The fabricated case against Bin Laden

Sentletse Diakanyo african bloggerThis powerful piece by Sentletse Diakanyo summarises much of the current debate on the death of Bin Ladin, it also quotes the poem by Credo Mutwa written shortly after Barack Obama’s election.

Barack Obama rode the wave of victory that promised change; an unprecedented triumph in the political history of the US by this son of a Kenyan immigrant. Obama’s message of hope and change resonated with American voters and the rest of the world. Even the detractors of the most powerful nation on earth, militarily, began to view the US much more favourably; confident in the knowledge that the global politics were entering a new epoch of peace and harmonious relations among nations. There was bloated expectation that frosty relations between the US and the Muslim world would open a new chapter. Obama, when speaking in Cairo in 2009, promised to heal the rift between the US and the Muslim world. A promise that appeared genuine and sincere at the time.

But this is the US we are talking about. A nation with a glowing track record of screwing others in the pursuit of national interest and the spread of Western fundamentalism, which is premised on the values of democracy and a free-market system. Why did we imagine that would suddenly change because a coloured guy was now a US president? We certainly were very naive.

The respected sanusi Credo Mutwa immediately after the historic victory of Obama in 2008, released a rather unflattering poem about the new US president. It read:

An actor walks upon the floodlit stage of life
wearing a mask of an angel beneath a demon’s gown.
Pretence smiles upon the crowded hall of life
holding out hope as bright as it is false.
Son of a woman in whose veins flows the blood
of ancient Ireland and dark Africa’s plains.
You are Obama, nick-named the standing king
You are Barack, oh, son born to deceive

We highly recommend you read the full blog post by Sentletse Diakanyo here…

  • Ismay Gestine

    Blacks in America and the caribbean not all but 90%
    are afraid of the truth and they continue to believe
    in the western lie through (RELIGION) if they look
    back and love the land they were stolen from and see
    the wealth of knowledge that awaits them about their
    true home, why western history, has gone out of there way to silence (AFRICA’S) majestic past,where is AFRICA in the bible, they refuse to name the lands of AFRICA in the bible with a AFRICAN connection, fight on my AFRICANS we are great and strong,i am sill proud of you with SOUL and SPIRIT.

    • Thank you Ismay for your comment. I cannot agree more with your sentiments on religion.

  • asia

    thats all… america does lie and cheat to other nations. But I to wonder the real story behind osama osama bin laden was.

    • You are right Asia. My own view is that bin Laden died a long time ago. And it’s a myth that he has been alive all this time running this ever expanding web of terror. In 10 years time who’ll really care much about the details. I prefer to focus on fixing my own life, to ensure a better world for those around me.

    • kainnis

      osama bin laden & bush Jr. & pat robertson own a gold mine together look into it it will freek you out

  • asia

    you know what I am starting to believe?
    I believe the us probably never found osama.
    ethier that or he was killed along time ago….

    isn’t it funny how suddenly our current president found osama bin laden after he stopped being reported in the news media for several years down the line?

  • asia

    after it was reported the osama bin laden so called died. alot of people kept eating that phoney lie up!!! I can’t believe how guilable people have become in america lately

  • Freddie

    Black people in the US, UK are still lost. They don’t know the truth and real African history. Help them. Show them the truth. I try to but its not easy. The deception is deep and knowledge of the scary to many as it shatters all previous understanding. Once exposed to the truth however, many stand up and see the world without blinkers…

  • Kaz

    My take to all of this is simple; Osama Bin-Laden is still alive and kicking. Barack did what he did in order to fool Americans and the World that he is after all a good man who manage to hunt down the most wanted guy and killed him…(oh well his soldiers did the deed).Maybe he wants the second term in the office. There’s so much the world leaders that are hiding from us. It is a pity that we don’t give ourselves time to read the books that are well written by people like Baba Credo Mutwa, David Icke and the whole lots more great writers, who are warning us of the worst that is to come. At one stage I was so excited that Barack was running for presidency but after what I have read and the research dating way back it made me change my mind. All I can say is one need to know where they stand with their creator!