Icke to Project Avalon Re: Credo Mutwa

This message came to me in April. I was concerned about its authenticity so I delayed in publishing it.

Message from David Icke to Project Avalon forwarded to me & I’m merely sharing with all. I suggest that the banking details below are verified before posting on your Yahoo Blog.

@nnie46664 ~ Durban ~ SA

Hi everyone,

I read this message on Bill’ Project Avalon regarding a friend of David Icke and his family that are in a very difficult situation at the moment, and our help is needed.

This is a life and death situation, please read below.


“3 April 2010

I’m still working on the appearance, feel and planned content of the new website, and have a lot of work piling up to post. Please be patient! There’s quite a lot coming soon.

Of immediate concern is this personal message about Credo Mutwa, the South African Zulu Shaman who’s a close friend of David Icke, which I received from David yesterday. It reads:

Bill … I just talked with Credo Mutwa and he and his family, including children they have taken in who have lost both parents to Aids, do not have enough money even to eat.

‘We are starving, Mr David’, he just told me. I talked with him yesterday, but today I realised even more just how they are struggling.

He is being attacked from many angles that are too complicated to detail here, but they want rid of him for sure.

He was given a monthly income for life by a trust in America, but it suddenly stopped in December and since then he has, at the age of 84, been trying a scrape a living for his family selling paintings to tourists. I knew none of this until the last 24 hours.

I am wiring him £1,000 first thing in the morning (quite a sum in SA) so they can start buying food, but I need to find a way that they can pay their bills ongoing.

Any help or ideas would be much appreciated. Maybe a Credo appeal. I have to do something urgently, that’s for sure.

best wishes,


Please help this exceptional man. His bank details are:

  • Name – C. M. Mutwa
  • International Account Number – 014652048
  • Bank – Standard Bank, Lyttleton, Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Receiving Bank SWIFTBIC – SBZAZAJJ

Thank you all in advance for your generosity – every small amount will help him.”

Original message by David Icke, relayed by Bill Ryan.

I hope to co-ordinate with Bill to find new ways to help out in this effort.

Please help these friends in need in any way you can think of, spread the message and donate to the cause if you can.

In unity,