World War 3 prediction

Credo Mutwa prediction on the start of World War 3, from “A Voice in the Wilderness” TV special originally aired on South Africa TV” – this was posted on the Project Avalon forum and I have no way to verify the date this was filmed. I do not see any signs of a World War except the usual fear warmongering from the USA interfering in other parts of the world. China will be a key player in the next 50 years and I sincerely hope this prediction does not come true. There is too many people in this planet who are praying for peace, meditating for peace. On my next visit to Kuruman I will confirm whether baba Credo still feels the same about this prediction for a possible World War. If you have any doubts about the power of peace and non-violence just think back to Gandhi, Martin Luther King or Mother Teresa.

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  • vuyo matyana

    nobody knows the end of the world exepct for God who created us all. Most are now worried about the conflict between Iran and Israel/USA. Who said they have guts to lead us to the end? Everybody wants to live an eternal life like Him.

    • Vuyo are you a Christian? Sounds like Bible-rhetoric about “nobody knows the end” and “except for God…”

  • mpho

    anything is possible, we may face the world war 3 as baba mutwa predicts, bcoz still on this planet earth there are variety of beliefs.

  • mpho

    it may heppen and be fixed again, who knows? still baba credo mutwa, he is a gift from god.

  • Zipho

    I THINK its already world war three : 1. Starvation in most african countries, 2 .diseases such as AIDS, 3.killings of spouses,gays,children for body parts,albinos.4. witch craft. 5. Catholic priests breaking the vows of not ever having sex or kids(hypocrites). Rapes. etc i beleive we are at war i dont know who will survive, lets see if the was really life on MARS

  • Zipho

    im just stating my opinion

  • elizabeth

    Ramon- you are awre that gandhi was a racist, said blacks were animals, less than a beast, agnes borhevv teresa allowed and condoned millions of childrens death, and suffering while stashing millions in banks flyong around the world in private jets like a delusioned celeb- mlk was a lowlife adulterer dipshit minister who believed in sky fairy’s while million of children live and die in squalor yearly- do some research and get your facts-

    • Thank you for the feedback Elizabeth. We are well aware that Gandhi was not a perfect human being, especially after watching Gandhi, My Father. Please send the sources to your facts so correct my misunderstandings.