Why Black Millionaires are never pro-Black

This is a scene from the 1972 Film, Trick Baby, based on a novel of the same name written by Iceberg Slim. It is one of the most pertinent movie scenes you will ever watch, explaining exactly why Black Millionaires are never Pro-Black 99.9% of the time.

The character who is a liberal, explains to the conservative man why it is important for white supremacy to take the cream of the crop of blacks and give them access to the white world. Because leaving the brilliant blacks in the ghetto will cause them to lead uprisings against white supremacy and revolt; however when they are given access to white supremacy’s nectar, they turn their backs against their people, who in turn also hate them as sellouts, and the differences don’t reconcile. These blacks effectively become white in everything but their skin colour, they are manifestations of Fanon’s diagnosis in Black Skins, White Masks of what happens to a Negro when he comes into contact with white supremacy. In so doing, black millionaires affirm that the system works, and all the other blacks are lazy. So what black millionaires then become preoccupied with is doing everything to emulate whiteness, in all that they do; effectively amputated from the reality of their people.


CODESA was the invitation of intelligent blacks, as viewed by the system, to the white round table; offering them a stake in white supremacy and in exchange the blacks had to curtail the mass emancipation project that threatened to topple their hegemonic power.

Things that came out of CODESA were things like BEE – first conceptualised by Sanlam through its now defunct industrial division called Sankor – was set up by white monopoly capital to bring a few black individuals with political clout as a buffering class that protects the interests of big business in exchange for marginal assets of big business as BEE partners. Overnight we had multimillionaires and billionaires who were beneficiaries of BEE, but in contrast the nervous conditions in which blacks live in deteriorated even further, the gap between white and black in per capita spend, household income, individual income continued to widen. We had blacks whose millionaire and billionaire status was aesthetic, and they were just a bargaining chip of big business to say there are beneficiaries to “transformation” (a loose, misleading term that should be replaced with decolonisation), effectively safeguarding their interests from repression. Take how Lonmin protected itself by Co-opting Cyril Ramaphosa, making Shanduka-owned Incwala Resources their BEE partner. Lonmin effectively bought stake by giving them £200 million (approx. R4 billion today) as a loan for acquiring 9% equity. Incwala Resources got a pay check of R80 million per annum, and that was the only transaction in their books, no expense, no nothing.

Most of our black wealthy individuals are in mining, serving as board members of white capital companies and benefiting from government tenders. No other industry has been apprehended and dominated by them, except as part of co-option through BEE partnership. Therein lies the flaw because white supremacy creates billionaires who advance agendas of the whole group, not ornaments. Nathan Rothschild funded Cecil John Rhodes to create De Beers and conquer Africa for British imperialism, Cecil John Rhodes brought Ernest Oppenheimer, succeeded by his son Harry, and Nicky the grandson, and multiple millionaires and billionaires who spawned off the hands of the mining industry held by Anglo American. We can draw parallels with how the Afrikaner Broerdebond also amassed untold wealth and power by this transfer of wealth. Today we have a squad of billionaires from Stellenbosch called the Mafia, with hands in about every industry and listed in European stock exchanges; and plenty millionaires under them. The question we should now ask is how many other billionaires and millionaires have our billionaires created, how many black industries have they spawned off? How the millionaires in our midst empowering young brains who have the ideas but not the money? A model silicon valley is based on actually – a partnership between fresh ideas and big money to make more big money (and control through monopoly).

Group economics is everything, every nation that has succeeded in anything has practiced group economics. How many of your own people does every Rand empower before it leaves the Ccommunity. You can speak all the political terminology you want, it boils down to this at the end of the day – land and economic power.

source: Yamkela Fortune Spengane

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