Welcome to new Credo Mutwa website

Dear Friends of Credo Mutwa,

Welcome to the new website. I’m now running this website as a WordPress blog. The main reason for the radical change once again is to make it easier to update and maintain. I encourage you to register and submit content, articles or even questions.

Remember that this website is not endorsed by Credo Mutwa. He is aware of it and understands that I am only doing this as a way to preserve the integrity of his legacy.

If you have any questions please read through the archives on the Credo Mutwa discussion group here. Otherwise I look forward to your feedback on a ongoing basis.

Yours truly,

Ramon Thomas, webmaster

  • I met Credo Mutwa in 1991 when I was visiting South Africa. President Lucas Mangope (Bophuthatswana sent us to see him. He was amazing, he threw the bones and spoke of the future. What he told us that day is now happening around the world. It was an experience I will never forget. There is a photo of Credo Mutwa on my web site: http://www.ernielightfootboggs.com under Lightfoot’s Journeys.

  • There is a photo of Credo Mutwa on my web site: http://www.ernielightfootboggs.com under Lightfoot’s Journeys.

  • Credo Mutwa is a highly evolved soul, arguably the greatest Zulu since Shaka. I would suspect that Credo has only a few physical incarnations remaining before he will exist only as pure spirit. The terrible hardships that Credo has endured in his present life are unmistakeable evidence of his greatness. After all, Credo speaks openly and honestly of the extraterrestrials, which is the greatest secret of the New World Order. Also, while the shadow government is doing all in its power to limit world overpopulation, Credo teaches the true origin of HIV and AIDS in Africa and offers a way to cure AIDS and thus sustain mankind. Credo’s approach is absolutely correct: rather than kill human beings that already exist, the next generation of world leaders must be courageous and innovative enough to suggest ways for curbing overpopulation before humans are ever conceived. Such a position is not now popular or politically correct, so heroic leaders like Credo must stand alone on the issue.

    I have never had the honor and privilege of meeting this great Zulu Shaman, but with the help of the Creation Spirit, perhaps I can someday visit South Africa.

    In the meantime, I am thankful that such a glorious soul as Shaka is currently in body.

  • Greetings,
    I am a student of Tamert, traditional “Africa.” I would like to express my appreciation for the work that Ramon Thomas has done with this site. It is important for all honest and humble seekers around the world to work hard at honoring and learning the knowledge of our elders of traditional culture. I study within in an organization called The Earth Center. If you have not heard of it, it is an organization that was started by a Traditional Dogon Priest from Burkina Faso named Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig, you can check out the site: http://www.theearthcenter.com I am very interested in connecting with you. I have dreamed of connecting with Vusumazulu Credo Mutwa, I have read all of his books that I can get my hands on, all of those now out of print as well as read everything that I can find on the internet that I am not sure if it has all been written by him, considering what he said in the recording here on your site. I wish to humble myself to him and see if I can assist him in spreading any messages and valuable knowledge of traditional culture. It is ironic, all honest thinking people are waking up to the fact that the culture and continent that has been demonized and devalued by the colonial world is the one that we will now have to humble ourselves to in order to gain the knowledge to escape the cycles of destruction/self-destruction that we have put the Earth and humanity into.
    If time permits brother, please respond to my posting. I would like to speak with you about this working together in this work that we are doing – this reassessment and reapplication of the cultures and values of our ancestors. We publish many publications at the Earth Center, one being a magazine of Traditional Kemetic (African) Culture, Philosophy, Spirituality and Health.

  • Andrea Johnson

    Honorable Credo Mutwa, I am trying to organize an extended trip to Soweto, South Africa to visit you. I am a healer of some sorts myself; I have a master degree from University to practice western counseling in California. I am a ancestor and Orisha worshiper and a member of compound Ileorunmilaoshun in Oakland California. Chief Fajembolah, Luisah Tesh, is my elder and mentor. Under her wise guidance, I have been directed to contact you, and wish to vist with you in your homeland. Honorable Credo Mutwa, if it is all possible, I would like for you to advice and help me on my jounney as a “Shaman.” I am to be initiated as a Priestess of Shango, in the next three years, and will have access to the ancestor’s wisdom and forces of the nature, (the Oresha). Your reputation and power has reached me here, and I wish to meet you, sincerely, Omo Shango, Andrea Johnson.