Terence Mckenna – Culture is your operating system

Terence McKenna (16 November 1946 – 3 April 2000) was a writer, philosopher, and ethnobotanist. He is noted for his many speculations on the use of psychedelic, plant-based hallucinogens, and subjects ranging from shamanism, the development of human consciousness, and novelty theory.

This is an important concept to understand because one perspective would be that Africa’s poverty or problems is simply a operating system we have chosen to run on mass. And if we can begin to change the operating system or rather upgrade to a newer version that supports a wider array of the modern challenges we are facing like globalisation and the erosion of freedom as we move from country-specific laws to international law.

If you like this video clip I also highly, highly recommend the Living Dialogues podcast interviews with Joseph Chilton Pearce about Culture.

  • jeremy

    This is a good video! If we all had opened minds this earth would be a better place.

  • david

    A few years ago my wife and I went to Brazil and met with a Columbian Shaman. We went with a small group of people into the jungle and cleared our operating systems with Ayahuasca. I left my body and dumped all my accumulated mental baggage into the jungle and returned to the US refreshed, with a different view of the Matrix we call reality.

  • Vitor Rabelo

    sou Brasileiro, consigo com facilidade ter acesso a tribos indígenas, ervas medicinais, sou descendente de indígenos, mas acontece muita coisa errada aqui, o governo está querendo mudar isso, levando tribos indígenas ao ridículo, acompanho entrevistas com Credo Mutwa.
    Muito bom, gostei do video, acredito muito que está chegando uma nova era, a era em que o ser humano começará a ser parte da natureza e não o ser que acha que pode dominar a natureza.

  • Vitor Rabelo

    Very good taste, and is reaching a new era, the era in which human beings begin to be part of nature rather than thinks he can dominate nature.